The Specialised Approaches To Project Management Construction Essay


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Project management is a special approach to planning, organizing and controlling activities in order to reach given task on time, within budget and within specification. It is especially suitable for complex projects as they have broad impact on the project environment. Apart from managing time, cost and quality the most important activities covered within the project are setting and implementing health and safety plan with a focus on sustainability of the whole project in all its stages.

Salford Quays with its most significant Salford Docks is a destination used for the most of twentieth century for industrial purposes. However, after decrease in heavy industry it has changed into a barren or uninteresting place with high level of criminality. The regeneration project (Salford Quays Development Plan) was launched in 1986 in order to prevent from complete decay and came to be one of the UK's first and largest urban regeneration projects. Thanks to the skilled project management and the effort of Salford City Council the area has during 25 years become popular with both tourists and new residents as well as an important part of the local economy (Salford Quays Milestones, 2008).

The birth of MediaCityUK dates back to 2004 when the BBC started looking for an area suitable for placement its new northern section. At the beginning of 2006 the Northwest Regional Development Agency, Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company and Salford City Council representing public sector and Peel Holdings representing the owners of Salford Quays started to cooperate in order to create a unique project of media enterprise zone. This district was attractive for all kinds of media including the BBC which chosen MediaCityUK as its new northern centre (MediaCityUK, 2009, Salford Quays Milestones, 2008).

Prefeasibility and feasibility studies are used by mangers to decide whether it is reasonable to invest money in a particular project or not as well as in situations when they need to decide between two or more project options (Lock, 2007). They are realized as a part of business plan and both have the same structure differing from each other only in description detail. The main objectives of these studies are to describe the overall projects considering all implementation important points of view in order to evaluate all alternatives and provide data for investment decision of the owner (client) as well as creditors and other sponsors often demand a feasibility study according as they finance the project.

MediaCityUK is a complex project which demands operating in a way of project management. It means that client assigns managing of the whole project lifecycle to the project organisation. This company is then responsible for operating all project life cycle stages from its initiation till accomplishment of its objectives. For this project it has been chosen management following Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as an essential document. It is a guide for project managers, internationally renowned standard, including essences of project management in various branches of knowledge.

Relationships among individual team members can differ during the project life cycle and depend mainly on the project character, types of contracts, the way of project managing and clients demand. Project manager is responsible for the structure and performing of the team as well as all aspects of the project primarily containing of setting strategy for time, cost and quality management, formulating health and safety plan, choosing the best procurement system, deciding on cost planning and control and risk management. All these strategies should be outlined at this time (The Chartered Institute of Building, 2002).

Project designing and evolving a design strategy are vital parts of pre-construction activities. At this stage the essential point for project success is cooperation and negotiation among client, architects, designers, engineers and contractors (if they are already known) as their ideas often differ. MediaCityUK project is focused on sustainability during the whole project life cycle therefore when specifying an architectural and technical solution it is important to take into consideration mainly following issues:

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