The Most Effective Fire Stop Systems used in the Modern Day Construction Industry


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Chapter 1:

  1. Introduction

Building construction is an ancient human activity. It began with the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate. Constructed shelters were one means by which human beings were able to adapt themselves to a wide variety of climates and become a global species.

Human shelters were at first very simple and perhaps lasted only a few days or months. Over time, however, even temporary structures evolved into such highly refined forms as the igloo. Gradually more durable structures began to was developing day by day, as a result of the developing of this field, fire protection also combined to the construction industry. Now a days it is a very important part of the construction.

What is the fire.

Fire is the noticeable effect of the procedure ofcombustion. its a special type ofchemical reaction. The fire occurs between oxygen, air and some sort of fuel.

C:\Users\FSIME\Desktop\The-fire-triangle_full_size_landscape.jpgThe fuel should be heated to its ignitiontemperaturefor burning to take place. The reaction will remain as long as there is sufficientheat.

Fire protection is an everyday should be in action. The fire force should be implemented in factories, public places, transportation, construction sites, living areas,. Education on fire and regular fire drills are also major compliance issues.

Why I selected This Topic As my dissertation

Construction industry is one of the larges industry in the world, its is having a wide range of activities, such as Housing, Commercial, Official, Industrial, , act...Even in those main activities can be separate in to small activities - Interior, architectural, plumbing mechanical, electrical, etc..Most of the professions related constructions fields are not covering all the activities mentioned about; they may cover few activities but not all, any how to find good topic among this activities is easy, but collecting a data and learning about related subject is not easy,

When I finding a data source to my research. I had some sound knowledge about fire stop, Then i choose my topic associated fire stop and as a quantity surveyor in the fire protection industry this research will help for my carrier in future, and will help full to some one who is going to study about the fire stop and will learn more about fire stop,


Aim of this research is to develop of the knowledge and strengthen the fire stop systems and how its effect to the cost of the projects in the construction industry of Dubai all along support to clients and consultants and the contractors in the process of selecting a suitable way and find better solution which is suitable for the situation before the project cost may over come.


What does Fire Protection mean?

Taken to avoid fire from becoming harsh, decrease the impact of the fire and keep lives and property safely. It involves the completion of safety development practices, and also improve knowledge of the fire, safety planning, investigation, , building construction, training and testing of mitigating systems.

In the building fire protection, there are 2 explicit forms,

ï‚· Active fire protection

ï‚· Passive fire protection

Active Fire Protection

manual or automatic detection of fire, the make use of fire and smoke alarms,first aid.

The overall aspire of active systems is to extinguish the fire by:

  • Alerting emergency services at an early stage of the fire
  • Control of smoke and fire
  • Suppress and/ be malnourished the fire of oxygen and fuel

Passive fire protection (PFP)

Passive Fire Protection: Design of building and infrastructures, use of fire resistance material in construction, effort to sluggish the increase or contain fires in buildings through fire-resistant windows, fire resistant doors, and fire resistant walls. Passive fire protection systems are planned to contain the outburst of a fire and protect the residue of the building.

  • Utilize of fire rated partition walls and doors to avoid the fire and smoke from moving from one section to another section
  • Delaying the collapse of the building structure
  • Delaying the increase of the fire

Which materials are using in passive fire protection systems.?

  • Fire rated sealant (for the joints and penetrations)
  • Fire rated walls
  • Fire rated ceilings
  • Fire rated boards
  • Fire doors
  • Fire dampers
  • Fire rated pillows
  • Fire rated collars for the plastic pipes
  • Fire rated paints
  • This fire rated products are not staying alone- as a example

Common example for the passive fire protection.


In this research basically I’m going to discuss about the passive fire protection systems(PFP) and materials use in modern day construction industry and how influence to cost of the on going project.

Design stage

Now a days Every construction projects are using this fire protection systems to protect their property and to safety of the life. the design team(fire protection engineers, architecturers) will get the responsibility to design the fire protection systems and fire protection drawings according to the main drawings.when they going to design that, they have to consider lot of things.

  • Type of the building
  • Size of the building
  • Weather condition of the area
  • For what they are going to do in this building
  • Cost of the project
  • Suitable fire protection methods
  • Client requirements etc..

In general, engineering design and consulting services they are conduct in three main phases: concept development, system design, and construction. Each of these 3 sections has many subparts that advantage from the contribution of fire protection engineers. Each of these 3 section will be part of any design, whether it is a full building design with many team members or a stand-alone retrofit project pertaining solely to a fire protection or life safety system.

How it’s effect to the cost of the project

Fire stop material and systems are specially design for avoid the spread of the fire and that materials are expensive in the present market.

As a example:

fire resisting doors are design to resist the spread of the fire and product of combustion through walls or along corridors containing escape or access routes. This special door sets are tested and installed in conjunction with specified door frames and door hardware. so this kind of fire protection items are high expensive than normal doors.

Furthermore: if any change of the drawings (revision drawings) in the post contract period unexpected cost overruns can occur, because even one small item can be effect to big amount of project value.

Fire protection designers consider the overall concept, design and style according to floor plans, spaces and elements.

However, mainly of projects the cost and design properties are controlled individually. And the cost changes are not incorporated in the decision-making in process. It is essential to consider the cost for interior design items before making decisions on it

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