Army deserters' propensity to commit crimes

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138.This chapter explains the entire research outcomes. It consist of the conclusion of the research, verifications of each level of success in achieving the research proposal attributed by research problem, objectives, recommendations, and provide opportunities for future research. At the outset, it will provide an account on whether the research problem, objectives have been achieved and followed by the recommendations with relevance to the research finding. Finally, this chapter covers the suggestion to carry out further research based on the concept design and recommendations.


139.Researchers primary objective was to study regarding relationship between the army deserters’ crime involvement in related to the increase gravity and brutality of crimes in Sri Lanka. This objective has been well described in the related literature in chapter two through extensive literature review. It was well covered by the researcher with the inputs of related researches as well. Army deserters’ crime involvement and their grave and brutal crime involvement have been identified and analysed through data analysis and survey conducted. Through the data analysis it has been identified the actual rates of army deserters’ crime involvement and its number of grave and brutal crime engagement. From the survey it has found social believe of the army deserters’ crime involvement in related to the increase gravity and brutality of crimes and motives to engage crimes as deserters.

140.To identify motive to engage in crimes as a deserter. This objective has been achieved through the rightly designed survey and personnel interviews with those who already charged due committed grave and brutal crimes at the Welikada prison. In addition to that many discussion conducted with few experts in the field as well.

141.To study relationship of social myth regarding army deserters crime involvement and the reality. The data required to achieve this objective has been obtained using aptly designed questionnaire which facilitated the collection primary data related to social believe among the people on crime involvement. The questionnaire has been precisely designed based on conceptualised model and research frameworks which have been elaborated in chapter three.


142.This research formulated through three pillars. Those are actual figure of the army deserters grave crime involvement, social believe of the army deserters crime involvement and unpretentious effort of gathering information through accused personnel as army deserters. Throughout this research, researcher try to keep link with these three fractions and ultimately direct to find the many important facts.

143.Mainly researcher was found that army deserts dot not have any influential impacts to increase crimes in Sri Lanka. Meantime identified desertion as a different issue and it should address separately. Even though deserters involve in grave and brutal crimes it cannot be justifiable as root cause as desertion. Because crime can be commit with any one of the society. Hence deserters also part of the society and any one of the society can be an accused due to influences of internal and external factors.

144.Recommendations based on actual figures and Social believe. When consider the huge difference between the social believe and the actual figures of army deserters’ grave crime involvement, there must be sound mechanism to reciprocate such issues. It cannot eradicate from a single night. Therefore long lasting remedy should be adopt to focusing short term as well as targeting long term. Even deserters’ crime involvement is at low rate it cannot be neglect. Hence implement of monitoring process of deserters’ activity is essential and it can be implemented within the lower level. It can economise delegating its responsibility to the society with the guidance of police and military.

145.Since this issue is hypothetical situation it must be address by the army to educate people regarding reality. Therefore it is important to implement process to disseminate accurate informations. Hence, Directorate of Media of Sri Lanka Army have the responsibility to address this issue.

146.In addition to that it is necessary to suggest government to take actions to prevent careless media reporting. Moreover reporting of crime incidents in a manner as marketing method should be prohibited. Meantime should focused to create legal framework to take necessary legal actions to prevent careless media reporting.

147. Recommendations based on accused army personnel as a deserters. When analysing the facts it is found that among the army deserters crime involvement murder, abetment to commit suicide and attempted homicide cases are the highest reported grave crime category engage by army deserters. Robberies are second highest crime category which engage by the deserters. It is timely important to implement programme to monitor the deserters with the help of civil community. Further it is suggest to implement procedure to discharge the deserters with or without his consent to prevent long term deserters’ unlawful acts on army credibility.

148.As researcher found army deserters, 18 - 25 age group is the mostly committed with crimes among the army deserters crime involvement. Hence necessary to address the needs of youths to prevent such tendency by considering entire society.

149.It is found that level of education also effect to involve in crimes. As researcher found most of the deserters are who engaged involved in crimes were studied up to ordinary level or low level education than it. Hence it should be address broadly by considering entire society to enhance educational standard of the country.

150.Next, researcher found that many number of accused were have the previous experience regarding engage in grave crimes even prior to the join with army. Hence it is recommend to adopt strict security clearance procedure to prevent such issues.

151.When considering the service once committed with crimes researcher was found that 44% of the deserters who committed with crime have the bellow 5 years of service experience. Hence as an organisation army must take actions to prevent desertion at very outset of their professional career.

152.Researcher found rationale behind the war experience involvement in crimes as deserters. Then as per the findings many of crime committed deserters have below 5 years’ war experiences. Therefore it’s timely important to create favourable working environment for lower level soldiers of the army.

153.As researcher found in his research, on service personnel have the tendency of committed with grave crimes than deserters. Mean time strict disciplinary actions must be taken to mitigate their involvement.


154.Army deserters and their crime involvement is one of significant area to study. However when consider the deserters and crimes, it is extent up to two wider areas, covering sociology and criminology. Therefore finding of inter related literature is difficult. Hence should focus on to relate with subject area like psychological motives to engage in crimes as deserters. Further direct to consider three services deserters, when conducting research on deserter’s related researches. Therefore can minimise the non-availability of the literature resources.


155.Army deserters and increased crime are one of the highly publicised topic in the Sri Lankan society. However through this research, researcher was able to prove deserters have not impact to increased gravity and brutality of crimes. Furthermore researcher convince regarding difference between social believe and actual facts of army deserters grave and brutal crime involvement. Hence it necessary to take action to reciprocate these situations. Because, it will effect badly image of the Sri Lankan army as well.

156.Finally as researcher found in this research whether he is deserter or not with the influences of the internal and external factors anyone can be accused. However being a deserters, they have added motivation to commit with crimes. Specially as researcher found in this research basic military training very much aid them to commit their crime in a well organised manner. Even though he is a deserter, he is a man who trained as per the military requirements. Therefore his skills are inseparable even deserted. Hence it is timely important to organised a programme to socialised the deserters with some vocational training programme. Meantime it will provide opportunity to legally resign from the army as well.