Tendering Method For Proposed Project Construction Essay

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Rameezdeen and Ratnasabapathy (2006) stated that the procurement system is an essential means by which the project objectives are achieved. Procurement system is vital for the project success and it craves the achievement of the project goals. The suitability of the procurement system depends on the specific requirements and targets of the project such as cost, quality, operational requirements and time schedule (Ogulang 1999).

The design and build arrangement is an attractive option for proposed project. It simplifies the contractual links between the parties to the main contract because the contractor accepts the responsibility for designing and constructing. In design and build procurement system, all the responsibility regarding design and construction both part must be handled by a single contractor.

Single point responsibility, prices which reflect more closely the final cost to the proposed project, inherently more buildable designs and an overlap of design and construction phases leading to early completion. Therefore the Design and Build entity is responsible for quality, budget, schedule, and performance of the completed facility. Here A design and build contractor may commission design and cost services from outside consultants or can employ a design team from within his own organization.

Tendering method for proposed project

According to the project details it is going to be a difficult project. Therefore, it is going to be a large weight for selecting the contractor. By using the selective tendering it is easy to carry out the work for this project. And also it is a best tendering method to fine out the lowest cost of the project.

Selective tendering method is more recommended for proposed shopping complex project because of following reasons selective tendering give us to fine the more experienced contractor. Because it is a shopping complex and by doing selective tendering, can get more quality benefits from contractors and from that more knowledge's and price rangers will be taken to our concentration.

According to the above selection criteria the contractor can be selected easily. In the first collect the list of contractors. In the second stage, tendering contractor will be cheeked fully. After that company can easily negotiate to reduce the cost of the works for proposed project work. All tenders will be assessed in accordance with the tender enquiry documents. Tenderer will be chosen on the basis of the assessment criteria set down. Then, through the evaluation most appropriate contractor will be preferred.

Normally Nomination method's tender sum is higher than other two methods. Because, no any competition. In selective tender method's tender sum is higher than the open and selective tendering method. Open tender gives the opportunity for all tenderer to get the tender. This is danger. Because, that the lowest tender may be submitted by a firm inexperienced in preparing tenders and whose tender is only lowest as a consequence of having made the most or the largest errors. Therefore Selective tender has lot of experiences and during tender period time will be save.

Design and Construction Programme of proposed project

Proposed project Design and construction procedure involve several phases. Therefore, proposed constructions project run through the following eight stages.

Phase 1: Brief Discussion

The client and consultant discuss the requirements for the proposed project, trying the fit between the client's requirements, wishes and financial plan.

Duration of phase 1 week

Phase 2: Site Visit

Site Investigation is the gathering of information about the proposed location of the highway, geological structure and nature of the site and the testing.

Duration of phase 1 week

Phase 3: Planning Permission

Before undertake any development proposed project have to obtain Planning Permission from the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) and Condominium Management Authority (CMA), which is a must under the Town and Country Planning Act. It's a lot easier to get permission to construct a building now. The new streamlined procedure of the CMC ensures that permission early. If it satisfies the Development Regulations, planning permission will be issued, and if not, planning permission will be refused by the CMC.

Duration of phase 4 weeks

Phase 4: Design Sketches

The consultant draws a succession of rough sketches, known as plan design, which show the general arrangement of internal partition and of the site. Consultant will prepare models to help imagine the proposed shopping complex project. Before scheduled to the next stage, the client will agrees these rough sketch drafts.

Duration of phase 1week

Phase 5: Design Development

The consultant prepares more detailed drawings to illustrate other aspects of the proposed design. Floor plans show all the internal partition in correct size and shape. Outline specifications are prepared listing the major materials and internal finishes.

Duration of phase 3 weeks

Phase 6: Preparation of Construction Documents

Once the client has approved the design, the consultant prepares detailed drawings and specifications, which the contractor will use to establish actual construction cost and build the project. The drawings and specifications become part of the building contract.

Duration of phase 3 weeks

Phase 7: Appointing the Contractor

The client decides and appoints the contractor. The consultant may be willing to make some recommendations. In many cases, client chooses from among several contractors they've asked to submit bids on the job. The consultant can help you prepare bidding documents as well as invitations to bid and instructions to bidders.

Duration of phase 2 weeks

Phase 8: Construction

While the contractor will physically build the proposed shopping complex project, the consultant can assist the client in making sure that the project is built according to the plans and specifications. The consultant can make site visits to observe construction, review and approve the contractor's application for payment, and generally keep the owner informed of the project's progress. The contractor is solely responsible for construction methods, techniques, schedules and procedures.

Duration of phase 81 weeks

Statutory processes at construction

Health and safety

The construction phase plan should be prepared by the main contractor, for proposed projects, to outline the arrangements for managing health and safety on proposed site during construction work.

Insurance policy

Insurance policy provides cover the contactor for their legal liability for damage to the property of others or for personal injury arising out of their works at proposed site.

Public Nuisance

Contractors should have a responsibility to prevent public nuisances from happening. Proposed development and activity should fulfill with relevant current legislation before any construction commences.

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