Do you agree Death Penalty really deter crimes?

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For every criminal that committed crimes, they will eventually be punished by the power of justice. Those Criminal will be imposed with heavy penalties that depend on the seriousness of the crime. The crime rates in Malaysia are rising as the economic growth is increasing nowadays. Even though that Malaysia is prosperous, the crime rate is still increasing .People from Malaysia is more likely to live in fear from being harm by criminal. In order to control the crime rate from increasing, our country has come out of several heavy penalties to counter those criminal. For example, heavy fines, kept prison for a period of time, or even kept in prison for the rest of the prison lifetime. Those penalties listed above are charge those committing less heinous crimes like robbing, rape, bribery. These immoral crimes have implant fear in public as they are still increasing as times passes. For more atrocious crimes like killing or transporting drugs illegally, it have capital punishment as their penalties in Malaysia. Capital punishment, or also known as Death penalty, is an act of taking a human life of a criminal that have committed wicked crimes via government. A studies show that there are one hundred and sixty one prisoners per ten million people. It is proven that out of those crimes committed, there is almost eighty percent of the people are local .This means that it is almost 16 millions Malaysian that committed crime. Isn't this worry you while you live in Malaysia? (Ash037, 08). The trepidation of the public through crimes is a big deal to policymakers. However, even with the help of law and those penalties, serious crimes in Malaysia are still upsurge. The people who live in Malaysia are starting to ask that does death penalty realty deter crimes these days. If we take more time to study why the serious crime rate is still ascending, we can find out that death penalty is not a major treats to the criminal. In fact, they do not care about the Law or Justice when they are committing crimes. After finishing this report, the reason that why death penalty does not daunt crimes will be crystal clear. The reports are restricted to Malaysia because it is found that the rate of crimes did not decline while the death penalty is established in Malaysia.

Cause of crimes

Unemployment is one of the roots of causing crime rate

Serious crimes that are known as morally wrong in human sense are against human rights. When we are writing essay about how to reduce crimes in our society in our primary school, we always write that we must impose stricter Law in order to counter these criminal. This recommendation is good in certain sense, but unfortunately this recommendation can be seen not effective in Malaysia. There are several reasons that cause this recommendation ineffective. One of the major reasons is unemployment. The whole world is developing rapidly, and this does not exclude Malaysia. Development of Malaysia can be seen by comparing the economics of Malaysia since the first independent of Malaysia until now. There are a very huge different between the past and the present Malaysia. However, even though with the obvious development of Malaysia, the unemployment rate in Malaysia is still intensifying. The unemployment rate is now becoming a serious threat to the economics of Malaysia. As a result, there many people are jobless. Therefore, in order stay alive, those jobless people must complete with other people. People need money to buy all daily necessities. Out of stress due to unemployment, these people may engage in crime as his substitute job in order to survive. However, some argue that that rate of unemployment have nothing to do with the incline rate of death penalty though criminal. They feel that those people are very unlucky and we should feel sympathy though them .