An Investigation of illegal immigrants globally

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Illegal Immigrants are global entities, persons who enter a country without formal permission which is violation of act by foreign nationals. The term "immigrant" is often considered to be rather disparaging; a person from a poorer country settling in a richer one would be called an immigrant, however' many are aliens entering though backdoors raising insecurity. The desire for better living has remorse to a worldwide population explosion, couple with enormous, poverty, ethnic tension and unemployment are some of the forces to international migration; (Michael Lemay 2007).The forces have shoved people to migrate into stable economies illegally. However immigration does not necessarily guarantees a better living, In American history' immigrants play major role years back in settlement and economic stability. More so the challenges antecede as they battle for betterment of life. Eventually many succeed due to proficiency on illegal dealings while others are completely phased off by problems and a few make inspiring tales. Before a person moves to a new country one need a serious analysis as contented that you will face emotion and mental or physical challenges thus immigration literacy become critical and due to lack of leniency many face the wrath of illegal immigration. These are some of the factors which affect decisions of each illegal immigrant and negate prospects and legal transparency for personal future growth. It is with this reason that this research paper exposes ramifications on illegal immigrants. (George, 2003)


Research has been collected using secondary data methods from various government policies books, magazines, and immigration journals to corroborate the findings.


Various resources were used to gather this valuable information, books written by U.S immigration , websites (e.g.,, journals (e.g. the illegal alien problem) books (e.g. Immigration, Immigration Made Easier) the sources are established by U.S Government and others by extraordinary person with merits of success in their research and renowned immigration policies specialists. The sources are available in print and online media.

Objectives of study

To emphasize the life and challenges of illegal immigrants.

Specific objectives

To analyze various historical movements of illegal immigrants

To understand legal structures faced by illegal immigrants

To analyze the environment forces brought by illegal immigrants

To analyze why immigrants come to the United States


For many years illegal immigrants have been moving from nation to nation, back in history some illegal immigrants moved through various channels (e.g. as slaves) to developed states and below are historic analysis.

1892: Jan 1, Architects named as Limpincott Tilton and William Boring, Ellias' created an immigration port In New York known as Ellias Island, which was one of the greatest entries of illegal immigrants, mostly took place in what was referred as the month of Hudson River in New York harbor, Ellias island become the main port of the entry for illegal immigrants seeking a better life in the United States.

1907 April 17th Ellias island experience the highest number of illegal immigrants accessing united states, it is believed that 11747 immigrants crossed to states, this was a historical day in Ellias island and the busiest

1910: The Italians wrote a federation journal (Italica Gens) the journal information was mesmerized that Italians had no loyalty to their Nation and argued that regional loyalty was far much important to them. Furthermore the federation vested on Aid societies as the main forces keeping.

1965: The United States immigration quota was enlarged to become an immigration colony, illegal immigrants continuously moved in and somehow this was the reinvented America

1993 June: A company known as Golden venture told a story of four Fujianese illegal immigrants who migrated to United States on the freight golden venture, the golden venture which ran aground off New York City. In the same month the golden venture grounded with over two hundred illegal immigrants from China on board.

1994: Arnold Schwarzenegger presided to support a crucial proposition that aimed to denied illegal immigrants services that they once enjoyed. The proposition was known as proposition 187 arguing that courts have largely voided the measure. However, his positions on social issues have nothing to do with individuals.

1996 Sep 30: Then president of U.S Bill Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA), prior to the United States IIRIRA law passed. LPRs were handling deportation proceedings.

1996: Aug 22: The American government set requirements that must be met by legal immigrants which mend that one must meet certain exemptions or else lose their entitlements. It aimed to offer security to illegal immigrants who have been in states for more than forty quarters or (10 years)

2003: May: A story came up' that more than 73 illegal immigrants from Mexico were locked in the back of a trailer for a long trip of about three hundred miles to Houston. The story also sparked consciousness but had no specific change on immigrant's policies.

2005: the US house republicans rejected McCain-Kennedy bill acknowledging the boarder has to be secured against illegal migration introducing other legislations for crackdown of illegal immigrants in America making entry a felony.

2006: Apr 10, The United States celebrated the National Day of Action for immigrant rights. The day's main agenda was to document all illegal immigrants who were already leaving in United States

2010: According to a report by Department of Homeland Security, over 39,000 illegal immigrants were deported from the U.S, the highest number in U.S history.


Environmental scanning to the illegal immigrants view speculates circumstance of the environment changes that may occur as illegal immigrants undertake various options in pursuit of their goals. Most of these illegal immigrants encounter exploitation and communication challenges while others faced cultural diffusions (such as exchange of traditions, customs, religion and other stereotypes). The outcome on environmental impact may depend on native psychological preparedness to adopt and relate though in full fear of be caught by the law. Many a time's communities of illegal immigrants co-exist on development projects prosing intellect power and creativity tolerating inter-skill exchange amongst communities of various races to hide there identity. (Edward, 1995), However culture is an individual element that can't be taken away as it evolves relationships in life. Some policies affect illegal immigrants as show below:-

U.S Immigration And Nationality Act 1952


Consolidated Natural Resource Act


Deals with aliens and nationalities and codifies immigration law structures

Allows formal migration curbing illegal migration and espouse punishment

Deals with commonwealth North Marina islands to control illegal migration


Extremely High

Extremely high




Extremely High



Extremely high





Extremely High




Extremely High


Problem Population

Illegal Immigrants

Juveniles who are not U.S.

Common wealth Northern Marina islands


Change the regulation

Adopt the regulation

Expose law to immigrants


Reduce illegal immigrants

Ease of illegal migration

Improve U.S. entities to Marina islands


Legal transparent Migration

Allows petitioners more space to file and follow up their cases

Improve the labor condition application










The policies a foremost mention creates inconsequential results due to analysis

Lack of effective customs and boarders control

Most immigration laws create a valuable chance to illegal immigrants but due to lack of clear professional career etiquette most of the illegal immigrant collude to transact illegal businesses and violate immigration laws.

Lack of immigration and customs enforcement personnel to combat smuggling and drug and trafficking

Some of these acts are enacted on temporal provision, illegal immigrants are choking off the benchmark by states thus turning to contraband trading, illegal human trafficking and compute on fraudulence operations. The laws have no directives on who is an alien as termed to be a cross-bounder who aims to feed his family.

Lack of enough resources to cater for all illegal immigrants,

The law only tackles movement of illegal immigrants and government spent lots of money due to combating illegal trading and deportation; the laws do not consider illegal immigrants' career, family or even health.

Lack of clear systems that generate literacy among the fortunate illegal immigrants

Most illegal immigrants are not certain on the procedures of immigration; scrupulous agencies exploit unaware persons robbing them of their possessions. There is no clear governance on assisting the illegal immigrants caught in the act devouring deportation.


Alternative / S solutions

Legal transparent migration: There is need to create a transparent migration system thus to condone illegal immigrants ideologies providing optional analysis of situations faced by illegal immigrants lest the reasons are viable (e.g. political ethnicity and death in their motherland)

Allow petitioners space to follow -up their cases: In cases where the immigration department disqualifies an illegal immigrant in whatever legal ground, they should create liberty for them to petition and satisfactorily find alternative solution at affordable cost or even provide advocates for such petitions.

Improve the labor condition application: Illegal immigrants' assessed and found to have professional qualification and faced by tumult threats in their land can be absorbed. Vividly freedom to switch careers should be unleashed to passion not labor conditions that enslave persons.

Political Feasibility

Financial Feasibility


Administrative Feasibility

Major Advantages and Disadvantages

Alternative 1

Political legal frameworks are created by elected members who will have different opinions which affects decisions

Yes; with clear operational systems that ends corrupt illegal immigrants exposure once caught, will help set financial control measures for economic growth

Technologies that are use to identify and process documents of illegal immigrants are globally available and information is link to various embassies thus effectiveness and transparency

The U.S, are competent on migration administrative services, have congruently done it successfully for decades with low corruption rates.

Transparent operations on immigration.

Clear transfer of skills

Easy access of information and traveling.

It is costly to establish systems and lots of training required.

Alternative 2

Some embassies will want to check and lengthen processes to discourage terrorism envisaged immigrants

Time wasting and cost that the immigrants use may be very high thus not affordable, most of illegal immigrants are from poor backgrounds

Legal frameworks well applied will consistently bar off illegal operations and encourage transparency, efficiency of service and build mutual relationships among players

The immigrants legal frameworks to allow full representation and the courts procedures should directly link to better service to all without discrimination

It will be easier to provide immigration services without discrimination.

There is a possibility that petitioners will not succeed once disqualified

Alternative 3

The immigration department based on willingness for growth can do so by getting qualified illegal immigrants even at a low remuneration

This can only be attain if the illegal immigrants have the necessary skill or even multitask responsibilities and have been recognized by government,

To most immigrants who take the career path due to merits and achievement, there is a high chance to be more effective as states have mechanism if compared with African economies

The U.S has inter-global career development programs, this helps monitor illegal immigrants progress and judgment can be based on growth and morals

It allows the illegal immigrant an opportunity to learn from various approaches choices given opportunities

Some illegal immigrants at whatsoever cost will want to be absorbed even without career prospects

The minimum conditions for considering the political feasibility requires structures of authority at the international level (Ostrom, V. 1997), he argues that under the international laws, nation-states exercise general authority over internal affairs.


The legal procedures for migration which are not discriminative are vital especially in an era where the world has become a global community. Creating a clear illegal immigrant advocacy department in all immigration offices which should verify immigrant's information as a board is important. Since that most immigrants suffer due to social cultural challenges such as language, a interpretation department should be formed to assist immigrants who are a threat to security, government should set aside an amount of money to support less fortunate immigrants through recognized legal entities, this is to create a more considerate and efficient service that investigates illegal immigrants and secure nationals against terrorism.


Most illegal immigrants are faced with mighty challenges, bigotry and inhuman advections against human rights, however group participation can help illegal immigrants understand effects they pose and merge in unity lobbying for fair laws reduction and forge of ways to curb insecurity. Every illegal immigrant might have a different tale to tell on legal issues affecting them today but still pose a threat to nationals. Information technology has also contributed to faking of documentations that are hardly recognized buy administrators in various embassies while others rejected, However much an individual wishes to migrate' there are tentatively loaded with fears in one way or the other. (USCIS) U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service was developed to analyze the situations and monitor. (Doomsday, 1967)

According to the United States federation of American Immigration reform (FAIR), conservatively an average of one million immigrants enter U.S with over 11.6 million aliens according to Pews Hispanic Centre (2008) this is a threat to nationals in Jobless. The current government also passed the policy said to be Interior Immigration Enforcement worksite which is aimed at employers so as to protect illegal immigrants as an enforcement effort. The illegal workers have taken jobs that are probably less paying that employers will not impair results as the company's benefits especially with illegal skilled immigrants.

International travel agencies which are given priority to gather information or monitor illegal immigrants are seamlessly being out shadowed by well technologically averse illegal immigrants. It could be better if such policy which limits individual to little access of self growth to be removed since nobody knows who you are' judgment is based on broad assumption (Illona, 2011)

In the united states the labor process ask companies to certify that workers are not hired on specific jobs, this is against individual work ethics and companies should hire based on own merits and freedom of need and legally. Because of illegal immigration it is also quite tormenting that few legal immigrants are allowed to be entrepreneurs or choose self employment opportunities, this is completely discrimination gorging that at the 21st century human resource should be based on innovation and creativity. The U.S. should change certain policies and create adaptive environment frameworks that suit illegal immigrants' desire for self expression of ideas.


The Consolidate Natural Resource Act and Immigration and Nationality Act need urgent review as the policies are not considerate to low or less income illegal immigrants already leaving in U.S, the policies are limiting persons from exploiting their full potential the illegal immigrants are a threat to national security, food production knowing that the government keeps the census of its people, drag trafficking, forgery and terrorism are consequences that state faces causal to illegal immigrants. The laws should completely show the health and economical stances and offer equal opportunities without discrimination.