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It is in the course of nature that the human species is prone to error on a daily basis. This is manifested in different capacities, and sometimes led to illegal acts that are prohibited by laws that govern the state they occurred. There are some actions that a human being can commit, and be viewed as common or normal, whereas there are others that interfere with the liberties of others (Baltic, 26). This is the major factor that led to constitutions that govern every independent state of the world. There is also a set of human rights and freedoms, recognized in every independent state that is recognized as democratic in the world. We need law enforcers in our community to see that the rights and freedoms of all human beings are respected (Baltic, 32). In this case study, I will address the importance of police involvement within the community of San Antonio in Texas.

San Antonio is one of the many cities in the united states with well spelled out security units. There are different police units in this city starting from the San Antonio police department to the San Antonio elite swat team. These law enforcement agencies are coordinated from the South Santa Rosa Street downtown of the city of San Francisco (Fisher, 78). This department has its roots from back in 1846 when the first law enforcing Marshall was commissioned. This city continued to be under the care of the Marshall, and the famously known Texas rangers until in the year1875. Later on, police units with fully geared up uniforms were issued to serve the city. Since then, the San Antonio police have seen massive developments with the city having more than 2,200 fully sworn officers. It has also been able to produce one of the best swat team in the whole of America (Fisher, 127). This swat team also rated number two in the world after coming second to the Canadian swat team in the World Swat challenge held in 2010.

There are so many reasons why the police department of San Antonio is as important just like any other in this city. To start with, San Antonio is not a city of saints. That is; it is not like crime does not exist in this city. Crime is everywhere in the world (Baltic, 12). There is no society that lacks some disgruntled elements, who require to be reminded of the existence of the rule of law every now and then. Any police body put in place has the responsibilities of protecting property, control civil disorder and enforcing the law (Romero, 57). There are some people who cannot survive without being on the wrong side of the law. Whenever such people are apprehended and sentenced, they get out of jail, and within no time they find themselves back in crime again. Therefore, in a big city like San Antonio, I feel that even 2, 200 police officers are not enough to curb crime on a day to day activity.

San Antonio is a big city of more than 1.3 million people (Gallup, 32). I am afraid that preventing or countering crime in such a populated city would require many law enforcement officers. The population of this city keeps growing on a rather rapid rate than any other city in the United States. This also adds as another headache since it imbalances the ratio between the number of police officers available to counter on a day to day activities. I mean, we cannot equate more than 1.3 million officers to just above two thousand law enforcement officers. This gives us an unbalanced ratio where every one police officer is supposed to serve six more than six hundred souls.

Other than the population that resides in it, there are many attraction sites, which attract tourists from all corners of the world. Statistics have put the number of tourists who visit this town at twenty six million per annum (Romero, 97). These tourists need to be protected together with their belongings. They also need to feel that they are in a safe city. Therefore, more policemen/women need to be recruited to attend to the needs of these tourists, together with the dwellers of this city. Although this town has strong military presence, military expeditions have other responsibilities. These responsibilities do not coincide with the San Antonio police department unless there was a matter of national security at hand (Miller & Whitehead, 68).

Other than the dwellers and the tourists who visit this city, there are a lot of public and private properties that need to be protected. This is because they largely contribute to the economic growth of this beautiful country of ours. San Antonio is home to many companies and financial institutions like banks that require round the clock surveillance (Miller & Whitehead, 123). In fact, statistics put San Antonio as home to more than five hundred companies among other institutions of equal importance. It is the duty of the police officers among other security bodies to see to it that these assets are protected. That is from destruction, theft among other vices. Many are the times that when people lose their jobs, they become overwhelmed with anger and revenge thoughts. Some result in taking out their wrath on their bosses, while other start thinking of what they could do to bring down their whole companies at large. Some may result to attacking their employers while other may result to setting their former companies ablaze. It is the duty of the police officers to look into such crimes, and bring those who may result into such drastic crimes to justice (Baltic, 302). This brings me to my second point why police involvement in San Antonio community issues is important.

The presence of police in San Antonio acts as a deterrent to any criminals or people intending to do something unlawful (Fisher, 167). In most cases, people do not steal just because they cannot; it is because they fear the consequences of being caught. That is either in the act or during investigations. Police presence in most cases does not solve crimes by arresting criminals or by prosecutions; their presence only is enough to deter people from committing crimes that would cost them their freedom, or other status that they enjoy in the society. Since San Antonio is a big city, many criminal minds would find it habitable for organized crimes within and outside the city. For all we know, if we did not have police involved in San Antonio it could become the home of all despicable crimes in the world. Even foreign criminals would find their way into the city since it would be disorganized and with no law controlling it.

We have had crime lords go scot-free even in areas where we have tight security in the past (Baltic, 89). This begs the question, what city would San Antonio be without the police? Everyone would involve themselves in whatever they wanted as long as it brought them some cash. All drug lords, goons, prostitutes among others would flock the city and take away its natural heritage. Terrorists would also find a place that they can attack the American people from without worrying about law enforcers since there would be none. To expound on this, I think this city would be the most insecure in the world causing tension all over the world. Any city without law enforcers in the world and more so in the United States, would open a gateway to international crimes putting the lives of every American at risk of being attacked at any time (Townshend, 17).

Many Asian countries’ nationals have continued to terrorize the lives of American citizens just to as long as they cause them pain. Many terrorists that have attacked our country in the past have been known to hate this beautiful country to the guts of taking their own lives in the process, just as long as they cause us agony (Townshend, 71). There are groups that recruit and kidnap young kids in the Asian countries, teach them to hate anything that has to do with America, and attack them at whatever chance that comes their way. These young kids are taught how to use all kinds of ammunitions, and even explosives just to make sure they can easily take away human life at the first chance they get. A good example would be the unforgettable tragedy of the 9/11 attack where so many American lives were lost (Townshend, 38).

We have had cases where American consulates have been attacked in foreign countries like Kenya, Tanzania among others in the past. In fact, just a few months ago the American consulate in Libya was attacked, and we even lost an ambassador. All these attacks have been planned and coordinated from foreign soils mind you (Townshend, 32). If these terrorists have been able to hit us at the least expected time and they are miles from our country, what if they were to operate from within its borders? What if the United States government was to turn a blind eye and withdrew all the police from San Antonio? I bet these terrorists would find their way in to this beautiful country, form a good base of launching their attacks, and the peace we have profound since the September 9/11 attacks would be no more. We would also have so many cases of daylight robberies, mugging in the streets, rape cases, and every other criminal activity that one can think of.

Therefore, San Antonio cannot and would not operate without the involvement of the police. Other than for the reasons that I have outlined above, I believe it is also a constitutional right for every human being to be protected from any harm either internal or external (Baltic, 06). San Antonio is a city within a sovereign country, which is sworn to protect the American constitution at any cost. There is no sovereign state of the world that can claim to uphold their constitution without putting the security of the people first. The United States of America is no different, and there is no reason why a single city should be neglected for whatever reasons.

The American people have developed different feeling in cases where the police have been involved. There are people who feel that firearms can serve them better than involving the police in their problems (Gallup, 44). In fact, if we were to look at the number of the American citizens who are in possession of a firearm today, it is shocking to see that this feeling is in almost every one of us. Statistics through Gallup poll put the percentage of American citizens who own guns at home or other areas within their property at 47%. This is the number of people who own guns legally in the United States. This included the 15% of women and 47% of men who claim to have legitimate ownership of a firearm (Gallup, 41). This begs the question; do people trust that possession of firearms can address their injustice issues better than the police? The Gallup poll also did put the percentage of married men who legally posses firearms at 67%. San Antonio city is in the south west part of the country, meaning it is within this percentage. Therefore, I wonder how people in this city would use these firearms if the police were not there to maintain law and order. I can bet that if the police were not involved in the day to day activities of a city with so many guns, it would be the Sodom and Gomorrah of today world.

The San Antonio police department has had its achievements in maintaining peace and order, protecting property, and even having a SWOT team that is rated number two in the world (Fisher, 39). However, it has had its share of low moments too. The San Antonio police department has had a history of disrespecting the people it is supposed to serve in and out of duty. Misconduct by police officers in San Antonio has at times left the people wondering whether they should be involved in the community’s affairs. Reoccurring misconduct cases have made people lose trust in the police. This is because they seem to go against the law other than protecting it. We have had male police officers assault and at times rape women even in their official vehicles. Other officers have used police intelligence to access personal information of women they would like to date in future leaving the integrity of the whole police department at stake (Miller & Whitehead, 187). There was also a case of disrespect that was filed by a gay tourist in the year 2008 against an officer in the same department. This ended up attracting public uproar especially from the gay people in different parts of the world. This is because they felt it was disrespectful to joke on other persons’ sexual advances. This department declined to look into the incident making people raise eyebrows on whether the department cares for the people it serves.

In conclusion, the San Antonio police department has at times put their greedy and egoistic needs ahead of their people. However, we cannot just wish or petition to them lock out from our day to day activities altogether. We also need to understand that not all officers in this department are disrespectful. They are those who live by their oaths, and uphold their integrity at whatever cost. We also need to understand that other than maintaining law and order, the San Antonio Police Department protect our property, rights, and freedoms among other services (Romero, 214). They also deter criminal minds from imposing their will on the people, and that is why we need to involve them in our activities on a daily basis.