Crime In East London Criminology Essay

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In this Project I will be writing about how East London meets the world and more specifically Crime in East London. East London meets the world literally means how east London can relate to the world. The main reason I chose to do Crime in East London was because crime has been a key factor in how it has affected many people across the world. The Crime I will talk about are Knife, Gun, Gang. East London is located in London but within London is in the East or an easier way to find it is by any post code beginning with 'E' is part of East London. In general East London is a very Multi-cultural society with many sets of group living there and in it you can find something from all parts of the world but recently over past 3 years has been hit by a number of Crime related incidents which has affected many people in the area from the young to the old.

I will now write about crimes which happened over the past 20 years and give examples I will also define the meaning of each crime and also the word crime, so that people know what they mean.

The word 'Crime' can simply mean an action that breaks the law but different people have different opinions of what they think the word crime can mean to them. The three main types of crime I will talk about are knife, Gun and Gang.

Knife crime can mean any crime that involves a knife. This could include many aspects such as: carrying or trying to buy a knife if you're under 18, threatening people with a knife, carrying a knife that is banned. Knife Crime in the Past 20 years wasn't such a major problem because knifes where not easy to get hold off and the main purpose of having a knife, was for home purposes such as cooking an etc. The most common knife crime was committed in the very late 80's by an person who was know as Jack the ripper, who killed more than 5 people by raping his victims and slicing their throat with a knife and hiding his victims under the floor boards in plastic bags.

Gun Crime can be anything that involves a gun for example a murder where the victim was shot, any situation where a gun was fired, intimidating people with a weapon, carrying a gun that is banned, such as a handgun, carrying or using an imitation gun such as a plastic or toy gun. In the 17th century a series of gun relate crimes were committed in the east London by the person called Thomas Hopkins, in which he kidnapped people who had caused him grief and trouble in his childhood and kidnapped them to his a house where he put them through pain and eventually kill them by shooting them through the mouth, he had 3 victims killed before soon realising that he needed help he shot himself to death on the 4th of march 1799.

Gang crime could be a gang is a group of people who mayn't be involved in crime and violence. Many young people will not realise they are in a gang, they will just think they are in a group of friends. Being in a gang is not illegal - only the criminal offences committed are illegal. A gang could just number of crimes where committed in the East London by a gang of just two people who were also bothers named the Kray twins, (Ronnie and reggie ) they worked together to do number of violent assaults, arson, armed robberies and other organised crimes, they were known as the East End gangsters and the Godfathers of Britain. Both sets of bothers were sentenced to imprisonment once found guilty by the police, since then they both have died.

In this section of my project I will talk about the crime in East London in the recent years. It is quite obvious that crime compared to the past 20 years has increased and below I will talk about why it might have increased and give some examples of people who have been affected by the type of crimes. Figures and research show that crime has increased by 25% in the East London with Knife and Gang crime being the most highest of number of Crimes committed.

Knife Crime in East London Recently has increased from before this is due to an increase in Gangs and easier way to get hold of knife, an Example of knife crime in east London was On Sunday 7th October a boy was stabbed to death when he tried to stop a gang stealing a friend's mobile phone in West Ham Park, East London. It was due to him protecting his friends and was innocently stabbed and died on the scene. The Reason why people especially young people may carry knifes around is due to the number of Knife crime happening in the area, and in order for them to feel safe and secure is to carry an knife around with them or if they are part of a gang it could pressure put on them to carry one or as they rest of the gang may have one, then the young person has to have one to feel as if they are part of it and not left out, and in case anyone tries to stab them or attack them with a knife they have something to use against the attacker.

Gun Crime is a lot fewer then Knife crime a boy from London has made British criminal history by becoming the youngest person to be convicted for possessing a firearm. The boy, aged 13 at the time and can't be named for legal reason, said he was storing a Russian-made pistol, two silencers and ammunition in his mother's home as a favour for an older gang member. Many people with not carry a gun on them, but may be in possession of one or may know somewhere where one is easy to get hold off. Gun Crime is not so common is East London as it has been harder to get hold off guns and find them.

The largest number of gangs in east London are said to be in Hackney, (22 gangs); Enfield in north London (13); Lambeth and Merton in south London (12 gangs each); Waltham Forest in north east London. Gangs are found to have around 20 to 30 members, and to commit crimes in smaller groups of three to six, as being in a large group could get people suspicious. Religion was also found to be a key factor, with some gangs solely being just Muslims or Catholics members and there is rather few gangs with a mixture of race and religion in them as people feel a mixture of people in a gang can't be trusted. A former gang leader said "some young people became gang members in order to feel protected. They feel safe in a gang because you have got older people in the gang who are always going to look after them; they feel like we are their olders almost like brothers and family member "You are always moving as a pack. It's as you fight in a war people out there in the world are out to come after us and take us down we have to keep on the move" He said. It is very common that if you find a large gang that someone normally the higher rate leader will be in possession of a gun for safety purposes or to use in case of a gang feuds.

There is one other Main issue why gang crime has increased and has been created in east London and this is down to which postcode they live in. Teenagers marked as "E5" or "E9" were at risk of being attacked for straying into the wrong area. Simply crossing to the other side of a street which borders two postcodes could end in violence.

An Example of this Post-code gangs are one Teenage girl has been a victim of Two attacks due to the area she comes and the area she went into the most common way of people asking where the people re from are by asking "'What Ends are you from?" giving a wrong answer at this point could have you attacked or mugged. The reason why this happens is that Gangs feel like their area is their territory and that no one should crossed, especially people from opposite postcode. This Type of gang crime has become so bad people don't feel safe walking through some areas and have to find alternate routes to get home or etc. Unfortunately some people are unaware that they may be in a Gang, a large group of friends could be hanging out together, something which may be normal to them, but people may feel that they are in a gang as people walking past may feel intimidated by the size and feel unsafe. So it shows you that you don't need to be committing crimes in a gang to be classified as being in a gang.

All crimes are related to each other in some shape or form. Due to the increase of Knife Crime and overall crime more and more people are joining Gangs to feel safe and have people protecting them. These Gangs cause Crime and will carry some sort of weapon with them normally a knife and maybe a gun, so all these types of crime are linked within each other.

Many things have been done to reduce crime in East London. A new law was created by the government that police have the right to stop and search anyone they like who they think might be in possession of a weapon. Many people have there own point of view on this topic some people think that's it inappropriate as police says it a random stop and search and while they could be searching someone by random who could be innocence someone who could be carrying a knife could be walking free and not being search as I personally have been stopped and search think it a time consuming process and waste both mines and police time as I know that I'm not carrying a weapon and police time as they will not find nothing on me. Tougher sentence have been put in place for people who carry knife or stabbed or kill someone using a weapon, as more people would know that they can't get away. There is more Surveillance as more police officers have been put on petrol on the streets to reduced crimes and make the public feel safer.

Also another new law that has been created by the government is the rise in the age of people who can buy a knife as know people have to be over 18 to be able to purchase a knife from a shop, this law allows young people from being able to just go on a shop and buying an knife and going out and using it. Even ASBO's (anti social behaviour order) have been given to some gangs and gangs members to try to make them stop hanging around in large groups and causing trouble but some people think that asbos are a tag of pride and use it to show people that they have it and show off about it thinking it is a good thing and its not working for the police that's why many more police officers are patrolling on street of East London to stop large groups hanging around and try to get them to move away from residential areas.

The reason why crime occur in east London I think I due to poverty as people don't money so they went out and committed crimes to ensure that they get money and the things they need, so doing these crimes would make them money or stealing from people by using a knife to threaten them to hand over their item. So I think money and greed is the biggest motivation for why so many people to go out there and commit crimes. Poor upbringing is another reason why as people who have failed in life or no longer attended school or college for reason like being excluded from it are more likely to go out and do crimes has they don't have anything to do and they know that they don't have a good future ahead and some believe that prison life is much easier then the real world. Also some people think that crime is the easier option to take in life as it "easy money" to get hold off.

The way crime has increased over the time has effected the world, as East London is such an multi-cultural area, many people want to come over to East London from all parts of the world, they people have heard about the crimes that have occurred in east London, which may make them feel unsafe as they would be new to the country, and make them reconsider about coming over in case they get caught up in any of a crime,

The reason why crime has stayed on the increased and not gone down since the past is down to the fact of not harsh enough punishment for the people who get caught as if people who commit crimes knew of the crime knew about the punishment they could be facing it would make them re-think about not going out and doing the crimes as they would know that the punishment would be a substantial one.

I think that the crimes that are occurring in east London are unnecessary and only just giving a bad name to east London and I think that east London will not be the same for a very long time as crimes wont just time if nothing is done to make them stop, all these crimes is effecting people lives in both people who live here so are worried over their safety and outsiders who wont to come over, I think that the only way crime can be stopped is by getting the police to do more. Crime In East London hasn't really effected me in a way that much the only way it has effected me is that all crime that happens get blamed on the young people and I am one of the young people so even people who isn't doing the crimes also get given a bad name as.