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Construction manager is the intermediary between customers and employees, between the architect and subcontractors, and between the project and work in any organization. Should be the construction manager has a variety of skills and knowledge, including plumbing, electricity and basic training and standard construction techniques, and read the plan, and budget preparation, and procurement. The most underestimated skills of construction managers need the ability to persuade and convince. He may have to convince the customer that last minute changes proposed by the architect means a variety of delays or increased costs, or to persuade non-payment of subcontractors to complete the work as required by previous agreement.

Project manager is also responsible for controlling the process of supporting the construction, such as procurement, receipt, storage, and materials to be included in the project in the project and compete. This function has the responsibility of project manager or project engineer after the purchase was successful. Under each scenario, the project manager maintains responsibility for product inventory and control (security).

The duties of the Construction Manager

Shall be the duty of the project manager can be divided into five areas under general operations. They are:

First previous support services

• Prepare a timetable for submission of bids compared with the practice

• assist the Ministry of appreciation during the plan review

• Preparation of the initial construction schedule

• marking of a valid request and Conditions

II. Project management

• Manage the contract owner

• Communication issues, and coordination of activities

• document control

Third. Acquisition necessary for construction projects

• reviewing the scope

• Identify the elements that have delivery dates that may affect the schedule

• Number of purchase transactions and materials

Fourth. Project management and scheduling

• understanding of the labor force

• Application Materials

• Building code issues

V. Cost Control Management

• issue a decision

• management and subcontractor change order confirmation

• Prepare documents for submission, cost and resolution

• Building code issues

Sixth. Dam project out

• Achieve a major achievement

• Aggressive punch list completion

• Provide an encrypted graphics, and user maintenance and

• Protection

The objective of the Construction Manager

Goal setting

In the direction of internal project team compiled the project to participate in setting goals for this project. Project Manager offers owners of the study, they are mandatory and contract documents for owners of all team members to guide the work for them. Has been discussed for the first time that specified types of contract because it puts the performance requirements; general requirements and additional requirements and conditions, and specification language that points to a particular contractor completed, and construction plans, and forms the basis for the development of the combined estimate and scope of work . Should be revised to allow them the ability to develop the project "budget", "build schedule", "pre-purchase log", "financial outlook" define the limits of performance, cost and time to this project. Together, and the objectives of cost and time, including the main criteria necessary for the production of construction required, and it can not be changed in any significant way. Project manager who recognizes "the cost and time," as the goal that will bring success for the project should focus on the resources of each sub-project should be more than a specified period, and plans to deliver accordingly. In order to succeed, must be written subcontract, including this action plan, and implementation of this procedure has become necessary to restrict the influence of exposure can affect the success of the project. Collective combines these qualities in the project development schedule.

System development work

As did most people in management positions, project manager for the most effective approach to controlling the project. Commonly used options. Usually use an aggressive approach by the project manager who understands the various works, and how they apply to the contract drawings and specifications. Armed with this knowledge, the project manager and work to achieve the goals, objectives and implementation on a regular basis. It can measure the success of each work process of his appointment schedule carefully, "plan". Instead, the approach has a more benign project manager depends on the skills of supervisors, which are designed to perform this task by making things happen. The Director may project after the construction of this type, he found himself responding to daily events, and spend money in many cases, to estimate, to correct conditions that could have been avoided through careful planning.

Management and project control

Planning, communication and control

The task of managing the project as described above, using the control system in a project to make the most of. Analysis is a better control of projects through the application process unique factors, after the production and measurement. All factors to be considered, and the materials and work tools. One may also consider the role of sub-contractors, as they influence the sequence of tasks. To measure the factors, the project manager must include the productivity of labor, and measure the output during the period of time. From this result, the project manager can be compared with estimates of the project, and contrary to the objective of achieving the desired goals.

Affected in project management, project managers need to run three operating modes.

The three types of planning, communication, monitoring, and for this project. Projects must be well planned, each factor the plan properly and carefully monitored and controlled. Planning should involve one of the initiatives to achieve the preparation process and the preparation of the schedule, and logistics plan of the solid, time-based general conditions established to monitor all phases of construction. And the limits of construction should be clear and they must be consistent with the language of the contract documents. Collectively, these are the tools needed to compile this information. The project manager must be committed at the time, and labor to perform tasks within these limits.

Recognize and use elements of the project

By setting goals and projects, processing of the building, it is important to project managers and put on paper all the tools needed to complete construction. A typical list of equipment used, including records of all the benefits of undergoing the physical store. There is a sub-contract the management of records for the order management and purchasing, and insurance compliance records of subcontractors, a long period of time item log, records of the materials, the question to the record (RFI), architects and engineers, in an effort to change the proposed registration and project plan (minutes of meetings).

Accounting cost as estimated relationship

The cost of management control

The estimates and associated with a very cost accounting. If he is willing to correct the estimates, which means that an attempt is successful, it becomes the framework for cost accounting. Since these estimates are based on recent and reliable ones collected from field operations and market activities, and as far as may be reasonable, and performance data reported to the project manager from the field for the current project can be compared. If there is something wrong in the performance, and exposure during this process, the initiative should be taken for the analysis of current operations, directly linking them to historical data. And take part in this process is to be the study of methods, tools and resources used to present a new, compared with those of the historical time period

Close out procedures - effective!

Ensure project success, project managers need to continue caring for the activities of a comprehensive document that combines the functions of the official end. This process involves a number of important achievements that have been evident in the construction documents are usually in the Department of General Conditions of the specifications book.


As Construction Manager and administrative skill and patience of job, organization, and attention to detail, and the ability to see the "big picture" and understand all aspects of the construction process, usually acquired through experience