Understanding The Meaning Of Demolition To Buildings Construction Essay

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According to Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and(or) Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) , the Professional Engineer (PE) submitted a copy of key plan to show the site location, photographs of building to be demolished with surrounding building and the method statement for demolition which should in accordance with the current Code of Practice on Demolition - Singapore Standard CP 11. Afterwards, the Contractor provided the following report: Risk Assessment Report, Impact Assessment Report, Pre-construction Survey Report, Protective Hoarding and Full-height Netting, Vibration Monitoring of Plan and Disposal of demolition Debris.

With a limited land area of about 699 sq km (URA website), the government has best system to control the land of developed in Singapore, because the government should be able to keep track of the situation and risk in construction site and surrounding building at all time. With respect to the findings, I found that Safety and Environment are very important part in demolition. The primary reason is the demolition work is very danger and would impact on human's life especially pedestrian, therefore the site should needs a person who obtains the certification in construction safety on full-time basis throughout the duration of site works and hoarding was necessary. In addition, the contractor would divert, terminated, seal off and/or de-energized existing utilities supply prior to demolish. If the contractor did not do and/or did not do properly, will be very danger for worker/s who works on the site. For example of gas supply, will explosive during the demolition if the contractor does not terminate properly. Last reason why environment was important is likely to be due to human's health. People would be sick if absorbed large quantities of dust. Moreover, if the contractor did not control the noise properly, surrounding residents would occur accidents because of they did not have enough rest.

Although there are three types of method statement for demolition, Singapore has been using top-down method on buildings that needs to be demolished. The main reasons are likely to be due to less air pollution and affection compare with explosives method and swing ball method. Singapore government has problem with the limited land area. In order to save the area, BCA and URA planned to construct all building close to each other. If any contractor use explosives and/or swing ball method, the demolition material and/or debris will be blown away by wind, and cause huge damage and/or pollution to surrounding building.

Unless otherwise agreed by the SO, ensure all of the works comply with the relevant requirements of the Standards and Codes listed below or referenced in the body of the Specification, Alternative Standards and Codes may be proposed for approval by the SO, provided it can be demonstrated that the alternative Standards and Codes comply with the requirements of the standards specified. All Standards and Codes quoted are the current version, unless specific year references are noted.