Drafting a Private Members Bill Legalisation of Cannabis

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I will present why we should Legalise Cannabis in a Controlled Environment and all aspect concerning its usage, supple, safety consequences and punishment's if miss used which will be in a form of a bill and include all matter of concern related to the legalisation of cannabis in a controlled environment.

I would first like to define the term "legalise" which means to make lawful or legal. I would like to state that the legalisation of cannabis in controlled environment should be for the 18+ and should be kept away from minors or under 18.

The drug known as cannabis has many other names, such as Marijuana, bush, skunk, draw, weed, puff, hash, ganja, spiff, dope, blow, puff, grass, gear, pot, solids, green and herb. Cannabis is currently a class B drug which was changed from a class C in 2009

The term "controlled environment" means to have cannabis in a public place which holds a licence or at home and excludes all public highway.

The current law which covers cannabis and other drugs under class B is 5 years imprisonment and/or a fine but if a person is in possession of cannabis with intent to supply is a penalty of 14 years imprisonment and/or a fine. Currently these measures are not in place as the police first issue a warning then the police issue an on the spot fine of £80 if already issued with a warning and then if the police finds the same person a third time they will arrest them, charge them and would be sent to court . This is different for a person who is caught supplying or intent to supply the person will get arrested, charged and sent to court.

The reason why I propose this Bill is to prevent crime itself from happening. Crime happens every day but with drugs it's a higher number as we have

a) a person buying it and

b) a person selling it

If made legalised we can reduce the number of people supplying it and have a measure which will protect the public from crime and prevent people's to gather in public places to have the drug. If we were to control this form of public nuisance then the public will not get affected while passing or even in their homes and we will have an Act in place where they are permitted to have cannabis and where not to have cannabis. At the moment we have a growing number of cannabis users which start off from a very young age and this is my big concern as we have a right to protect kids from getting hold of this drug. The measures we are currently using are really ineffective and that a dealer, a person who supplies drugs, has no age restrictions and is only in it to make a gain/profit.

I will list a few of my aims and objective which I want to be carried out and implicated.

Aims and Objective

My aim is to:

Protect the public from crime and nuisance: to do this I would allow cafes and the catering industry to get a licence/permission from the government to buy and to sell the drug in a form of pastries i.e. cakes, brownies etc such as Amsterdam but not to sell/give away cannabis as it natural form but only as pastries. There will also be a limit on how much cannabis can be contained in the mixture which would be set by the government and will be included in the permit.

Protect kids from acquiring cannabis: to be only available from pharmacies and need to be over the age of 18 and if you have permission from the government, for catering only, then you can acquire in bigger bulks. For non catering use there will be limitations in place.

Putting dealers out of business: the proposed way to acquire cannabis is from a pharmacy and from a catering shop only as part of an ingredient i.e. In their pastries, brownies etc. if we were to legalise it then we will have a tax on it and would be able to sell it at a affordable price which would cut out the need for dealers completely. This in my opinion will have a dramatically effective with the British public as it would control amount which is being obtained. To allow pharmacies to sell cannabis will also mean they can try and help cannabis users to get off cannabis if they wish to.

Enforcement of the law and implications: if a person is found with more than 5 grams of cannabis and are over the age of 18 the will face a punishment of 3 years and/or a fine and/or a drug rehabilitation order which they must attend.

If a person who is 18 and above is caught supplying then they will face a punishment of 5 years and/or the Maximum Fine.

Under 18 they will face 6 months imprisonment and/or a fine and/or drug rehabilitation order which they must attend.

Under 18 and if they are caught supplying then they will face a punishment of 18 months and/or a fine.

Policing this would be much easier as the cannabis users now can purchase cannabis from pharmacies and have pastries which contain cannabis in catering shops. This would also reduce the number of drug trafficking for cannabis as we would have a legitimate supply for the public to consume. Driving whilst under the influence of cannabis will still be in effect and the law should not be changed.

Potential Problems

Cannabis is one of the most popular drugs in the UK and if made legalised then "It would produce a hedonistic society without eliminating the criminal element. Street dealers would still operate to undercut licensed traders and smuggle contraband to evade tax"- Anti drugs campaigners

This comment is true but the reduction of street dealers would be uncanny and it would prompt the usage of safety and affordability as there is a link for drugs = crime. If they can afford to buy it and have in the comfort of their home then that would be much easier and we will not need to be policing these individuals which have taken the correct steps to purchase cannabis.

The more affordable we do it the harder it would be for dealers to get hold of cannabis as it would cost them too much to acquire and make money from it.

There is evidence to suggest cannabis can lead to of psychosis, particularly especially teenager who starts from a young age. This research was conducted in New Zealand

This is a growing concern about the link between cannabis and the implication it has on the mental health but Researchers in Australia have found that there is a great number of people which are using cannabis and the population of people which have schizophrenia has remained the same. This would suggest there is no link but also that if there is a connection wouldn't there be an increase in schizophrenia?

I also agree smoking is bad for the health as well as alcohol but there is no ban or legal implication for both. It would be very difficult to police as you would need to stop and ID everyone on the public highway and virtually impossible if at home. In relation to make this illegal would only increase the use of cannabis and its demands instead if the government has some sort of control it would mean we will have statistic of how much cannabis users consume and try and eliminate drug dealers and over time the crime rate will drop as it will be inexpensive to purchase from the pharmacies.

Childrens Health


Percentage of pupils aged 11-15 years who regularly smoked cigarettes,

We can see that the higher number of girls smoke between the age of 11-15 and far less for boys. But the drug use was higher with boys. In 2000, 15 per cent of boys aged 11 to 15 years used drugs in the last year compared with 13 per cent of girls, and 31 per cent of males aged 16 to 19 years used drugs in the last year compared with 24 per cent of females in the same age group.

Cannabis was the most widely used drug among 11- to 19-year-olds. In 2000, of those aged 11 to 15 years in England, 12 per cent were using cannabis. In England and Wales, 25 per cent of those aged 16 to 19 years were using cannabis. The prevalence of using cannabis and Class A drugs increased with age. - This is a statistic form the office of National Statistics; this was conducted in 2000

With statistic like this there also peer pressure involved and I would like the law to be in placed to reduce the numbers for the use of drug amounts children substantially.

Instructions to the parliamentary drafts wo/man

I would ask to get further research on the usage of cannabis amongst children aged 11-15 old further 16-19 old and compare the statistics and 20+.

I would also like to conduct a nationwide research of cannabis usage and establish a links (if any) with mental health issues.

With this information I would also like feedback on what the affects it could have on the public and to the government?

Furthermore a review to be held every year after this bill, if accepted, to be conducted and to determine if there is an increase in drug usage amongst children and adult, if crime has increased and there is a link to mental health emerges.

How much cannabis should go in as an ingredient and what should the minimum and maximum amount be in production of pastries?