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Crime has been a regular part of the UK society with ups and downs with its rates, there are times when the controlling authorities are on top and bring the crime ratios down while some time it's the trouble makers who come up with ideas that are smart enough to disturb the populace to a great extent. In order to avoid these frequent ratios of crime going up it has been the chief goal of the concerned bodies and authorities whether it's the government, the law enforcement agencies or general public to work together in order to come over the consequences that these crimes may bring with them and may become cause of serious harms to the society. (Davidoff, 2005)

Formal facts are as well challenging particularly in view of knives and guns associated crimes. In UK, the tracing of 'knife related' crimes did not begin until April 2007 with the exemption of London, where such traces began to be gathered in 2003, which makes it unworkable to create any contrast with previous periods. Furthermore the Home Office class of 'firearm related' and 'knife related' crime eliminates crimes of possession. The reality that crimes of unlawful knife and gun ownership are not regularly gathered for the Home Office makes it hard to set up the effect of strategies intended at discouraging young citizens from carrying guns, together with searches and detectors, communal protection education movements, knife amnesties (Squires 2008). Official account have until lately not differentiated the weapon by which a crime is done, and the official meaning of 'wounding' encompasses acts where the skin is pierced or cut, which is expected to typically concerned wounding by knives, however includes other resources by which such damage may perhaps be caused. (Carrado, 2002)

A quick glance at the crime statistics in Britain:

Looking at both the countries UK and USA, the UK has in addition seen gang crime however to a much slighter degree plus the employ of weapons, even though on the augment, has been far less of a difficulty than it has in the United States. However gang crime in both countries has been a substantial dilemma in the late twentieth century plus a number of causes are of the view that this has risen supplementary through the last decade. Transforms in the universal financial system moreover chiefly in the financial markets have influenced together countries plus the consequence has been an augment in communal barring as well as its linked troubles. (Carrado, 2002)

Given that the early 1970s there has been a refuse in the built-up business plus this has exaggerated chief inner cities together in the UK as well as in the USA. This study maintains that in the US this outcome in huge scale joblessness, the possessions of which were felt largely by inner city areas in the north as manufacturing also moved abroad or to smaller principles in the communes in an exertion to decrease costs. Throughout this era cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia plus New York lost further than fifty percent of their industrialized businesses. This resulted in superior communal difficulties in the inner cities plus an augment in deficiency plus little crime. (Carrado, 2002)

There has been a alike circumstances in the UK. Over the last little years there have been statements in the news plus a number of investigate facts to propose that there are a rising figure of gangs in Britain. Manchester City Council has guesstimated that in Greater Manchester only there are an approximated 1,000 gang members. Widespread to together Britain plus the USA is the fact that the mainly disadvantaged areas are the worst concerned. Area is significant in several values, mainly chiefly when it is an area that stops contact to wider opportunities for employment plus communal interaction. When communal plus financial deficiency intensifies then so does minor crime as well as societal disarray. Studies identify what they phrase the deprived society as a widespread issue in youth crime. The antisocial behaviour of several young persons is viewed as a response to the fact that their progression in capitalist consumer culture was not attainable. Surely it is sensible to presume that in regions where there is elevated unemployment plus other communal drawbacks, public might turn to crime. Together these countries are in addition affected by globalisation. Inexpensive plus easy travel along with a growing global economy offer greater opportunities for that aim on attractive in criminal activities. (Anderson, 2003)

There is surely a growing difficulty in Britain, even though it is on nothing like the scale as gang plus gun crime in the United States. There is petite study into gang society in Britain plus Bennett (2004) is of the attitude that until newly street gangs in the UK were treated as if they did not live plus were about disregarded by criminologists. Therefore there are gaps in what is recognized regarding the association flanked by gang membership, medicine mistreatment as well as gun-related crime plus in several examples crime shapes tend to delicacy these things individually. They do not constantly link moreover gun crime or drug-narrated crime to gang doings, even though in a few areas this is commencement to transform. In the United States, on the other hand, the movement of street gangs is well documented in ethnographic case studies, and further recently in public reviews. There appears to be an obvious conformity amid criminologists plus other members that there is a burly link between street gangs as well as augmented drug-associated furthermore firearms crimes. The proof for how far this has augmented over the last decade is somewhat erratic. It emerges to have augmented in a number of vicinities in addition to lessened in others plus the picture in Britain is quite parallel. Several of this, it may be disputed might be due to transforms in the lawful systems plus changes in the benefit systems. There have been radical transforms in the financial bases of these countries, chiefly their developed industries as well as this have hit hardest in previously disadvantaged vicinities. This plus the ensuing development in joblessness means that both countries have a rising figure of persons who are communally prohibited as well as who are also destitute or live in the mainly underprivileged vicinities. Sociological hypothesis appears to be in accord that these issues guide to the growth of subcultures as well as that this can guide to criminal actions. Other theorists in addition indicate that such deeds might in addition be a shape of class confrontation next to a civilization that has shorn of them its substance recompenses as well as its status. If civilization wishes to shun an augment in crime then it requests to tackle the communal troubles that spawn it.

There were 289,500 aggressive crimes traced amid July and September previous year, evaluated by means of 253,000 in the same phase in 2002. (Anderson, 2003)

However ministers say part of the augment has affected as of novel techniques in the manner police trace crimes. (Anderson, 2003)

In general crime rates stayed steady, by major falls in thefts as well as vehicle crimes. Offences of aggression aligned with the individual rose 17%, grave violence such as murdering were up 18%, as well as grave wounding plus sexual offences rose 8%. However the British Crime study - stared by ministers as a supplementary dependable pointer of drifts - proposes violent crime in fact dived 3% in the year to September. (Battin, 2008)


Violence is a compound product of inter-related individual, family, communal, organic and ecological factors. For instance, teenagers who experience aggression untimely in childhood frequently fail to increase trusting associations. Interferences that inspire understanding and mean to decrease a propensity to depersonalize aggression would consequently seem imperative.

Interventions missing such characteristics would emerge, at face importance, lacking even while they may be responding to the nearness of an apparent disaster. Quick fixes are not likely to be flourishing.

Dual-agency, incorporated strategies that are nearby based and merge different approaches to avoidance and repression have proved more flourishing than sole-based imposing-led interventions by agencies functioning in remoteness. (Battin, 2008)


Serious and improved steps are required from the concerned authorities in order to improve the standards of living in the UK from the crime ratio point of view. UK is considered as head by most of the European bodies and issues like crime may not help it to concentrate on its growth and impression in the global society. Home Office, the police and other concerned authorities will have to act fast and work with the local populace in order to over come these growing figures of crime that may end up in major disasters than one might have expected. There are a couple of recommendations that may help the concerned bodies to improve the standards provided through police to the local people. (Bennett, 2004)

The use of technology: police officer should be provided with handheld computers with predefined questionnaire with possible answers in a dropdown menu rather then they holding sheets where they have to as loads of questions from the victims and write it down and then check for any mistakes and asking the victim to sign the statement. This is a lengthy process and 20 percent of public avoid the police as they think its waste of time. They keep it to them and don't share it with the police, which encourage the criminals and their confidence.

Police and other concerned bodies should be authorised to take strictest action after the crime has be proved and the person is found guilty in order to make it clear for the criminals about the seriousness of Home Office in repelling the crime from the society in full. (Bennett, 2004)