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As we all know that the problem of gang activity is rising in the west side community, so the police department is planning to take some corrective steps through a problem-solving model known as the SARA method i.e. Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment. To discuss the problem and decide an appropriate solution for it, a meeting has been conducted by the police department. All the community members are requested to attend the meeting and decide the possible solution before the problem grows.

The meeting will help in curbing the problem of gang activity in the community. The meeting will lead to an open discussion of the problem and will help in determining the goals to solve the problem. It will also help in identifying the frequency at which this gang activity occurs. The solution of the problem in an effective manner is an important need of the society. This will help in retaining peace and order in the society and will safeguard the people from these gang activities. If all the community members will participate, it can help in a better and effective implementation of the SARA model (Study guides and Strategies, 2008).

The police department has decided to solve the problem of gang activity in the community by implementing the SARA model. It is one of the popular models for community policing. Communities and police can combine resources to effectively reduce or eliminate problems by a systematic application of the steps given in the SARA model. The four vital elements that constitute the SARA model are:

Scanning - Discovering the problem.

Analysis - Studying the reasons, ambit and consequences of the problem.

Response - Taking corrective steps to solve the problem.

Assessment - Analyzing the effectiveness of the solution.

In scanning, the problem is identified by an interaction with the community members, residents, employees and other public and private agencies or through personal experience. The analysis should be creative and innovative and it should encourage learning. The response process involves the reduction and elimination of the problem. The assessment process should clearly define the success or failure of the method or the problems in its implementation. This will help in curbing the problem and will reduce the crime activities in the community (The SARA Model, 2008).

This model is important for resolving the situation of gang activity in the Westside community. It helped in a close examination of the problem as well as in identifying the possible consequences of the problem. It also assisted in developing a working hypothesis about why the problem is occurring. It provided a way to solve the problem in a systematic and planed manner. This method assessed the availability of resources required to curb the problem of gang activity. It also helped in a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the problem (The SARA Model, 2008).

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