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In the different sections of the content of construction project management, the issues highlighted are the type of degrees and other educational issues such as majors and specialties. Occupational information contained covers the job opportunities currently available, the average salary estimates and working conditions and the advancement opportunities available in the job. In discussing the personality types, the people most associated with this field bear certain characteristics and interests. It is important to note that the notes on interests, motivation and lifestyle issues are associated with the larger population of construction project managers and not the entire profession. They are therefore benchmarks and not limitations and any one interested in the field who can adequately relate with the matters discussed should feel confident that the initial stages of the process to become a professional construction project manager has began.



Contraction project management refers to the profession that deals with the overall planning and control of a project from the start to the end with a view to meet the specifications of a customer/client. The main need for this management is to end p with a product that is attained form an economically viable and functional project that is completed within schedule, budget, and the governing regulations of the particular project.

Construction Manager

The terms used to refer to any person who is qualified to undertake the planning and management of a project from the start to the end. The construction manager is requires doing several things on the job:

1. Specify the scope and budget of the project.

2. Schedule and set all performance requirements for the successful completion of the project. He or she is also required to select the staff or labor needed to undertake the project.

3. Ensure the resources needed for efficient utilization of the project are acquired and utilized accordingly.

4. Implement and undertake all coordination and control of design, estimates, contract, planning and construction that pertain to the project.

5. Develop and install effective mechanisms and channels for communication and the efficient resolution of conflicts that might occur within the process of the project.

Educational Program Information

The governing body for the education of Construction managers is the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). It is the legal accrediting body for the academic aspects of the formal education of the profession.

ACCE curriculum summary is skills ranging from general management to specific management related to projects. It also covers the technical sects of the projects plus the methods of the field and the practices and guidelines.

The qualification levels are divided into several hierarchical sections. These are the associate degree, the baccalaureate, masters, project, operations, engineer, PHD and postdoctoral research.

The basic education requirements are:

Baccalaaureate Degree

For one to qualify for the degree there must be proof of at least 180 credit hours. This could be spread out over at least 120 credit hours as a total for all semesters. The distribution of the credit hors should be as indicated in the table below.

Subject Minimum credit hours

1. General education 22 quarter hours

2. Mathematics and science 15 quarter hours

3. Business management 18 quarter hours

4. Construction Science 20 quarter hours

5. Construction 20 quarter hours

6. Other related credit hours to meet the 120 hours threshold.

Associate Degree

The least amount of hours required to qualify for the degree is 60 credit hours for accreditation by ACCE.


1. General Education 8 semester credit hours

2. Mathematics and science 8 semester credit hours

3. Construction Design Principles and Practice 33 credit hours

4. Business and Management 6 semester credit hours

5. Other credit hours 0 hours

Masters Degree

The requirements are:

¿½ Degree or degree equivalent.

¿½ Qualifications from a professional body

¿½ Relevant field and work experience.

Other learning options are

¿½ Distance learning Course. They can be incorporated in the accreditation curriculum.

¿½ Supporting courses and disciplines for the successful training of an all rounded construction manager.

Other requirement for the profession is

¿½ Successful interaction with the profession through work related experience.

¿½ One is required to participate in internships and educational programs related to the field.

Institutions Offering The Degrees

Construction Management academy

University of Denver

Lawrence Technological University

Southern Polytechnic State University

Canella University

Walden University

Ashford University

American Intercontinental University

There are also many universities offering online degrees. It is up to the client to identify the one that fits into his or her lifestyle or convenience.

Additional Notes On Education

The qualifications necessary to enroll in institutions offering the course vary from university to university. They are basically the same as those required to join all other courses in the institutions. There recruitment depends on prior qualifications and other personality parameters included in other construction course requirements

Occupational Information

The average pay scale, as in all other professions depends on the experience and education of the individual. The national salary average is


Bonus $2067-$10221

Profit sharing$2024-$8136

Commission $3020-$19533

Total Pay Range $53890-$93030

These rages could also vary with the respective employer and the job or project being undertaken. The ranges for the four most popular employers in the US are

Turner Construction Co. $67957-$141225

Jones Lang LaSalle $64332$80404

Johnson Controls Incorporation $61280-$94632

US Air force $62168-$82132

Most pay packages incorporate medical benefits. The most common are medical, dental and vision, it is important to choose the company that offers benefits such as this ones because they increase morale.

Job Opportunities

There are many varying construction project job opportunities on the market. The qualifications and experience needs vary with each job and the latter is an edge. The exponential and constant growth of the industry have accorded a very broad rang of jobs. These jobs are posted on individual company websites, employment websites and job oriented websites such as Pay Scale.

Research show that the bees paying jobs are in California and New York, but there are job opportunities in nearly all the cities and even in other countries.

Personality Types

The industry is largely lacking in female professionals. There currently make up for less than nine percent of accredited professionals in the industry. The most common personalities are motivated and career oriented people. People with a high academic achievement tend to choose the profession because of its flexibility and the multiple opportunities of travel available in the industry. Because of the nature of the job, several points are necessary in one¿½s personality to qualify as an eligible student or professional.

I) Must have natural organizational skills

II) Must have an assertive personality to deal with the issues in the job.

III) Must be dynamic and constant. Must be willing to change with the salient factors of the job while not compromising on the basic principles of the project.

IV) Must be consistent and responsible.

V) Most successful project managers have a connector personality. They have the capability and the networks to identify qualified and competent personnel, whether skilled or unskilled to make the project a success.

VI) Must have a keen eye for detail.

The individual must also be one who realizes the gravity of compromising on standards and must know all the laws and regulations pertaining to the profession or the project being undertaken. The salient differences even in similar projects must be taken into account and the ideal project manager must be one who has the capability to adapt to the project and make it success. This are that most common personality types associated with the profession, but they do not form the core, rather, they form the skeleton of requirements. The success sofa any construction project wholly depends on the capability and the qualifications of the manager and this may vary. Individuality and uniqueness are both key elements of the job and if one can incorporate the sense of consistency and dynamism with the ability to operate as an individual, and then he or she is most likely to succeed.


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Pertinent Issues Or Information

The construction project management feed is dynamic and broad. Individual qualification and the need to understand the many aspects of the job come in handy in succeeding in one¿½s project. Overall, it is important for the project manager to understand the project before even undertaking it; he or she should stay on top of things and should always strive to deliver above expectation in all projects.

It is also important to understand all the terminologies used in the job, plus the workings and dynamics. Professionalism is key.