The Inventory Control And Asset Management Construction Essay

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In this report it discuss on how to ensure the efficiency of the building maintenance. Regarding to this, there are several strategies or techniques to improve the maintenance work. Strategies or new techniques need to be set in order to improve the standards of the maintenance towards to the building and also to the equipment in the building. A good performance on the maintenance work may increase the value to the building and may expand the life or the used of the building itself.

The new discovered method such as by using new technology nowadays is a helpful especially in terms to make the maintenance management well-organized and well-function. While the jobs of the maintenance technicians become more crucial and lead them to work harder and gain more knowledge in order to improve the maintenance systems in the building.


Each of the building around the world needs to have a regular maintenance in order to maintain the appearance of the building so that it can last longer. Other than that, it can add the value of the building for the sake of investment.

But, the schedule maintenance is just not enough to maintain the building. This is because there are a few problems occur because of the maintenance work. There are reports that there were bad maintenance works done and it result a poor building performance. This is really a bad sign to the investor who wish to invest to that building.

In order to overcome this serious problem, an impressive maintenance management model should be design in order to ensure the efficiency of the building maintenance. The model should have the maintenance strategies for the building and it must be in line with the building objective or the building aim.

From BS 3811: 1984 defines maintenance as a combination of any actions carried out to retain an item in, or to restore it to an acceptable condition (Barrie Chanter, 2007). Barrie Chanter also said that, the above definition carry out two component keys of the maintenance which is not only action that relate to physical execution of maintenance work but concerned with its initiation, financing and organization and the another component is understanding the requirements for the effective usage of the building and its parts.

Good maintenance work should be done in each of the building especially to attract the investor to invest in that building. According to Faouzi Kamoun the good or best maintenance practice can be define as be precise and measurable, challenging but realistic and preferably provable and lastly they should specify time constraint.


Training and skills development.

Most of the maintenance issues are because of the skills of the maintenance team itself. If the maintenance team has good and excellent skills to do their work then it may give a successful in the building maintenance. But it is a vice versa if there a lacking in skills and knowledge about the maintenance work.

In order to have good maintenance technicians, the owner of the building should make a good selection during the hiring process. According to Faouzi Kamoun the new employee should have knowledge and skills and it can be determine by doing several test and practical training during the hiring process and by doing this it can close the gap between the required skills and the available skills.

Other than that, the maintenance technicians company or the owner of the building should send their worker or the maintenance technicians to the any training program that held by the other organizations. By doing this their technicians will be updated with the new knowledge and skills about the new maintenance work and new equipment for the maintenance work that need to required in the work field.

Managing contractor

The owner of the building can choose whether to have in house maintenance technicians or out-source maintenance technicians. If the owner have choose the out-source maintenance technicians to work on his building, he or she must ensure to look at the contractor or maintenance firm portfolio first before choosing any out-source maintenance firm.

By selecting out-source maintenance team, the owner of the building can save the use of the money on the training programs of the technicians. But, by choosing the out-source maintenance team also required a lot of cost especially during paying their work which their cost payment is much more expensive then the in-house maintenance team. So, the strong financial company or building can have the out-source maintenance team or contractors without any worries rather than the not so strong financial status company or building. Usually the contractor will send their application to be the contactor to the certain company or building after the notice of tender had been published in the newspaper or others. By then, all the potential contractor will send their application by submitted their best proposal. The contractor with the best proposal will win the bidder.

There are also out-source contractor who become a supplier to the certain building especially for those building who have the in-house maintenance team. The suppliers usually will supplier the maintenance equipment to the building. When opting the out-source provider, it is important to check whether the service provider has a proven track-record, backed by external referrals, has past experience in maintaining equipment on a global scale, has a strong financial profile and the resources and capabilities to perform secure remote monitoring and fulfill network availability service requirement ( Faouzi Kamoun, 2005).

Inventory control and asset management

Inventory control is needed especially when dealings with the equipment for maintenance purpose. It is suggested to have an extra component or spare-part for several equipment for the purpose of precaution from the break-down of the maintenance equipment. It is essential to establish a well-managed and thoroughly documented process to track the location of all spare units, allocate secure, ship and deploy spare equipment and speed up the order of spare equipment from suppliers when it is not locally available (Faouzi Kamoun, 2005).

For a batter inventory control nowadays, there a several building have using a computerized system in order to managed their asset. By using computerized system it can save energy and make the work easier to be done. By entering data into the computer system, the technicians can regularly check in the system if the spare-parts are still available or not. From that, the technicians can continuously make decision after checking the availability of the equipment. The inventory needs to make regularly so that, during the emergency time, all the spare-parts that need to be use are already available.

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

Nowadays, all work are done by using computer systems even to managed the maintenance work also can be done by using computerized system which is called as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). CMMS can help to optimizing work-order management, including enhanced planning, scheduling and cost control but it cannot help to resolve poor maintenance process (Faouzi Kamoun, 2005).

The CMMS only can reduce the work of the technicians in terms of the scheduling the work of maintenance and others but there are still need to be skill enough to do the maintenance work in the building.

Continuous improvement

In order to ensure the efficiency of the building maintenance, the maintenance manager or the facilities manager should always seek new developments or any other ways to improve their work quality. The easiest ways to make an improvement is by benchmarking the best other maintenance organization or company and adopt it into our own building. By doing this, it can help to improve the maintenance systems in the building and it can expand the life of the building itself.

Continues improvement of maintenance will be possible due to the utilization of emerging techniques and technologies which considered being of higher impact as a result of the previous steps of our management process (A. Crespo Marquez, P. Moreu de Leon, J.F. Gomez Fernandez, C. Parra Marquez & V. Gonzalez, 2009).

Nowadays, most of the maintenance company really looking forward to the new maintenance technology for the building maintenance. So, as a result each of the maintenance company will fight over to develop a new and best improvement in the maintenance system especially for the maintenance of the building.

Preventive maintenance

The cost to maintenance work or repair is more expansive rather than the cost to build a new structure or building. The small maintenance work is cheaper rather than the big scale of maintenance. So, because of that, the preventive maintenance should be carried out in order to prevent any damage in the building occurs. Preventive maintenance also can help to reduce the using of high cost of maintenance work.

The maintenance technicians should make preventive strategies in their maintenance management by make a regular check or inspection inside the building and all the surrounding area of the building. Now there are report that many international standards technical documents provides a wealth of information and recommendations concerning maintenance philosophy, concepts and methods which could be used into the organizational for the preventive maintenance program (Faouzi Kamoun, 2005).

The jobs of the maintenance technicians is just not to checks weather the building conditions is in good state or not but he or she need to make a logistic checks, diagnostic checks, safety checks and software backups (Faouzi Kamoun, 2005).

Logistic checks is more towards as an inspection on the building and all the component, equipments and others thoroughly while diagnostic checks is a preventive maintenance work which look for a any equipment failures. Safety checks is more looking forward on the safety of the workers when doing their maintenance work and also the safety of the building and the equipment to be used. Lastly, software backups are needed in order to prevent any lost of data in the computerized systems. All the works are recommended to be backup by document it or make an online backup or restore data.


In order to ensure the efficiency of the building maintenance, the manager of the building should make a strategic planning to make sure that their maintenance are truly functioning when maintains the building. So that, the life of the building could be expand and at the same time it will add a value to the building which will give a benefits to the investor who are invest to that building.

All the strategic point that been discuss may give a benefits to the manager of the building especially the facilities manager to enhance and improve their maintenance work. The jobs of the maintenance man are more crucial in order to save the life of the building.