Selecting The Best Contractor With Gvcd Management Committee Construction Essay

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GVCD should hire experienced sub-contractor with similar projects either in East or West Malaysia. In order getting experienced contractor, thorough selection criteria need to be practised rather than just having good relationship with higher management of main contractor despite previous experience and price offered. Current contractors normally tend to adopt a myopic policy with regard to hiring qualified and experience staff in order to cut costs (Mohan R. Manavazhi & Adhikari, 2002). Furthermore, getting the most out of the qualified staff, the firm generally made them responsible for too many projects running concurrently, thus drastically reducing their effectiveness. The selected sub-contractor must ensure having enough and available equipment. Equipment mobilization from West to East Malaysia, or particularly from Beufort, Sabah to Miri, Sarawak is costly, and this may increase the project budget (to include here or other para?). In this case study, GVCD management committee must do open tender via thorough selection process and finally select the right, experienced contractor with good track record before awarded.

Poor in Decision Making

A management committee required to be formed prior selecting a good sub-contractor especially for new and unfamiliar site like Miri, Sarawak. We discovered that only one director taking his veto power to recommend Eltat to handle the project despite many complaints and concern received based on previous experience. In Appendix XX (SOP), at least 2 quotations from sub-contractor works must be used as comparison record before quotation evaluation. However, GVCD did not practise this. In industry best practise, 3 minimum quotations must be attained before committee made decision and Letter of Award be given. If delays caused by sub-contractors due to contract dispute, legal course of action must be taken and this have to be clearly spelled out in the contract agreement. For recommendation, adopting new approach to contracting such as design-build and construction management (Abdalla M. Odeh & Battaineh, 2002) might reduce such delays by limiting owner interference, improving the design, and contractual relationships among all parties in the project. To include points & % from Hani (to discuss later)

Subcontractors Inability to Meet Schedule

Why Eltat can’t meet the schedule been set? Few factors need to be considered; either Eltat also having many projects to complete at the same time or less priority given to Miri project due to low cost budget allocation, or they are not committed and responsible in handling staff welfare/needs or might be other reasons. In order to avoid this, penalties for not starting or completing task on time may help. The contract agreement must have this clause and all parties must adhere to. As main contractor, GVCD must always getting to know their sub-contractors very well, understand what they do, communicate frequently and clearly with them about the deadlines. The Project Manager must regular do on-site checking on weekly basis rather than monthly receiving progress report, fortnightly claim and daily manpower issues from sub-contractor. Meanwhile he must ensure all tasks plan and assign for that day or week been completed, else the workers must do overtime within the stipulated time agreed. A study done by (Murali Sambasivan & Soon, 2007), as they had suggested prescriptions for the contractors to take up the job only which when they have sufficient expertise, able to provide site-managers for the smooth execution of work, plan the work properly and provide the entire schedule to the clients and must make sure they have a sound financial backing.

Shortage of Workers

Site Supervisor must also ensure that the worker on shift must be on site on daily basis despite excuses mentioned in Analysis part (do we have)?. Whenever sub-contractor fail to meet this requirement, a backup plan is needed as example provide local workers with market rate, back-up 2 or more experience sub-contractors or internal workers from the main contractor. Weekly meeting whether on-site or off-site is a must together with relevant parties to check and resolve current issues rather than wait till end of the month. Disciplinary action must be taken to ensure all staff is coming on site to complete their assign duty, else salary to be deducted and penalty must be given to the sub-contractor. A good Project Manager has to ensure all resources are plan adequately most of the time. As mentioned by (Enshassi, Al-Najjar, & Kumaraswamy, 2009), contractors are recommended to have enough and qualified staff with appropriate experiences to enable them follows different technical and managerial aspects of the project. The project will be more effective (correct word)? if they include enough and appropriate engineers, technicians, and foremen so that responsibilities would be shared.

Weak Company Regulations

According to (Abdalla M. Odeh & Battaineh, 2002), there are many factors causes delays in construction projects such as owner interference, inadequate contractor experience, financing and payments, labor productivity, slow decision making, and improper planning. Proper and careful planning is necessity prior the project kick off. Get engaged contractors, sub-contractors and owners to have mutual agreement on expectation and the agreed schedule. Project Manager must at least acquire a working knowledge skill as much as possible on the job done. Spend time with sub-contractors more and try to understand of what they do and solve any ad hoc problem on the spot. Site inspection on regular basis is important to avoid any hitches that may occur. This is also to ensure that the project is running on time as expected. In Miri project, GVCD just noticed the project been delayed after 3 months operations where this can be avoided if proper project management do have regular fortnightly on-site check up, and provide weekly progress report to management instead of monthly. GVCD need to revise the current Quality Manual to have thorough project management and control procedure in monitoring and evaluating their suppliers/sub-contractors.

Weather Condition

Delays within construction projects are common. Delays due to inclement weather conditions are planned for. The location of the project, type of work, and time of the year in which the work to be executed plays an important role in quantifying the allowance to be made for weather in contract programmes. It might due to material shipping from other parts of the states/countries could be affected by weather. Pouring concrete or painting outside the building can be delayed due to rain. Therefore, contractor must need to factor in extra time in the project timeline such as taking overtime in the weekend or complete the assigned tasks after 5pm. The bottom line is to plan for unexpected. Be a good Project Manager and take account for possible delays in the schedule. For our Miri case study, GVCD did had proper plan on paper for its daily task in accordance to weather conditions however the Project Manager didn’t allocate extra time if there any delay of completion task for that week due to weather problem.