The Educational Requirements Project Manager Construction Essay

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Construction boom never had it, the person who is part of the industry, know what can get great satisfaction, when a complete structure. In building the world-class structure has played a role, is any engineer will feel proud. The management of the construction project for modern management knowledge and understanding of design and construction process. Construction project managers need to success in the field of the organization, communication, and problem solving and time management skills. Familiar with different areas of construction, as well as federal, state, and local place of work safety and building regulations also is necessary. Construction project manager needed to deal with the construction project. . He may need to dealing with customers, to discuss their demands, and access to the new construction projects. This position requires coordinate the various external and internal customers and suppliers in order to complete the project success. . Project manager shall provide relevant tasks, to deal with the construction project period, as well as that they through the project supervision. It must have a complete knowledge of the various tools and equipment, in construction process, also of the construction materials and other information about the various construction activities, in order to deal with this position.

Job Description - Project Manager:

The project manager is responsible for the construction project. He or she hired and supervision and special trade engineering contractors. . Project manager can also be called construction management, construction management and construction foremen. Provide management oversight, and to ensure that all stages of construction projects, including the coordination of the workers, material and equipment specifications, work schedule and within budget.

Educational Requirements - Project Manager:

Now, many employers like the employer have to earn a bachelor's degree, scientific construction, construction management, and set up a scientific or civil engineering. Some employers also consider those with a degree in architecture or engineering with additional experience or coursework in accounting and business. Ability to work under pressure and coordinate numerous activities and groups of people who need to cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency.

Other Requirements

In addition to college degree and become a project managers need to work experience. This can be obtained through an internship, a co-op experience or through paying jobs in the industry. This can be through the practice, cooperatives experience, or through the pay of the industry. One must have good oral and written communications skills, strong interpersonal and decision-making skills, and the ability to multi-task. One must have good written and oral communication skills, strong interpersonal and decision making skills, the ability of the task. Since things don't always go as planned, a project manager must be being closely connected work well under pressure. Because things are not always as planned, the project manager must be able to work under pressure. Most of the construction project manager of the time is spent in and the boss and workers involved in the project. Individual communication skills are necessary for construction project manager. Most of the general contractor is self employed. It is important to have excellent negotiation, the enterprise management and marketing skills.

A Day in a Project Manager's Life:

In a typical day, a project manager's job may include:

• Logical step and finish the budget request for the project time schedule.

•. Give regulators, owner, contractors and design experts discuss and solve the issues, such as working procedures, complaint and construction.

•. Prepare the contract and the architect of the negotiations, consultants, customers, suppliers and the subcontractor's contract agreement amended, modified and added.

•. Prepare and submit budget, schedule and cost tracking report.

•. Plan and administrative staff, workers and the client, represents the owner or the developers of the terms of the contract interpretation and explanation.

Construction manager responsibilities:

A construction manager is usually responsible for these responsibilities:

Release the entire project and the use of the funds.

Project scheduling.

Control scope of work.

The best use of talents and resources to other companies.

Avoid delay; change the disputes and cost overruns.

The best flexibility in the contract and purchasing.

To ensure that project is to establish a standardized.

Development is cost effective project completion plan and schedule later, using resources logic pattern.

Choose and coordination of all phases of the project work.

Responsible for all trade contractors and comments, architectural and engineering drawing performance to ensure that all specifications and regulations are next.

. Responsible for the management and construction is appropriate contract, have all the necessary license and license.

Supervision and assistant manager, comments on their reports, inspection report of any difficulty, and correct any breach of security or other report deficiency.

. Follow up and control the cost of the construction progress and related to realize the project completion, time and money in the distribution.

The owner and the architect of progress and plan, seems to show that any necessary change report.

From the site preparation is built, construction project management is responsible for the design and construction of the element process. This part of your preparation, including development, organization and review the building plans and construction contract to the general contractor. Construction project manager can also attend the interview and hire contractors for the proposed project. When they consulting clients, these professionals generally includes cost assessment based on equipment, materials and Labor requirements.

Construction project manager must ensure that building engineering accord with environmental protection, safety, and structure, zoning and aesthetic standards. They decided to plan and the construction process of different stages according to the needs of the customers. During construction site visit, they monitor progress and certain stage of the construction process and construction plan with the deadline of the project. After the completion of the construction, project manager may provide extra services for expansion and relocation project. Construction project manager to coordinate, supervise and organization construction process. Construction project manager laborer professional experience in a different part of the construction project. Construction project manager to organize project to ensure the supply and logistics workers to the job site on time. Construction work with project manager of laborer and the project owners to keep some project progress, cost minimization and the work is complete as effectively as possible.


Construction project manager usually involves most, if not all, of the aspects of the construction project. These professionals considering many factors, they help building project involves commercial, industrial and residential buildings built. Most of the construction project manager spends a lot of time consulting part of them with customers at an office. However, they also go to the construction site, where they and engineers, the contractor and construction personnel. Construction project manager organization and management of construction projects. They are responsible for supervision and residential construction, enterprise and residential area and other types of buildings. They also knew as the general contractor, the project manager, person in charge, construction project engineers and construction supervisor. They manage a construction project from the concept stage, when the last of the construction work is completed. Construction project managers might supervise the whole project or professional and management is only part of the project, and they have special professional knowledge.