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Human Trafficking


Do not indent the abstract of human- trafficking is something that started 1923. In 1923, the British colonial government in Hong Kong had passed the law of banning the selling of girls as domestic slaves. Countries all over the world started signing the law of banning the trafficking and selling of people. The idea of White Slave Traffic was changed to “traffic in women and children” so that everyone wouldn’t have a problem and they would have no discrimination to race. Children of both genders were also recognized as victims of trafficking. Children were better targets because they are more reliable and more durable. Another kind of trafficking is forced marriage. 41 states over the amount of 400 children under the age of 17 forced into labor to men and some females that had a big age difference. 77% of children wed were minor girls married to adult male, often with a significance age differences. Over all 248,000 children at least as young as 12 married in the U.S. between 200 and 2010. Another human-trafficking because that should be known is sex- trafficking this is a real big issue because thousands of mostly females. Runaway females are mostly targeted because they have nowhere to go so when traffickers find them they treat the runways are their children and act like they care about them but to manipulate them. Manipulating takes a big role in trafficking its self because they make the person think they are taking care of them making them work or making them sell their body or forcing them to work. Traffickers main target are children to because their easier to persuade.


 Indent, At least 2.2 million people worldwide in state-imposed forms of forced labor. Incredibly news that more foreign victims are found in labor trafficking than sex- trafficking because being forced into sex-trafficking would be more demanding cause they’re selling their body for money. Most of the forced labor workers are imported from different countries because it’s easier for the trafficker to get them to work rather than a person living in their country. Traffickers also target them as soon as they arrive to the U.S. It is easier to go for immigrants because they aren’t familiar to the English language. Forced labor isn’t slavery its people working for very low wage because maybe they are immigrants or can’t get a regular job or maybe desperate. Most of the time the conditions they work in are horrible but maybe in the immigrants condition they aren’t a citizen so they will work for anything in any condition to provide for their families or for themselves. Even say young children trying to working not being of age but having the need to provide for their families they also put themselves in the predicament to work in any type of conditions because they had to step up and take care of their family or maybe alone at a young age. Studies shown that “152 million children between the ages of 5 to 17 engaged in child labor in 2016, of which about 73 million were in hazardous labor.(Bureau of international labor affairs)” Having so many hazardous jobs out in the world make it way more dangerous because managers not caring but there’s so many children dying while working and there’s no reason behind that but whole time it’s because of the jobs they been working. Managers don’t care about the conditions they put their workers as long as they have someone to work in the conditions their giving they could care less and pay less if they wanted to. The CCC research shows ‘“The wages are so low that we have to work overtime just to cover our basic needs,” said a worker at an H&M “gold supplier” factory in India’ A great example of how the owners of the workers don’t care about their workers. Having to work long and hard to get paid little money and not being able to get another job because of various reasons.

Incredibly, children are the most targeted for forced marriages because they are the moved venerable kind out. Not having a choice whether you want to or not of being a newlywed. Shocking Anusha shared that 3,500 have reported to be forced into marriage to the police within the past three years. Not knowing who could force you into marriage your own parent, family or even religious leaders, is scary because consequences vary in many different ways. The scariest when its your own flesh and blood, they’ll make you believe that its for your own good or you need the other significate other to survive. Forced marriages can cause a person to be so traumatized physically and mentally. Your being forced into a marriage where you don’t know anything about a person but their name. Especially as a child your parents allow you to marry a grown adult not knowing not one thing about them but maybe they have money or its Gods will for you or maybe because it’s a religious law. Not knowing that the child can be sexual abuse, physical abuse and or emotional abuse. Some reason to why parents might marry their children off, think it’s an important part of religion or culture, are worried about the family’s reputation and honor, want all of the family’s money to stay together, want to marry their children off in exchange for money, don’t approve of their child being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, don’t want their children to have relationships or sex. Its crazy what one will do for money and how far they will go in certain conditions. Its interesting how Idaho is the highest state to have the highest percentage in forced marriages. They should really watch whats going on in that state because force marriages do a lot of things to those people. Not forgetting that most forced is children which should put fear in many authority’s eyes that this generation is supposed to come up. Just imagine the young children that are forced into these marriages are also are forced into sex at a very young age.

Sex trafficking is all over the world and it should really be looked at because having sex for money isn’t a good thing because not all willing prostitutes use condoms and they could be the ones spreading the diseases around the world without letting the other person knowing. The traffickers use different forms to lure people in such as, threats, manipulation, and lies. Polaris states that “Sex trafficking occurs in a range of venues including fake massage businesses, via online ads or escort services, in residential brothels, on the street or at truck stops, or at hotels and motels.” Owners make fake business to be able to sake sex so it doesn’t be noticeable to authorities. The U.S law states that any minor under the age of 18 years is illegal. Not all prostitutes are under the age of 18 but that’s what most predators look for because they find the young ones more because they aren’t as worn out as the older ones. Children not knowing to much makes it easier for the predators to kidnap and start to sell them off. Polaris states “ Since 2007 they have received reports of 34,000 sex trafficking cases inside the United States.” Most of those reports were made from runaways that are adopted, abused victims, and mischief children. Human trafficking hotline stated that “56% pf the prostituted women were initially runaway youth.” They are the easiest to target because they are emotionally and physically unstable and they try to find someone or someone to hold on too and believe in. The predators feed them lies and manipulation to persuade them to work for them but they make sure to let them know that they love them and they care for them but whole time they just want them to make them money in any way possible. The consequences of trying to leave is very hard. The owners of the prostitutes put in their heads that they need them that they wouldn’t be able to live without them and if they try to leave they will be killed. They most of the time show them better then they tell them what happens if they ever try leaving. Also if they refuse to work for them they will be beaten and even drugged until they do so. So they would leave the owners will put them in a house or even a room with a bunch of other females and lock them in until they are ready for them to come out. Eventually, they get so used to it that they don’t even try leaving or anything they do the work they are told. More so, the young prostituted get so used to it they they continue it for years because they owner has a system that workers they really make them believe that nobody cares about the, but him/her and if they leave they will be sorry but for the ones that want to get home they threat them, torture them and make them into an examples for the others that have doubt. Incredibly some manage to escape and leave without getting caught and sometimes they will even remember where they were held and they came help the other girls so they can be let free too. Studies show that “14,500-17,500: estimated number of people trafficked in the United States each year. (NCBI)” Sadly the number has been raised in the recent years which is meaning that more people are making it easier to be trafficked.

It’s crazy how people are vulnerable and people that advantage of their vulnerability for themselves to benefit them. Forced labor, forced marriage, and sex trafficking all cause different kinds of physical and mental pain on a person that will traumatize them for the rest of their life. People have to make sure they know their surroundings and they are always with another individual because you don’t know who any one is and what they are capable of doing at any time.    


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