Americas Juvenile Justice System Is Good Criminology Essay

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The past is one thing, but once a mistake is made, you might not have another chance to make it up. There is a way to change that, and America would give you a second chance in life. Just because one simple mistake would put you to jail, but America's Juvenile Justice System is here to help you. The Juvenile Justice System gives people a second chance in life, in which wouldn't keep a person in prison for life. It's said for a person to be in jail for ever, even if it's for a tiny incident that would get a person in jail. It's better if a person was given another opportunity in life. A person can't really judge a person's behavior or way in life and then use those judgments to send the person in jail. That is just wrong. People deserve a second chance, and this system gets it right, by giving people in jail a second chance. The crude thing is labeling those people as juvenile, but that's better than nothing. There are cases out there that help kids improve with their own mentality. Most kids don't learn as fast, but with the help of the Juvenile Justice System, it can help these kids out, therefore helping the kids with the second chance in life. The important factor is education, in which the Juvenile Justice System gives to these kids, and help these kids stay away from crimes, which are caused by many things. One of these things are drugs. Drugs can cause a huge influence in any crime. It's kind of like drunk driving. There are many car accidents out there that have cases that are related to drugs. The Juvenile Justice System is here to help, and to re-educate these kids on what's right and what's wrong, giving them a sense of direction in life. Therefore, the America's Juvenile Justice System is a good deed for those who are currently in prison.

There is a history to how the America's Juvenile Justice System was created. It was first established in Chicago on 1899. This was when the first juvenile court that started, in which gives the social view of juveniles as youths who had lost their way in life, instead of a criminal. This started to spread to states across the United States, and started the Juvenile Justice Program. There were doubts about this program, in which people believed that this system wasn't good, and wanted these people to be treated as criminals, therefore ever since it was started, people are evaluating this system, whether it's effective or not. The government of United States started working together with government officials to enhance the ability of States to evaluate the effectiveness of their Juvenile Justice Program. The evaluation was called The Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center Project. There was a goal to this evaluation project. According to The Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center Project, it says "The goal of this project is to provide useful resources and practical technical assistance that will strengthen the ability of local and State policymakers, program administrators and staff, and evaluators to implement and use evaluation studies and their findings". According to the source, the project was to make America a better place. It's a good thing to make America a better place by using this evaluation project. It's similar to a survey, in which people would provide their feedbacks to make a service better. The same concept applies to this evaluation project. Basically, the Juvenile Justice Program was used to help survey what policies needed to be changed in America. By surveying what's needed to change, it would make America be a better place. This would benefit two ways, the people, and America. Juveniles are then given another chance, so they aren't treated as criminals, and America could improve itself by evaluating the juveniles. There are many reasons how people end up as criminals, and some are caused by substances. What these people need are education. People always have reasons why they end up being criminals in the first place.

There are cases out there that show why the Juvenile Justice System is good. There is a reason that causes people to be criminals. Not everybody is bad, and would do a criminal act. People have a right sense of judgment, and usually what gets people to do crimes are influenced by substances, like a type of drug. An example is alcohol abuse. There are many people out there that drink alcohol. It doesn't matter what age they are, but they would still drink alcohol. There is a state law about alcohol, and many are getting caught with alcohol consumption. There are many kids out there that are getting arrested, that are involved in crimes, which involve the consumption of alcohol. These kids are put in the state Juvenile Justice System. In an article, it says "Based on the report's findings, the CASA report calls for a complete overhaul of the juvenile justice system to assure that each child receives a comprehensive assessment of needs, substance abuse treatment and other appropriate services." According to the article, the Juvenile Justice System is trying to help these kids, so that they wouldn't abuse the consumption of alcohol. The Juvenile Justice System is good, in which it would get these kids to stop the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is a type of drug. It is obvious that drugs aren't good. The system educated these kids to don't use drugs to a degree of understanding why it's bad. Once the kid learns about the effects of drugs, then they would have more of an understanding into what actions to take in life. This would give the person a second chance in life. It's as if the crime they did is a thing in the past, and they are given a chance to re-correct it, by re-educating themselves about alcohol consumption. Since the crimes these kids did are influenced by the use of alcohol, then the chances of these kids doing crimes again is low, since now they have a better judgment. This then shows that the Juvenile Justice System is good, in which would help these kids get a better sense of judgment, by re-educating them into the effects of drugs.

There are many programs for the Juvenile Justice Program. These programs help the kids out in many ways. Since there are many types of crimes, there are many ways to help a kid get better. There are many success stories, and it helped the kid change in life. Sometimes, it doesn't just depend on the person, but the environment of the person. In an article it says "told the court that she moved to a nicer neighborhood and would do anything the court asked if her son could be probated. The social worker submitted an affidavit stating that she overheard the person whose gun was used in the robbery tell another that the gun was unloaded". In this case, the person who was committed a crime had the use of fire arms. The thing was that the person didn't load the gun at all. If the person lived in a bad neighborhood, like the ghettos, you would get influences of the use of fire arms. In this case, the mother of the child stated that they moved to a better neighborhood. According to the judge's decision, the person was in probation instead. The environment is also a factor to the person, not just drugs. The Juvenile Justice System broke down what the person did, and what was needed to prove the person's wrongfulness. As in result, the greatest factor was because of the neighborhood the person was living in. Therefore, the person was granted another life, and was given a second chance. Another case has to do with a robbery, in which this person had emotional issues. According to the article, it says "a child who has been diagnosed with numerous disabilities over the years: Tourette's, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and emotional and behavioral disorders. Due to the then newly enacted automatic transfer statute, H.Z's case was transferred to circuit court. KRS 635.020(4). After being told by his attorney than he would probably get sixty years if he went to trial, H.Z. pled guilty to one count of Robbery in the first degree, and was sentenced to twenty years. After a rough transition from detention to a treatment center and a transfer to another treatment center, H.Z. met a counselor, a principal, and a volunteer art teacher who gave H.Z. the opportunity to succeed. H.Z. became a role model for other residents, excelled at school and developed his enormous talent as an artist". In this case, the person had some kind of emotional problem, and thanks to the Juvenile Justice System, it helped the kid resolve this issue, and now became a role model to other residents. There are many cases like this, and that the person ended up being good again, and has a better sense of judgment. The person would prove itself, and learn from the Juvenile Justice System. The Juvenile Justice is there to figure out what is needed to help the person. In these two cases, both of them are saved by the Juvenile Justice System, and helped them succeed in life. One went into probation, and the other in the end became a role model. That means that people aren't bad themselves, but rather influences from other stuff, like drugs environment, or emotions held them back, and made a poor decision in life. With the help of the Juvenile Justice System, it made them both learn more about deciding the right decision.

In conclusion, America's Juvenile Justice System is good, and is here to help those get a second chance in life. People in general aren't bad people, but are influenced by many interests. Interests, such as drugs, environment, emotions, and many other things along the lines affect a person. Whatever the person does is decided by their sense of judgment, and with a few influences, it can change their sense of judgment. The Juvenile Justice System is there for those who are committed a crime change all that, and would help those make a better decision in life. There are many successful stories out there that helped the people with the Juvenile Justice System. There are even programs out there that are willing to help those make the right decision. Therefore this system is good in helping those who did a crime in the past to chance, and given a second chance to succeed in life.