The Knowledge And Experience Property Manager Construction Essay


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Building maintenance is very important to ensure that buildings are always in good condition. Building maintenance should follow the proper ways and this because it happened to prevent difficulties when building maintenance occurs. Efficient building maintenance is the most be emphasized aspect. This because efficiency in building maintenance will ensure the quality of the work done. to ensuring efficient in Building Maintenance Practice, must Planned preventive maintenance. Planned preventive maintenance can often help maintenance work becomes easier and quality. in addition, to ensuring efficient in Building Maintenance Practice, requires property manager that has wide knowledge and experience in the areas of building management. This because property manager that has wide knowledge and experience can help building maintenance work to be more efficiency and better quality. to ensuring efficient in Practice Building Maintenance, management must provide maintenance checklist. This will not only help facilitate the work, but it can make the work more systematic, efficient and quality services. Therefore, to ensuring efficient in Building Maintenance Practice should always Planned preventive maintenance, property manager must have a wide knowledge and experience and also the management needs to provide a checklist for building maintenance


Maintenance building is doing repair work on the building in case of damage and building maintenance also to ensure that building always be maintained in good situation either physically or mechanically. Building maintenance is a combination of the technical aspects of building and it also relates to the administration of the building to ensure the building is always in good condition and can be applied as require. (Allen, 1993). Building maintenance is the keeping, holding, sustaining or preserving of a building and its services at an acceptable standard to enable its function. (Brett, 1997).

What we already know, building maintenance is very important in the management of a building. This is because with the best building maintenance will be able to lengthen the life of a building, and It can also enhance the value of the building. Not only that, the best building maintenance, can reflect the image management and thus can enhance the popularity the name of the management in this field. The best building maintenance is to have a maintenance plan long-term and short-term and with this planning, it could facilitate the maintenance work and it is also able to reduce maintenance costs.(Allen, 1993).

Efficiency in any occupation is very important to ensure the quality of the work. Efficiency is to do certain things meticulously and prudence and concerned about quality in things that are done. efficiency are needed not only for the quality of work, but it also to effectiveness the work, thus helping to facilitate work done and may also reduce the cost on the work done.

Efficiency in building maintenance is something very seriously considered by all parties, especially the management of a building. What we already know, with availability of efficiency in performing building maintenance, it can ensure the quality of the maintenance, and thus avoiding major problems occur in the building. To ensure maintenance work is done as best as possible, management will appoint an out-source that has expertise in the required field.(Allen, 1993). Based on that fact, what we can piece, if there is damage on the elevator, we need to appoint out-source having expertise in the repair or maintenance elevator. Whatever happens, we need to appoint the person or firm that really have the expertise and we should not take a risk with an appointed person or firm that would have been contrary to the work done.

Ensuring efficiency in Building Maintenance Practice

Planned preventive maintenance

Planned Preventive maintenance is very important to ensure effective the Building maintenance practice. What we already know, preventive means doing the work to ensure the occurrence of damage to buildings. Preventive maintenance aims to maintain and preserve the physical building and thus helping to reduce the cost of corrective maintenance and usually, maintenance carried out on a set schedule and routine survey carried out will reveal that there are problems in the building before major repairs should be done. (Isma Haniza Fakhrudin, 2011). Depreciation on a building is also one of the things that should be avoided by the property manager. So, the best thing to prevent the occurrence of this depreciation is to plan preventive maintenance.

Deferred maintenance will lead to depreciation on buildings, and may result in the loss of the building. Depreciation is a terrible thing to be considered by the Property Manager and usually depreciation on buildings can be avoided if have a preventive maintenance plan and in case of depreciation, it still can be restored by doing corrective maintenance, and thus can increase the value of building.(Isma Haniza Fakhrudin, 2011).

What we already know, usually preventive maintenance helped facilitate major maintenance work, reducing costs and others. However, for planning preventive maintenance should be more prudence and orderly. This is because proper planning will be more likely to achieve what we want. Moreover, the preventive maintenance cost is usually cheaper and may be easier than major maintenance. Therefore, to ensure efficiency in Building Maintenance Practice need la Planned preventive maintenance more prudent and orderly while it also can prevent bigger problems occur.

Knowledge and experience Property Manager

Knowledge is very important in implementing whatever duties given. If do not have the knowledge, it may be difficult for a person to implement a task. For example, as a property manager must have a deep knowledge in the field of property management. Have knowledge that contrary to the work to be carried also lead to inefficiencies on the job. For example, an accountant not affords to be or do the work of a Property Manager. So, in order to ensuring effective in building maintenance practice, must have a deep knowledge of the building.

Knowledge is very important in the Building Maintenance Practice because it can help facilitate all the work done. Besides, with the knowledge that there are fewer mistakes, less surplus, quickly solve problems, make better decisions, improve the independence of staff, improve customer satisfaction, and better services provided and thus helps to keep up with competitors that have in this field. (Patrick S.W. Fong)

Much experience teaches a person to be more mature and more knowledgeable. Experience means any work or things that done before this. Bergmann (2002) defines experience as “valuable, stored, specific knowledge that was acquired by an agent in a previous problem-solving situationâ€Â. In ensuring efficiency in building maintenance practice, experience plays very important role. This is because, with the availability someone wealth of experience, the work should be done will be easier. Other words, a person with wide experience are those who have expertise in the field. In building maintenance, experience something that is very needed and this because with the availability of work experience, it not only helps the work becomes easier, but will be more effective and quality.

Experience and knowledge of things relate to each other. this because people who have knowledge but no experience, it does not have a significant impact in building maintenance and so are the people who are experienced but not knowledgeable. So, to ensure efficiency in the Building Maintenance Practice must have extensive knowledge and experience. With the knowledge and experience, is enough to help the work of building maintenance becomes more effective, efficient and quality. when having knowledge and experience of maintenance, a lot of things already known and among the following is the response time, the type of repair work, the performance of different materials and techniques from time to time, the contractor and supplier details, cost data, the performance of contractors and maintenance technology and other materials and also, on the issues of health and safety during maintenance work done and etc. (Patrick S.W. Fong). With the wide knowledge and experience, all things in the building maintenance can be carried out and controlled properly, thus helping to ensuring efficiency in Building Maintenance Practice.


To ensuring efficiency in the Building Maintenance Practice, the checklist is one thing that should be incorporated in maintenance management. Checklist is a list of things to be done by maintenance management whether on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Other words, the checklist is to remind the management of maintenance work done followed maintenance schedule. With the checklist, it is able to reduce errors in the performance of maintenance work while also help reduce costs during maintenance work done. When looking at the checklist, many people think it is not very important, but to ensure efficiency in Building Maintenance Practice, checklists are very useful indeed. With the availability of this checklist, maintenance work becomes more organized and may be due to this checklist to be more effective and work quality.

Checklist is a document used to ensuring efficiency in Building Maintenance Practice and it is have things to do when Building Maintenance to work becomes more organized and quality. Checklist can be categorized as preventive maintenance as it lists the work to be done whether the minor and major maintenance. (2012). So, to ensuring efficiency in Building Maintenance Practice should provide proper checklist and also to ensure the maintenance work to be quality


As a conclusion, maintenance of buildings the most important thing for a building. This because to ensure the physical buildings are always in good condition and strong. Besides, building maintenance also to avoid depreciation on buildings. to prevent this problem occurs, management should ensure efficient in Building Maintenance Practice. So, in order to ensuring efficient in Building Maintenance Practice must Planned preventive maintenance, property manager must have knowledge and experience and also the management should prepare a checklist for building maintenance. In addition, these things need to be considered by the management to avoid problems such as depreciation of buildings and also to avoid huge damage to buildings.

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