Substitution of Foam in a Fibre Heat Absorber Panel

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Malaysia is well known as a country which is getting more develop. The rapid construction leads to the development of the economic growth. But, instead of chasing to be a well develop country within the year 2020, the major problems has arises not only for Malaysia but it is covered all around the world.

Nowadays, due to all of mankind activities held to develop the country, the ozone layer has becoming thinner and global warming issue is arising. According to Webster, K (2010), global warming can be defined as an increase in the average temperature of the earth atmosphere especially a sustained increase to cause climate change. Due to climate change, the earth surface will feel extra hot and gives uncomfortable conditions to the people.

We know that global warming do not has any cure but there are some solutions to minimize this effect before it is becoming worst. The government should take an emergency action to trigger people especially to give awareness about the effect of global warming toward the earth. Government should spend some money on research and development (R&D) department to create a new invention or innovation of green product which the product will minimize the level of heat passes to the building. This strategy is more eco friendly and it has low cost which everybody can afford to implement the product at their home or building.


As global warming is giving rapid climatic change which it can be precise as the presence of excessive heat which it will harmful and give uncomforted situations to the human. Arms K (1998) said that town is hotter than the country side because they lie in urban heat bubbles formed by the energy used in the town for heating and lighting as it rises into the air. The heat will be blown out if there is a windy weather but if there is no wind the heat will trap and it will make the environment become hotter.

For the past years, our construction industry is using heat panel absorber made by foam or glass wool. It has been proven by Wilson R. et. al (1999) that synthetic vitreous fibers (SVFs) have been widely used as insulation material in places where asbestos was used many years ago and therefore the hazards have been compared. Since the asbestos fibers caused lung cancer at high exposures glass wool is five to ten times less risky (and of course the risk might be zero). But, National Toxicology Program stated that, mechanistic study have shown that some glass wool fibers have the potential to cause the damages to DNA.

Therefore, by experimenting some innovation of heat panel absorber and apply the panel to all of the building in a town or congested area, it may reduce or minimize the level of heat admittance into the building thus it will give a balance temperature for people inside the building to do the activities. The panel will be made with the combination of agriculture waste such as coconut coir and paddy husk. In peninsular Malaysia, a total of 4.2 million tons of crops residue and 2.3 million tons of livestock waste were produce (greenpages, 2006). So, one of the best solutions to make use the waste is by recycle it.



Malaysia is known as a tropical country. It has warm and humid temperature throughout the whole year. But, nowadays since there are rapid development project, the environment temperature is increasing slowly and it cause global warming.

According to Dr Zainal Ariffin, (2010) the deputy of sickness control at the ministry of health, those who are worked as a workman, army, and children are more tendency to get heat stroke where it can make people faint suddenly.

It is supported by Dr Lailanor, (2010) where she said that due to increasing in temperature, it will affect people emotion and they are easily getting tired.

Therefore there is a need to do a further research just to minimize the level of sound and noise from entering to the building. Hence the innovation of panel heat absorber can be design so that the problems will slowly be solved in the future time.


The aim of this research is to come out with panel use substitution natural coir and coir fibre mixed with paddy husks for heat absorber panel. This is in order to convince the supplier and the contractor to invest in the substitution of foam to a fibre heat absorber panel. In order to achieve this aim the following objectives are identified:

  1. To study the heat and the causes of heat itself.
  2. To fabricate the heat absorber panel.
  3. To test the capability of the panel towards heat.


This research is expected to improve the workability of the panel heat absorber. Since there are many type of heat absorber in the market, this new implementation of the design of panel heat absorber will bring new method in the construction field.

This research is expecting the panel will be one of the heat absorber panels and the material used will be acceptable for the heat absorbance.

This outcome of product from this research will give benefit to the construction sector and agricultural sector and it will contribute to fulfillment one of the Construction Industry Master Plan (CIMP) objective that is to promote more innovative construction environment.


There are some sampling frames and targeted group which this thesis is focusing on such as the research is targeted to all material suppliers in Malaysia which are involved in construction industry which they will find this innovative design of heat absorber panel as a convenient and economical. Since in this era people are taking care on the environment, this eco friendly heat absorber panel made by the agricultural waste such as coconut coir and paddy husk will become a high in demand since the material used in this panel is reusable and easy to get.

Second, the targeted group for this research is the design and built team. This group of people will make this panel adaptable in this construction industry. Since the panel is categorized as new innovation, the design tem such as the architect and engineer can apply this panel to the new develop houses which this panel will give high heat absorber and reduce the heat from penetrate inside the buildings.

Lastly, the community who suffered from this nuisance can be one of the target groups which this group will be interested if this panel will be the solution to reduce the heat from making them feel uncomfortable. Besides, the choice to install this panel is depending on the customer demands. If this panel is success in reducing the heat absorbance it may increase the demand and may be this panel will become one of the popular method of heat absorber in the future.



As a conclusion, global warming has giving a lot of impact or effects onto the earth especially the greenhouse effect which it will allow the increasing in the climatic change. Since the construction industry is getting more develop, the area of the construction become more congested than before. Thus, the trapped heat comes from the solar radiation and heat from the occupant inside the building will lead to the uncomfortable situation and it will disturb the daily activities.

So, one of the alternatives to reduce the heat radiation to a building, a low cost heat panel absorber has been designed and all of the characteristics of the raw materials have been studied by the researcher. We know that the