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This Clifford Whitworth building is in the University of Salford which is also maintained by the university, this building is dedicated to the memory of Clifford Whitworth who was the first vice chancellor of the University of Salford. He was a successful vice chancellor for the period of seven years from 1967-1974.this building has two floors and a ground floor for serving the students of the university. They provide various facilities for the benefit of the students this includes safety and comfort to the students of the university. They are controlled by the University of Salford and provide information on books from top to bottom. This building is well furnished with tables chairs and all other necessary things. This building is in peel park campus which is almost in the center of the universities main campus, it is in the center because the students from all departments can have easy access to the library.

Structure of the building:

This building has two floors and a ground floor, in the ground floor there are service desk computers and a café for the students to use it. In the first floor there are computers and the library sections to help the students on their required subjects and is also to use internet facility if they want and on the second floors it is full of books and journals which are available for the students for their study purpose. The building is covered by the security cameras, and is also provided with lamps in the exterior portion of the building. The interior portion of the building is fully utilized and there is no waste space found in it. There are around ninety rooms in this building which is all properly utilized by the concern department. Thomasons is the consulting and the civil engineers of the clifford whitworth building.


They provide lift for the students and lecturer to make sure that students are comfortable in the library and so that they can do the work what they want to with full comfort. Lift is located in the corner of the ground floor near the fire exist area. Students are not asked to use the lift incase of fire, were they are advised to use the stairs incase of fire.

Cycle stand:

They also facilitate by providing cycle stands for the students and the lecturers of the university there is space for parking 15-20 cycles in the stand which is in the front of the clifford whitworth building. Students can lock the cycle in the steel rods which are in the stand which ensures the safety of the cycles.

Fire exits:

There are various fire extinguishers and there are emergency exit door for the purpose of safety of the students incase of fire inside the building. You can use the fire extinguisher any time in case of fire. There are sign boards put inside the building what to do incase of fire inside the building. And there are also sound alarms inside the building which starts ringing incase of fire inside the building. These all are for the safety of the students of the university who visit the clifford whitworth building for any purpose.


There are different books for different sort of the students in the university and there are different sections allocated for each subjects so that students would easily find the books which they need and so that no time will be wasted in searching of books which is also comfortable for taking the exact books they want. There are separate staffs being appointed to arrange the books in the place were it should be even if the students misplace it. All sections of subjects are put in the universities website, so that it will be easy for the students to check it. There are old journals maps and other important study materials are also available in the library for the comfort of the students. Journals of all time are available in the library and maps of every country are also available. Students can use the library for their studying purpose for doing their assignments and also doing some researches were students can always use the library to satisfy their purposes.

Library is one of the major facilities which are provided for the benefit of the students. There is no separate charge for swapping the book from the library, swapping books are free of cost, but the books should be returned on time which has been mentioned, if not you will be charged a separate for not returning the book. There are also fine which will be charged if the students lose the books which they took. There are different sections of books available in the library were you cant take certain books from the library which is just to study inside the library and to keep it back in the place.


Internet is an another important facility which is been provided by them were any student of the university or the lecturer of the university can use the internet at any working time of the clifford building which is very important for the studies. There will be no person who doesn't use the internet in the Clifford building because all the information to the students is conveyed by the lecturers in the net which can be used only with the internet access. There is a separate training section for the students to teach them about the usage of the black board in the internet. Without which students can't even login the computer in the Clifford building.

There are many computers allotted in the building just to provide good service to the students in the campus, and students who have laptops on their own can also use the internet facility free of cost in the clifford building with just entering their login id and password which will be given by the staffs in the service desk. Students can make use of the internet facility any were in the building and there are also separate tables and chairs being put for the students who use their own laptops. Using their own laptops they can still make use of services like taking printout and things using the cable.

Computer suites:

There computer suites available for the students of the university were students can use the internet and facilities there this room is also provided with the printers and the scanners for the benefit of the students it is located in the corner of the ground floor of the clifford whitworth building. This computer suite is provided with limited number of computers so that students will not be distracted by others easily.

Discussion rooms:

There are many discussion rooms which are available in the Clifford building in order to provide comfort and privacy for the students who study in group. The discussion rooms are furnished with required number of tables and chairs for the students and the discussion room is provided with one computer with the internet facility for the student to make use of it. There are many discussion rooms in the grund floor and the first floor.

The university also provides the students with the facilities to study through the DVD cd sections which are available in the Clifford Whitworth building there are cd players and TV for the students to study through it this is located in the library section of the building. The dvd and things are kept in the second floor of the building.

Conference rooms:

There are also conference rooms in this building for the benefits of the students where important meetings can be conducted, students can also conduct conferences with the permission of the concern staff of it. Conference room is at the entrance corner of the building.


There is a café in the Clifford Whitworth building which provides the students with eatables which they want. Items like coffee, juices, chocolates, and snacks are available in the café .this café are very neatly furnished with chairs, tables, and beautiful wall hangings on the walls. This café is named as neo café. This café is opened till the working hours of the library.

Service desks:

Service decks are available with the staff to help the students in case of doubts or problems. Students can enquire the service desk any time they want till the service desk is open. They are the one who provide the students with the login name and the password in order to use the internet in the Clifford building. Staffs in the security desk are very helpful and would provide details on any enquiries about the library. They work as same as other staffs in the university.


There is a security named for the safety of the students who make sure that there aren't any external problems arises inside or outside the library.


There are printers which are kept in the Clifford building so that the students can take printouts inside the university itself. though taking printouts are chargeable they are pretty cheap when compared to the other shops nearby, students will be charged for taking printouts and in order to recharge your balance to take more printouts they are various machines which is available to recharge your account. Printers are available ground floor and first floor. Color printers are also available for the students to take color printouts for their purposes which will also be charged.


There are also scanners available for the students to scan the thing which they want which is also chargeable but still cheaper. Scanners are also kept in the ground floor and the first floor for the benefit and comport of the students.

Xerox machines:

Xerox machines are also available in the clifford whitworth building for the students to take photocopies, In fact there are more Xerox machines kept when compared to the printers and scanners.

There are Xerox machines which are also kept inside the library for the comfort of the students so that students can take photocopy of any page in the book which they want or they can even take photocopy of anything they want. There are Xerox machines kept in the ground floor, first floor, and the second floor for the comfort of the students.


There are two different washrooms one for boys and another for girls, Toilets are very clean and very neat ,toilets are always kept clean and are washed once a day regularly without any intervals and the water service in the toilet is there always were you have taps for hot as well as the cold water as you want. For men you have washroom in the second floor and for women you have the washroom in the first floor both the washrooms has toilets for handicap students who are studying in the university.

Sign boards:

Signboards are put up all around the campus and also inside the clifford whitworth building so that students will not suffer for searching the book shelf and others things inside and outside the library. There are also diagrams put up in each and every floor which contains the details about the place inside the building.

I.D system:

This I.D system is nothing but students cannot get into the library without signing in with the student I.D .every student who enter the library should have the student I.D card to get into the clifford whitworth building. There is a check point where if you sign in your student I.D card then only you can get into the building this is for the safety of the students and so that there will be no other person who is not student of the university can enter the clifford whitworth building. All the checking process are mechanized and only if you sign in your student I.D the gate to enter the building will open .

Security system:

Security systems are very high in the case of Clifford Whitworth building there are many CC TV cameras fixed inside and outside of the clifford whitworth building for the safety of the students. Images will be monitored for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety. This scheme is controlled by the University Of Salford. With these CC TV cameras all crime things which are being made can be found out and the necessary steps can be taken for the benefit for the public in the university. The main reason for the CC TV cameras are to avoid the crime and robbery of the books and thing in the building.

Service department:

Service department plays a vital role in this Clifford whitworth building, the room and the washrooms are cleaned each and every day without any intervals which keeps the environment of clifford whitworth building clean and neat. There are supervisors who have a regular check on all this cleaning process. This service department is managed by the university, for the welfare of the students who live in the university.

General services:

University provides the general services to the students who regularly use the clifford whitworth building, there are car park token machines which is available for the students who use the car to come to the university were they can collect the tokens from the self service machines which is available in the entrance of the clifford whitworth building. There are cameras available in the building to make sure there are no damages being made by any student. All activities are seriously being watched by the security department of the university. There is dustbin kept on all the necessary places where students can it for throwing the waste into it, so that the building looks neat and good without garbage around. There are heaters placed in the building so that the students will not suffer from cold or things were the heaters keep the place warm which is good to use.

User's interactions and requirements:

University expect to satisfy the requirements of the students by providing enough number of computers in the Clifford whitworth building so students will have enough number of the computers to use. They try to keep the building clean and hygienic by cleaning it every day. Though university does all it cans still the students who visit the Clifford Whitworth building increases each and every day and their requirements increases day by day. There are many service desk available in the clifford whitworth building to serve the students every time when they need it, and there are many self service machines for borrowing the books from the library, though all these things are done by the university the students still feel that it takes a lot of time to borrow books from the library and there aren't enough computers in the library cause there are more number of students who operate and utilize the facilities provided by the university. There are so many students who regularly visit the clifford whitworth building due to some or the other enquiry everyday which is one of the best part of it.


Though there are various facilities provided still there are few things which can be made to make the clifford whitworth building even better, it takes a very long time to collect the books from the library so it would be even better if some more service machines are added for borrowing the books. Though there are many computer in the Clifford Whitworth building still there are students who couldn't find a computer to work because many computer are at an idle state which doesn't work so it would be better if some more computers are added to the existing computers.

Recommendations and conclusions:

Though there are many computers in the building I would still recommend buying more computers and I would also recommend adding more self service machines in the library for borrowing the books by self without the help of the staffs who are in service desks. Though the building is cleaned everyday there are lots of cigarette which is put in the entrance of the building which spoils the looks of the building, so separate place for smokers would avoid such problems.

It will be more helpful if the university places some more computers and other facilities like extra Xerox machines it would be more helpful for the students.


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