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Introduction to the topic

When we consider about the construction industry Labor force is the major part. In Sri Lanka under the topic of safety and health in construction industry that major part has to face for many difficulties due to varies of problems. Because of the construction industry has one of the highest worker injury rates of any industry. Hazards and risks in construction work are often known but hard to control in workplaces that change constantly and involve the use of heavy equipment, machines, scaffolds, and ladders, all of which may be unsafe or used improperly. Construction accidents are caused by many other factors, including work methods, site conditions, worker failure to use safety equipment, and a lack of proper worker training. Injuries and deaths commonly involve falls, explosions, burns, electrocution, exposure to asbestos and toxic chemicals, and asphyxiation.

The workers are the category that facing for accidents in sites. Because they are the one who using heavy equipments, heavy machineries, sharpen stuff and risk work. Because of these reason they may easily get hurt even in a smaller mistake. Therefore contractors must be able to provide reasonable and acceptable safety issues to at least reduce the accidents that may happen at sites.

Though contractors supplied what labors need to get themselves safer, the laborers are not keen to use them because they used to their traditional methods and they avoid what contractor supplies. For an example if we believe, though the contractors' supplies safety helmets usually laborers don't use the helmets because they do not use to wear those. The reason for that is they are not familiar to it. So the best thing is to advice them how important to wear a safety helmet at site when you are working on a construction field. Then only they will understand it and ware safety helmets by this we may able to reduce accidents.

It may be difficult to find an accident free construction site. Both the developed and developing countries are paying heavily for accidents in terms of both human suffering and economic waste. Therefore site safety is very important.

In a construction field the priority should be given to safety as it says "SAFETY FIRST". But lot of time when the project is gaining this topic vanishes. What is the reason for that situation? After the every accidents all of are asking that question.

Objectives of the research

The aim of this research is to formulate method that prevent or minimize accidents that occur on contraction site. Most minor accident that happens on construction site goes unreported due to the minor nature of the incident. Generally fatal accident are recoded science this type of accident require hospital admission informing the police, etc.

Accident on site wither minor or fatal has to be address in proper way by adherence to proper safety regulation implementation of same, because this involve loss of life and limb, property expensive equipment and in some case permanent damage to building .

Ultimate goal should be to minimize accident to the maximum and this research is to find ways and means of achieving this objectives.

To identify the factors of accident in Sri Lankan construction industry.

To investigate, how works negligence relate to the accident.

To identify most significant causes in the construction accidents.

To formulate recommendations to minimise accidents at construction sites

Research problem

Today construction industry spread all around the world. Construction industries have developed in size, complexity and high demand of client, due to these things construction project becoming more difficult for the project objective of time cost and standard quality to be achieved. Therefore project participants face many difficulties due to site accidents.

(ILO, 2010), documented annually 2.2 million people are lost their life due to the site accident. According to that records lot of happened in the Asian countries. It is likely 65%.

Accidents in the workplace occur on a regular basis. Many of the accidents that occur could be prevented with proper safety measures. Construction sites, factories and warehouses are very dangerous places to work and thousands of workers are injured in accidents while working in these places. Many of these accidents could have been avoided if the health and safety regulations are met. Occupational accidents can be caused either by negligence, by accident or incompetence.

In this reports considering the Sri Lankan construction industry and how it is participant those accidents. As well as in this report depend on find out the factors and who are the responsible people of those factors. Such as this research depend on human negligence related factors. In construction safety is very important section of construction. Because it is affect to the construction firm good will. So lot of company followed good safety planning. But so many construction firms don't know how to minimize their safety accident in construction. So in this research will be will be helpful for those companies to minimize their fault.

Conceptual frame work

In construction safety effect is not for good construction. In major thing of those accident is human negligence. The overall research depend this reason. Then can found out what are the human negligence accidents in the construction. And also can understand the situation of construction safety performance.

Human negligence

Safety effect in construction

Scope of study

This research limitation is in only Sri Lankan construction industry. In this study going on about buildings in commercial and residential, and infrastructure work such as highways, bridges. All date collect by site visit and interviewing construction team players namely consultants, main contractors and client, and also supervisors and labours who had lot of experienced in construction project.

Research Hypothesis

In this research going on about safety effects in construction, many construction projects in Sri Lanka identified lot of poor performance of labour and machinery damages in construction. This is the main path of this research. In overall research is depending in this main point.

Worker negligence is mainly related construction site accident.


After the study gives suggestions to minimized the accident and improve the construction safety and health. So that can be used for the goodwill for the construction industry in Sri Lanka.

Significance of the study

Most construction accidents occurring in the workplace could have been avoided if the company had followed the rules of safety and health. Unfortunately, many companies do not follow the strict guidelines of safety and health of construction workers are more likely to die of construction accident than any other type of employment.

The important of this study is found out most related factors in construction safety. Mainly mention this factors such as human negligence related factors. As well as give recommend what are the reasons of this factors and how to minimize that site accident.

Construction safety is very important and if affect to the construction firm good will. So this research is will be very useful for construction firm to identify safety effect and solve their safety problem properly.

Organization of the report

Chapter One:

Chapter one consists of the background to the study, aim and objectives, scope of the study and brief introduction to the research and also gives conceptual frame work, research hypothesis. In this chapter can get good idea about the research.

Chapter Two:

This chapter about literature review and it explain what are the pasted incident and many types of Construction accidents, and also explain about the constructions health and safety regulations.

Chapter Three:

Explains the research methodology and statistical analysis methods adopted for this study.

Chapter Four:

Here the collected data are critically analyzed and discussed and found results.

Chapter Five:

Concludes the study with the findings, recommendations and with further research approaches.