The Safety Training Arrangement Facilities And Documentation Construction Essay

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This company are provided the comprehensive training to all staff. Based on the information given this company are have their own training arrangement that are first is have training achievements and training requirements that must be listed within the company's main training matrix. This were for identification of appropriate HSE training, provision of appropriate HSE training for employees at all levels and Competency of employees for performing specific HSE critical activities and tasks. These requirements are for increasingly sufficiently trained and competent personnel resources that should apply on the FOI operations also the activities. This is also not only by FOI but also by the third parties that are associated with the company activities. Then this will encourage employee to participate in the development, improvement and review on induction and HSE training programmes. The reason is the procedure, HSE training needs matrix and HSE training plan must be frequently reviewed and match for the regular basis that are reflect the skill and knowledge that required on specified training.

Besides, the FOI also provided emergency training and drills to all employees, including the sub-contractors working on site, on a regular basis. This requirement because to ensure the employee are well informed and know how to respond effectively to an emergency situation. For this arrangement the Emergency Response Team (ERT) has be established to be more efficient and effectively the safety training in organization. This situation the team must should identify what are relevant natures and scale that is potential emergency situations will be happen.

Next this arrangement of safety training must also including the management view. The main purpose management view is a part of safety training arrangement that is to provide the guideline or procedure of the process in conducting the HSE training. This procedure applies to all activities in FOI related to its HSE management system and the people who are responsible in this management view is General Manager by the chair and the Management Representative (MR) is responsible to record the minutes of the management review. These management reviews will be carried out at least once a year by the senior management and key staff members of the company. While in the meeting there have a several important part that must be reviewed that is activities arising from the previous meeting, suitability of the HSE management in meeting business needs, HSE Policy and objectives, Internal & external audit results and status of corrective actions, Resource allocation and training requirements and Accident statistics.

Other than the review part of the upstairs, the organisations performance also must be review to know whether the HSE objectives have has been achieved or not, and the also needed to be reformulate a strategy to improve the performance. For improving the preventative, improvement action and the effectiveness the organization must to do some actions to review that where are the areas must be reorganized. The findings from the review have two types that are internal and external audit. These findings must be reviewed to discuss about the implementation corrective actions and the time to implement it. The place that is in charge there review is management of change system and procedure. This is to ensure that all temporary and permanent changes are evaluated and managed to keep HSE risks at s low as reasonably possible (ALARP). This procedure are be develop and maintained for planning, controlling and managing changes for all person that have possible to get the risk of hazard that called "neighbour". The changes that may be HSE critical reviewed is just not an implementation but also the HSE performance. The deep information about the hazard is determined by the authorization system and the check list has be develop to ensured the HSE impact are identified and appropriate in term of structure, platforms, pipe work and others. These assessment controls are applied in three categories that are activities to prevent pollution and accidents, daily management activities and strategies management activities.

Finally must all the information and reporting must be documented that were including the documented procedures and work instructions, specified operating criteria and established and maintained the procedure. For example in this company have the HSE Training. This training was being implementing to increase the employee awareness about the risks that are associated in a workplace. The employee in FOI has been provided with the appropriate training when it is required and relevant to employee job functions. For FOI the safety training should provide the workers with the knowledge, skills and right attitudes to enable them to work safely. This is the responsibility by the CEO Directors, managers and Head of Department/Human Resources Managers to ensure that all employees have received the necessary training and that all training is appropriately documented. Have several courses that the FOI implement to the employee, one of this is a Mandatory Training. This safety training is recover under the mandatory requirements for Ship Repair Manager, Workplace Safety and Health Officer (WSHO), Safety Supervisor, Safety Coordinator, Safety' Assessor, Safety Auditor, Scaffolding Supervisor, Scaffolding Erector, Fire Safety Manager and other occupations. The following table is some of lists of the courses that are required for various appointments:



Fire Watchman

Fire Watchman Course

Welder, Burner, Gouger,

Pipe Worker, Steelworker

Shipyard Safety Instruction Course (SSIC) - General Trade and SSIC - Hot Work Trade

This training will evaluate the employee's awareness and competence. This training module shall include but not limited to the several subjects that are for example. Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic hazards, Methods of control, isolating, or disconnecting the hazards and Review of Lock out/ Tag out process. This all are related to the Personnel, however shall be trained on the Lock out/ tag out awareness during orientation shall cover the following subjects, the training shall include but not limited to Processes, Familiarity of devices or equipment and Safety Precautions (DO's and DON'Ts). All authorised and Related Personnel who attended the training as specified in section 6.5.2 and 6.5.3 will be presented with a Lock out/ Tag out Certificate upon completion of the training. The Lock out/ Tag out procedure shall be reviewed annually by the Safety Officer to make it up-to-date and to ensure its effectiveness. Any offense to the Lock out/ Tag out procedure which may cause on accident shall not be tolerated and may a result to disciplinary action.

This company has also provided a lot of facilities in the workplace. The environment of this company has provide the facilities including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interrelation.

For the documentation is has a lot of the documentation and all the documentation in this company for HSE MS is manual registered accordingly. This was including register of report, documentation. For control of the documentation is all the documents, contents are controlled and revisions issued by the HSE MS manager as per company procedure. Have some of the work procedure for the documentation in this company, first is review and approval. All HSE documents must be reviewed and approved by the general manager prior to use. For external documents such as regulations, legislations etc will be adopted. Document control all HSE MS documents must bear a document number, revision level and effective date with the name of the person who approves the documents and all HSE Management system documents are controlled with a stamp "Controlled Document" on the first page of the document with the exception of the master copy which is kept by the MR. HSE related documents. When there is a revision to external standards, legislations and regulations, arrangements will be made to purchase the latest revision where required. Distribution Control For general use, one controlled copy of the HSE Manual will be issued. When there is a revision of the HSE Manual and Procedures, the MR will update the controlled copy with the latest revision and have the previous version deleted.

For the obsolete document "superseded" would refer to obsolete documents and where possible, it will be filed separately from the active copy. Document change control for any change to the document has to be first reviewed by the manager and then approved by the general manager. A new revision will be assigned to the document incorporating all the proposed changes. All records of will be maintained in accordance with the Records Control Procedure FOI-HSE-MS-P-02-9. When there is a revision to the external standards, legislations and regulations, arrangements will be made to purchase the latest revision. In term of safety, for example is the incident and accident reporting. HSE incidents and injuries are preventable that are key principle of safe operations. All the accidents, incident near misses, property damages and else shall be investigated, documented and follow up the action shall be taken.