The double skin facade

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The Double Skin Facade is a European architectural trend driven mostly by to increased transparency; noises polluted and reduce the energy that used in building.

In recent years, the use of double skin facade was referred to "building to building". It has gained a lot of popularity throughout the world, due to characteristics such as durability, ecology, easy circulation of fresh air and use of natural resources. This type of structure requires many sided technical and architectural skills to get faultless result.

The reason of choosing Double Skin Facades are make use of solar energy efficiently and give natural flow of air movement between inner part and outer skin. It can reduced energy used by building and provide natural ventilation.


A Double Skin Facade is a strategy for improving building performance by using an inner and outer wall on a building with a cavity between the two walls. It is also a system consisting of two glass skins placed in such a way that air flows in the intermediate cavity. The ventilation of the cavity can be natural, fan supported or mechanical. So that, the Double Skin Facade treatment can typically used on the wall with greatest insulation but can potentially be used on all walls. It is because the system enables air to circulate between the cavities of two facades providing excellent air circulation.

On the other hand, during the summer overheating problems were mentioned when the façade was poorly ventilated. Different configurations can result in different ways of using the facade, proving the flexibility of the system and its adaptability to different climates and locations.


There are a few benefits of double skin facade to the office buildings:

  • Increase transparency
  • The Double Skin Facade is a European architectural trend driven mostly by the aesthetic desire for an all glass facade that leads to increased transparency.

  • Noises polluted
  • Noises will be polluted with Double Skin Facade which is air flows in the intermediate cavity. So that, it is possible to achieve the same excellent acoustic insulation with the windows open or windows closed.

  • Reducing heating energy in building
  • Air flow simulations of the Double Skin Facade cavity are necessary to calculate the temperatures at different heights in the cavity. The air stored between the glasses when winter time will be heated by sun rays after the season. Thus, the facades will function to the heat and it thermal performs as well as reducing heating cost.

  • Reducing cooling energy in building
  • Facades can be performs well in reducing heating cost and also would reduce cooling cost as well. With the natural ventilation, Double Skin Facade can significant reduce the cost of air-conditioning in the season summer.

  • Exploiting solar power
  • The solar properties of the Double Skin Facade do not differ from the Single Skin Facade. However, due to the additional skin, a thermal buffer zone is formed which reduces the heat losses and enables passive solar gains.

  • Save cost on operating
  • The operating costs will be decreased since the facade can be use in reduce heat and cold during season of the summer and winter.

  • Recyclable
  • Double Skin Facade is environment friendly method for every building. It may recycle and thus reduce consumption cost of raw material.


Here are some technical challenges may facing during construction and have to take into account to overcome it in order to provide better and quality building.

  • Width of Double Skin Facade
  • The width of the double skin facades should be from 20mm to 2meters from skin to skin. If its width not in standard space, it would cause of useful space. Usually, the width of the cavity influences the space that can be neutralized. Therefore, it is important to find the optimum width of skin to be use the space close to the facade.

  • Construction sequences
  • The designer of Double Skin Facade needs to evaluate impacts on cost and schedule of the project. The long term benefits of the Double Skin Facade may be accompanied by reductions in the capital expenditure for the building, but installation cost of the facades is certain to be higher than conventional facades. The designer also should well know about the relationship between architectural, energy and contractibility aspects in selecting the Double Skin Facade typology for a project. There is not only more materials involved but there is an expectation that trade will have to interact.

  • Loads
  • Load shifting
  • Overheating problem
  • Controls
  • Climate
  • Fire regulation

The development of Double skin Façade comes at the same time that digital controls and electronic bus systems can make the full potential of their use. The incorrect operation of operable double skin facades can lead to penalties for both comfort and energy efficiency. Opening an interior window on a hot summer day will let in more hot air that must be cooled by mechanical systems and let the conditioned air escape. Even on mild, sunny days, when neither heating nor cooling is required, opening the window will bring in air which has been heated in the cavity to a point that it must be conditioned mechanically.

You are now required to write a report for your client explaining:

  • The benefits that they may expect by adopting a double skin façade for the office building.
  • Highlighting the technical challenges that would need to be overcome to produce a double skin facade for this building.
  • A construction detail showing your recommended detailing for a double skin façade suitable for this building.