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In todays society, any things are inseparable from the corresponding management. Management principles of people management activities to achieve organizational goals. In dealing with personnel, capital, materials, information, need to follow the basic elements and their standard of management. Management is very important in every part. For example : If the enterprise has a good management system, it will have great help to the enterprise. Enterprise management can enhance the operational efficiency of the enterprise; can make the enterprise have a clear development direction; can make every employee give full play to their potential; can better set up the enterprise image; Final purpose is to improve the economic benefit of enterprise.

1.2 Material Management :

Material management is the building materials planning, supply and use of the floorboard of management work.Building materials constitute the building product entity. Material costs typically account for 60 to 70 percent of the cost of the construction work. Reasonable organization building materials planning, supply and use, and ensuring the construction materials from production enterprise according to the variety, quantity, quality, time limit into the construction site, reduce the circulation link, prevent the backlog of waste, to shorten the construction time limit for a project and accelerate the construction speed and reducing project cost has important significance. Material management, including the choice of material resources, the origin of investigation materials, the analysis of material flows, material demand forecast, prepare material plan, check the material implementation of the plan, to ensure the supply of materials and conservation use.

2.0 Literature review on material management

Material management center task is to check and ensure approach construction quality of materials, safekeeping approach of the material, strict, reasonable use of all kinds of materials, reduce consumption, to ensure the realization of the management objectives.

2.1 Pre-construction preparation work

This is the beginning of the on-site materials management, and to create a favorable environment and provide the necessary conditions for materials management.Its main contents are as follows :

(1) to understand the progress of the project requirements, to master the required quantity and quality requirements of the various types of materials.

(2) understand the material supply.

(3) determine the material management goals, signed a supply contract with the supply department.

(4) prepare the site material layout planning.

(5) Provide for a space, warehouses, roads and other facilities, and related tasks to prepare.

2.2 The organization and management of the construction

This is the implementation phase of the on-site materials management and management objectives, the following main content :

(1) reasonable arrangements for materials approach, well site material acceptance.

(2) to fulfill supply contracts to ensure that the construction needs.

(3) to grasp the changes in the construction schedule, timely adjustment of the material supporting the supply plan.

(4) enhance on-site materials custody, reduce losses and waste, to prevent the loss.

(5) tissue material with reasonable use.

2.3 Construction closeout phase

Construction is about to end, the main content of the site management work :

(1) According to the finishing works, clean up the material with.

(2) Organization of the excess material with refunding.

(3) removal of temporary equipment in a timely manner.

(4) good recovery and utilization of waste materials.

(5) the material balance, and summarize the level of material consumption and effective management of the construction project.

Above part is construction site material management system, if each project according to such steps to construction, building engineering will be more perfect.

2.4 Material use and out of the warehouse system

The use of any material must be carried out material requisitioned procedures, material administrator shall not without the material procedure cases issuing of materials

(1) The release of the material shall follow the FIFO principle.

The corresponding engineering materials required by the on-site construction workers responsible for the collection. The material receiving perform quota picking system construction workers do a good job with the material administrator the progress of the project should be part of the project materials usage statistics. The amount of the budget more than the number of actual use of the sub-project should be promptly reported to the project manager and the head office.

(3) Receive the materials need to be handled with curators picking procedures: apply to the curators to collect materials under date of engineering material picking curators issued the corresponding material storehouse, the two sides in the storehouse signed.

(4) Custodians need good material ledger Nissin statement, do conforms to the account book, always grasp the inventory; carefully check the amount of material in various projects, and the number of various materials in a timely manner on the current inventory supply information, in order to quickly purchase the supplement does not affect the progress of the project.

2.5 Material return system

(1) In the completion of the project 70% shall strictly control material purchases and issuing, and timely statistics a warehouse stock material status and must purchase material list and number, delivers the company concerned personnel. In order to avoid too much surplus material, and then save the company capital input and waste.

(2) Respond to the material of the construction site at the end of the company projects to inventory and supervise the the timely construction team go through the restitution procedures. Avoid individual construction workers at the end of the construction muddy the waters, so as to prevent the loss of material at the end of the project.

Material handling restitution should fill material returns a single, detailed lists the name and number of the remaining material. After counting the same material personnel to handle the procedures for the handover of the material stored in the company warehouse. Thus the company warehouse materials is done at a glance, in order to achieve adequate and reasonable use of the stock material in the construction project warranty period and the next.

2.6 Objectives of materials management :

Construction site material management purpose is: material management and schedule control, cost control and quality control restrict each other, complement each other. For better use the resource, saving expenses, reduce waste. In order to achieve all these goals, it is necessary to establish an effective management system, at the same time need to establish good coordination of materials management departments, the department should have good coordination with each other and with other departments. Construction engineering projects of building materials of the project cost 60 ~ 70%, reasonably organization building materials planning, supply and use, and ensuring the construction materials from production enterprise according to the variety, quantity, quality, time limit into the construction site, reduce the circulation link, prevent the backlog of waste, to shorten the construction time limit for a project and accelerate the construction speed and reducing project cost has important significance. A good material management system, can let you reasonable control cost and improve the project profit.

2.7 Functions of material management :

In the increasingly fierce market competition, as a independent economic entity of construction engineering construction enterprises to survive and development, they must try to improve the economic benefit of enterprise. Improve the economic benefits of the enterprises is by many factors, its important condition is one of strengthening the management of engineering materials. Only when we do well in the material management, it will be possible to do engineering of low cost, good quality and high efficiency. This is the engineering construction to strengthen the management of materials in importance. A period of time since the main problems in materials management, building construction, the reason why some of the works the high cost, poor quality, low efficiency in addition to the removal of a number of reasons, materials management, lax, poor is one of the important reasons.

Material management in construction process is particularly important, it directly related to construction enterprise's profit. Construction of the production process, and also the process of material consumption, material elements of the maximum magnitude of value of production factors. Therefore, strengthen the management of the material is the objective requirements of architectural production. As the production of technical and economic characteristics of the building, so that the material supply management of construction enterprises have a certain degree of particularity and complexity, mainly: diversification of supply, variability, and the consumption of non-uniformity, bring seasonal reserves and supply problems, and by the mode of transport and transport links and to contain. The reinforcing materials management is an important part of improving various technical and economic indicators and to improve economic efficiency. The materials management level, can directly affect the economic interests of the enterprise. Therefore, the organization and management of materials directly affects the production, technical, financial, labor, transportation and other activities. Plays an important role in the companies to complete production tasks to meet the needs of the community and to increase corporate profits.

2.8 The problems in material management :

Material management personnel quality is not high, the management level is low, not in accordance with the rules and regulations to handle affairs, not even familiar with the operation process.

Material management departments to provide information can not meet the new market environment management on information demand, difficult to adapt to the market changes in external environment. The first is due to the management system and other reasons, the current material management department in engineering bidding activities can not provide effective information project unit price analysis, resulting in after winning the bid in the process of engineering construction material price and bidding survey of material price difference is bigger, give a engineering project management bring adverse influence; The second is in the project after winning the bid, before construction not ready to project material cost forecast, there are no deal with building materials prices risk measures; The third is the material cost accounting, analysis work is weak, make material management work in the process of information lag, resulting in the loss of current assets, to the detriment of management decision-making, financial arrangements.

Material procurement not material budget or there are budget but too hasty. Did not sign the purchase contract or contract is optional. Acceptance of materials control is no strict . To turnover materials and low-valued consumables will be the disposable and they are no longer management. Material personnel gets serious waste materials even sell privately.

Material storage in do not pay attention to the fire prevention and guard against theft, moistureproof security. Materials will be piled up messy, and there were no obvious identification card, mark, etc. No statistical materials.

To neglect the engineering subcontracting services team material use management, cause the project flow fund waste and project assets loss, even will improve the engineering cost. There is no vaccine for disciplines, subproject make material consumption quota.

Solutions :

Strengthen the training, improve material management personnel quality.

Strengthen the information management of engineering materials.

Control material purchasing cost.

Do material custody work.

Pay attention to material cost accounting analysis.

2.9 Material storage and maintenance

1.According to the warehouse material characteristics and properties of reasonable storage and preservation, achieves the quality and quantity assurance, the safety.

2.Reasonable put. To different varieties, specifications, quality, grade materials are separated, according to the order put, so that fifo.

3.Material put need to tidy, afraid of damp items to cover underlying, pay attention to fire prevention, moistureproof, prevent wet, combustible material to store alone, all material to clear identification, do well the environmental health, often kept clean.

4.For temperature and humidity demanding materials, well temperature, humidity adjusting and controlling work, high temperature season to cooling purposes; Plum rains season should be moistureproof, mouldproof, Cold season to freeze insulation.

5.Often should check, keep track of and find materials metamorphism, and actively take remedial measures.

6.For mechanical equipment, accessories regular oil or seal processing, avoid the grease dry off cause performance affected.

3.0 Comment and evaluate the existing site layout relation to

the positioning of the material on the construction site

Construction site materials not only have management system and also have material requirements placed. According to the construction site materials requirements are as follows:

1.Construction materials piled up shall, according to the dosage size, use time length, supply and traffic condition determined dosageï¼â€ºuse for a long time, supply convenient transportation, it shall by instalments approach, in order to reduce yard and warehouse area;

2.Construction site all kinds of tools, components, materials piling must be placed in accordance with the overall plan prescribed position;

3.Position should select appropriate, easy to transport and handling, minimize secondary transportation;

4. The high hypsography, solid, flat, have drainage measures, in compliance to safety, fire requirements;

5. Should be stacked according to the varieties, specifications, and set up the obvious signs to indicate the name, specification and origin;

6. Various material items must be stacked neatly.

7. Construction site smoking should be banned to prevent danger, fixed at a smoking room or smoking, smoking room should be kept away from the danger zone and set up the necessary fire-fighting equipment should be set according to the project situation.

Now, we have the existing site layout in the Almatab Sdn.Bhd. According to the requirement, the existing site layout is unreasonable. From the existing site layout, we can see construction material put is very chaotic, no organized. I think this layout has 5 aspects is unreasonable.

1. Construction materials placed unreasonable.

2. Construction tools and equipment placed unreasonable.

3. Construction site idle place too much, should be reasonable use of it.

4. Lack of construction site office, canteen, lounge.

5. Construction site need to set up the fire protection equipment.

4.0 Identify possible problems that may face by site manager relating to the materials management on the site

From the existing site layout we can see, the materials management is unreasonable. The existence of these problems has many reasons. If we are not in time to solve these problems, the construction will appear a mess. For example, materials piled up confusion, there will be have safety problem, also can affect peripheral environment. So the main task is to solve the material piled up problem.

The materials management have this problems, the main reason is the negligence of managers, as a new managers need to learn how to deal with any problems in the construction site. So, as a manager, should according to the following method to management:

1, Familiar with the norms, constitution, laws and regulations;

2, Familiar with the program, process, progress of the project;

3, Master the project each person in charge of key trades personnel;

4, For daily inspections focused adhere to;

5, There are a strong discovery of the ability to deal with the problem of problems with coordination;

6, There is a certain authority, able to independently deal with some common problems。

If managers in accordance with the above rules to management, construction site won't appear the phenomenon of chaos, will be very orderly. If as a new manager, all aspects must to learn .

5.0 Proposed new site layout to improve the existing site layout

The existing site layout is unreasonable. So, we will design a new site layout. The new site layout will be better than the existing site layout. So I think that need to improve the several aspects:

First of all, the construction site should be set fixed site entrance and site exit.

Construction site must put up a corresponding signs, such as site-oriented brand, meeting rooms, safety warning sign.

Construction site must have canteen, in order to consider safety and clean, the canteen is located in the entrance.

In order to all aspects of security, construction site need to have fire equipment, so the fire protection equipment in next to the canteen.

5. Construction site needs a lounge and meeting rooms, it is located in the place of site exit,like this is advantageous to the constructor is convenient.

6. Waste materials can't with other materials mixed together, so the waste material separate treatment.

7. Concrete batching plant, Reinforcement and materials need to put together; like this, can help the construction work.

Every construction site need to have a room to store building materials, so it is set in another side, so it does not hinder the work.

The construction site is not frequently used machinery and equipment, also need to be on the other side.

Every materials piled up places need to have temporary road.

All in all, the material put is very important, need to consider all aspects. For example, the wood stacked classification by the use of parts of each other, stacking height shall not exceed 2 meters. Steel piled in strict accordance with the types and specifications, the origin classification stacked, good rain, waterproof, moisture-proof work. So, materials piled up is also a science, materials piled up reasonable will have many benefits; The important thing is help to speed up the building. As a new site managers, construction site managers have the global consciousness, for each construction process will know fairly well, the task of this arrangement won't feel chaos. In addition to have a complete comprehensive construction plan, and to carry out, this is the most important, no plan work can be said to be aimless. Finally, to regulate the relationship between the various construction sectors, coordination of construction management.

5.1 New site layout :






Fire Equipment


Double Storey Terrace


Semi --- detached houses


Concrete Batching Plant



Meeting Room



Waste Materials

6.0 Suggestion that will give strong impact on the material management process in the future based on the case study

At present, there are many buildings, construction site material management is an important part of each project. In order to strengthen the management of the construction site materials, I put forward the following suggestions:

1. With the designer of the materials needed to determine brand, material, specifications, and carefully measure the number of required materials, organize the material supply business,

About the category of purchase order, must will quantity, brand, specifications, origin, etc are clearly marked, size, material, templates, etc must be once in place, in order to avoid material order discrepancy, and then influence the project progress;

3. According to the actual situation and progress situation, reasonable arrangement of the material approach, on the material do approach acceptance, check sampling, and inspection to contractor, design units, classification;

4. According to the construction organization layout designated position classification piled up in different site,

5. For scene material, clear inspection and registering disseminate their material storehouse, in strict accordance with the construction schedule, and the need to track the issuing of materials, to avoid the material is lost or wasted;

6. About the material inventory, warehouse keeper must be collated in inventory, and pay attention to the classification of various materials stacked, flammable, moisture-proof material protection products are required to take.

At the scene management,construction enterprises should proceed from the actual work environment situation and develop a series of practical rules and regulations to regulate behavior. With the guarantee the quality of the construction system, and "even more stringent requirements in order to achieve, to do a good job civilized construction environment clean, stockpiling orderly and clean sound equipment, security facilities, smooth road formation, standard sound system, strict labor discipline construction orderly " target.

In others, need to improve construction site safety management. In the work before, safety should be put in the first place. The main problem of the construction site on fire safety, prohibit indiscriminate lap wire, wear a helmet, scaffold erection, seat belt problem, need to set up a special security team to control, and more training to learn and take preventive measures.

7.0 Conclusion

All in all, the management of the construction site is a complex task, the good preparedness at any time, all aspects should be prepared, on time and in accordance with the standardized management to complete the construction task. Material management of the construction site, as long as the items required for various types of materials, from entering the construction site to construction the end of the whole process up to clean up the site materials management are the scope of the management of the construction site materials. Enhance the project's materials management, to improve the level of project management, resource allocation optimization project, actively adopt new materials management mechanism, and to obtain the lowest cost of consumption through a small amount of capital investment, to form the best materials management philosophy to improve project management effectiveness and profitability. Through the study of construction site material management, we can learn the construction site management system and how to management of the construction site materials.