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Trends in Criminal Activity in California

The rate of criminal activities over the last three years in California is on the increasing level. Crimes like murder, robbery, rape, etc. are very common in this city as the main victim of these crimes are youths and they do so for many reasons like, for the sake of money, revenge, to overcome from the stress and many more. Culture of this city is the main reason behind these crimes, because drugs, smoking, alcohol are very common in the school and college going students. In the University of California, it is very common for the student to shoot the colleagues just on a small matter (MacKenzie, 2006).

Analysis of Crime Activities in California: The rate of violent crimes in California was increased by 10% in 2007 as compared to 2006. According to the survey, there is a decrease in the category of rape and robbery but on the other hand, there is an increase in the crime of murder as compared to the last three years.

The rate of murder and rape is decreased in the year 2006 as compared to the year 2005, but on the other hand, the rate of robbery is increased in 2006 as compared to 2005.

If we compare overall data from 2005 to 2007, it shows that only murder cases are on the increasing level and the rest two are decreasing (rape, robbery). This shows that in the coming years, the level of crime can be reduced.

Trends showing Various offenses

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(Trends in criminal activity in California, 2008)

This is the table of results of crime rate in California, which reflects the year wise data of different category of crimes. According to the survey of near city like Colorado, there is a decrease in the rate of murder and robbery by 10% but on the other hand, there is an increase in the rate of rape by 20%, so it is clear that in this city, rate of crime is lower than California.


Some regular surveys must be done on the basis of crime report. As police department plays a very important role in the dealing of crimes, so they should be enriched with full instruments as well as full authority. This will decrease the crime rate at a faster pace. There should be some rehabilitation programme also, so that the aim of finishing crime instead of criminal can be fulfilled successfully. There should be a regular checking in the suspected areas, so that crime like robbery, murder and blast can be reduced.

Apart from this, there should be recruitment of experienced and intelligent staff in the police department, so that typical cases can be solved easily and successfully. The main thing is that only police department is not responsible for controlling crimes in the city or nation but all the people who are the citizen of that country should be liable for this in order to reduce the rate of crime effectively and successfully.

Another important area of concern is the local places where crowd is more than other areas and the possibility of crime is also more. Police department should give full attention to these places, other wise these can become a big source of criminal activities. If the city is facing problem related to the same problem which was faced by the neighborhood city, they can take suggestion from the associated department to have timely solution. Resources should be given proper allocation to the concerned department in order to find timely solution for the problem related to these activities (Stacy, 2003).


In the fast moving life of the cities in the US like California, the rate of criminal activities is on the increasing level and this is the result of increasing avoidance of all the suspected areas of city. From the crime report of California, it is clear that murder cases are more than other two cases (rape, robbery) but in the near city like Colorado, only rape is on the increasing level. Other crimes are not so much in action, so it is true that there should be some effective planning steps, other wise it is not an easy task to stop this kind of activities timely.

The main reason behind these activities is the increasing use of drugs and alcohol among the young generation in these cities. Culture and living standards are also responsible for the increasing rate of crime. Some meditation programs have to be included in the schools, colleges and universities of California.


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