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The Cinnamon Grand is privately owend large hotel chain in the UK. Subsequently, the hotel management board is experienced at renovation of building. In August 2012, your are agreed to reconstruct the destroyed building to create a vibrant and attractive environment that can be enjoy by all.The client's policy on architectural significance and aesthetics of the building.The cilient's have to invest a great deal of time, you have decided to obtain finance from a commercial bank which is estimated at £120 million.

You don't have an in-house executive but you are more experienced,and able to devote sufficient time to the reconstruction of you will not be actively involved in design and construction.

Analysis of project requirements;

These can best be dealt with in terms of how do you have describes the requirements for the good construction planning,safety, environmental and health considerations especially the welfare and comfort of customers during the progress of work you wants the hotel operations to be un disturbed especially during the phase the contractor proposes to achieve them; the pricing mechanism; and the roles and responsibilities within the process. This changes some of the basic assumptions about the roles required on construction projects, and the consequences of this are discussed later. Some demolition of unsound structure and re building, the complexities of phase 2 works are involving conference and meeting rooms require high technology multimedia facilities with air conditioning,etc.

Constructio project need to operation to be in 2 phase,Phase 1 is critical phase .It is you planned start date on site is 1st March 2014 and complete before 28th Feb 2015 in time for opening on 1st April 2015.Their phase 2 work to be carried out while the hotel is operation ,according to contract to allow for phase 1 completion

There are need to choose the one of the following procurement method.

Traditional (2) Design and build (3) Management contracting (4)Construction Management.

Design and build procurement route

There are some essential features unique to design and build contracts The first of the essential features of a design and build contract is that the employer approaches a contactor with a set of requirements defining what the you wants. The contractor responds with proposals, which will include production as well as design work. These proposals will include the contract price, as well as the manner in which it has been calculated. You may also choose to appoint consultants in order to monitor the various aspects of the work, but this is not always the case, and they would not have a contractual role in the way that they would under general contracting

.One of the most significant features of design and build arrangements is the lack of an independent certification role in the contract. There is no architect or contract administrator to settle differences between the parties and there is no independent quantity surveyor responsible for preparing the basis upon which contractors tender. The benefits that any form of fast-track construction will give.The benefit of fast tracking is that the overall construction process can be speeded up by not delaying construction until the whole of the design is completed. Will give rise to problems from the need to revise early design decisions, as the design is refined.Work may have to be undone before further progress can be made. In extreme cases, this can lead to fast tracking taking even longer to complete than a traditional method. Objective criteria that can be measured, there is nothing in design and build to compromise this either than , the traditional method of procurement


. The contractual relationships design and build offer some advantages over other methods of construction procurement. The most important advantage, as clearly,It is that the contractor is responsible for everything. This 'single-point' responsibility is very attractive to clients, particularly those who may not be interested in trying to distinguish the difference between a design fault and a workmanship fault. This single point responsibility also means that the contractor is not relying on other firms. Cost certainty for you will be one of the advantages of design and build. It is a fixed price contract.Fluctuations clauses apply.The cost certainty, design and build is not necessarily cheap. Single point responsibility and fixed price contracts mean that the contractor carries more of the risk than a general contractor would.

Design and build offers many different combinations of priorities. A client whose highest priority is aesthetic quality can appoint a design and build contractor with a reputation for architectural merit.A client whose highest priority is speed or money should appoint a design and build contractor with a record of success in hitting such targets. Clearly, there are numerous ways of configuring the priorities for a project, and the client should make explicit decisions about these before inviting contractors to respond with their proposals. It is essential that the client takes and opportunity to look at previous work by the contractor.

One of the strengths of design and build is that the contractor's proposals will include design solutions to problems posed in the employer's requirements. Here contractors are competing not only on price but also on any criteria the client thinks important.

Clearly, the element of competition is far more flexible in design and build than in traditional arrangements.

A disadvantage of design and build

Is that employer's requirements must be very clear and unambiguous. Also, they should not be subject to change during the project. This is not such a problem in general contracting because the brief can be developed alongside feasibility studies and sketch schemes. Design and build may be more expensive than traditional general contracting. On a high-risk project it may be inappropriate to pass too much risk over to the contractor, so other forms of procurement should be considered.

While this does not mean that design and build is unsuitable, it is likely that in such circumstances the use of other forms of procurement will be favoured. This is because of the more comprehensive pre-contractual documentation that may be required by the client with a technically complex project.


Again, single point responsibility means that the contractor is responsible for ensuring that the project is completed on time.Dealing with extensions of time. These provisions are substantially the same as those for JCT SBC 05, the difference being that in DB 05 it is the You can decides what extension is to be granted, there being no contract administrator or architect to exercise this function.

Relating to extensions of time are there to protect the employer's right to deduct liquidated damages. Extensions of time are not solely in quality is not compromised simply by using the design and build form of procurement. The fact that design and build allows such people to join together and product buildings may be seen by some as a disadvantage.

Objective criteria that can be measured, there is nothing in design and build to compromise this either

Traditional procurement method

Thw traditional procurement route is sequential and much of the work in the field of study known as 'buildability'The employer when dealing with the contractor. It is often the case that employers who are more experienced in traditional general contracting will set up their own project team, with a counterpart for each of the professional advisors in the contractor's project team.Like much of the criticism of design and build, it is based upon institutionalized ideas about roles and responsibilities and thus suffers from the same weakness as all stereotyping. It should be noted, the traditional procurement is general contracting, has evolved as a response in many ways to the lack of trust endemic in the construction industry.

It is need for the design to be largely complete before appointing the contractor.The contractor should to reveal a competitive advange flpowing from the contruction method of preparation their purpose price during tendering.although provisional sums can be use for small parts of the design. The Clients of general contracting like the feeling of control the high degree of documentation gives them.


The traditional procurement method is client retains direct contractual relation with consultants and main contractor is on work together.It is control the over design process and quality of work manship for consultants. The client will cost certainty at point of appointing the contractor what he doing.


The design must be fully developed before tender procure completed.that is will be longer timescale need to do.the traditional method is low risk for contractors.The clients must have the resourse and expertise to administer the contracts of design team and main contractor has not involved in the design procress.


In terms of choosing the procurement method, it is essential to appreciate that design and build does not mean poor quality. It is a method to be sued where the project is one for which it makes sense to combine responsibility for design with responsibility for fabrication. The types of project for which design and build contracts are suitable are those where the contractor's responsibility for design extends over the whole project, whether the design is partially completed by others or not.

There are opportunities to overlap the design and construction processes and thus to make an early start on site. This may be attractive to those clients, particularly in the public sector, you need to start spending their budget within a short time of the money being allocated. For such clients the appeal of an early start on site is that they can spend some of the budget before the money is withdrawn in favour of departments with more urgent needs. Therefore, while design and build clients may be very sophisticated, it is equally likely that you may not be. Because of this, unlike some other forms of procurement, the choice about whether or not to use design and build does not depend upon the client's familiarity with construction.