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The trams run from Nottingham railway station, through the city centre to Hucknall or Phoenix Park.  They start at 6am, running through to midnight and at peak times in the city centre they run every 5 minutes.

There are plans for two more tram routes - one to Clifton via Wilford and one to Chilwell via Beeston and QMC.

THE TRAM.NET - Nottingham Express Transit

NET and our environment

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Trams are powered by electricity from overhead wires and are therefore a sustainable method of travel which does not cause local pollution. Our trams use far less fuel per passenger than cars or buses and when they brake we put electricity back into the system which further improves energy efficiency.

By providing fast, reliable and attractive public transport with priority over traffic at junctions, NET encourages people to leave their cars at home or at our five large park and ride sites. Each tram can carry over 200 passengers - equal to nearly 3 double-decker buses or 2 bendy-buses. A significant number of motorists have transferred to the tram already, cutting congestion by a predicted 2 million journeys a year.

Fewer cars and buses mean less congestion and local pollution.


Throughout the construction phase of NET, the project has been involved in the protection of nature and natural features.

Rare plants such as Common Broomrape were relocated to local nature reserves with the assistance of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Black Redstarts and bat species were protected in an old railway viaduct which was scheduled for demolition.

Water voles and crested newts were protected at a number of sites along the route.

Trees were lost during construction, however two new trees were planted for every one lost and, through sensible hard and soft landscaping, we have enhanced the areas that the tram runs through.


Since opening, NET has continued to work in close liaison with the Environment Agency to ensure that we use environmentally friendly weedkilling agents, with special provisions in place at outfalls and rivers.

At the depot, previously a contaminated industrial site, we regularly monitor water run-off and gas emissions to avoid polluting local watercourses.

THE TRAM.NET - Nottingham Express Transit

People with restricted mobility, sight impairment or hearing difficulties all benefit from the design of NET which is the first UK tram system to start public service fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Our trams are 100% low floor throughout - so no steps to negotiate anywhere and there is only a small gap between our trams and the tramstop platforms.

Four sets of wide double doors with white strips for enhanced visibility feature on each tram, with warning sounds for when doors are opening and closing.

The floor colourings are darker in front of doors, making the area clearly visible and the extra space near the doors allows easy movement on and off the tram for wheelchairs or powered mobility scooters.

There are two dedicated wheelchair spaces with help buttons and stop request buttons at the right height. The tram driver has CCTV cameras to be sure all passengers are on or off before closing the doors and setting off.

Electronic signs and audible announcements communicate the tram's destination and the next stop. Conductors are on board to issue tickets and provide help if needed.

All platforms are laid out in the same way with electronic displays providing real-time timetable information: 'the next tram will be along in two minutes', help points to talk to the control room, which has a CCTV view of the stop and shelters including passenger information.

The Nottingham Tram timetable is also available in other formats including braille.

To request a copy of the NET timetable, e-mail [email protected] or telephone NET Customer Services on 0115 942 7777

Park and Ride Accessibility

There are a total of over 100 parking spaces for disabled motorists close to the tram stop at all five Park and Ride sites:

Wilkinson Street 41

Hucknall 14

Moor Bridge   6

Phoenix Park 19

The Forest 24

(Bulwell) (3)

NCT Bus Accessibility

80% of NCT buses already have low floor entrances, with the aim of the entire fleet having low floor entrances by 2007. For information about which routes are operated with low  floor buses, please check

THE TRAM.NET - Nottingham Express Transit

Arrow Light Rail Ltd is a special purpose company formed to design, build, fund, operate and maintain Line One of Nottingham Express Transit (NET). Arrow is owned by five partners, each bringing their own particular skill and expertise to the organisation:

The Promoters of the scheme, jointly Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council, awarded a private finance initiative (PFI) concession to Arrow for a period of 30.5 years - the largest local authority PFI deal ever completed.

Arrow let a 3.5 year fixed price turnkey contract to the Bombardier Carillion consortium for the design and construction of the tram system. Bombardier provided the trams, power, signalling and communications systems, and Carillion the civil engineering, track and tramstops.

Arrow has also let a contract to the Nottingham Tram Consortium (NTC), comprising Transdev and Nottingham City Transport, who will operate and maintain the system for 27 years.

Nottingham Tram Consortium is an unincorporated joint venture. It is an equal partnership between:

Nottingham City Transport Limited

Lower Parliament Street



Registered company number: 2004967


Transdev Tram UK Limited

Garrick House

74 Chiswick High Road


W4 1SY

Registered company number: 3672941

Bus and rail connections!!

Among the benefits NET will deliver to the people of Nottingham are:

•€ the first tram system in Nottingham since 1936

•€ reduced congestion by taking up to 2 million car journeys off the road

•€ five park and ride stops and bus and rail interchanges

•€ sophisticated real time information systems

•€ conductors on each tram to assist passengers

Transdev press statement, 02 March 2004, Christopher Ford

Communications and Marketing Manager

Transdev plc

Tel:020 8400 6687 Fax: 020 8943 2688

Email: [email protected]

One Year on and the Nottingham Tram is Delivering!

NOTTINGHAM, England, March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Nottingham's tram today announces target-busting first year patronage figures. 8.4 million journeys have been taken on the system since opening and this is well above even the most optimistic targets.

Twenty per cent of passengers use the 3,000 Park & Ride site spaces along the route and over 30% of passengers have transferred from cars to use the system. Sixty per cent of tickets are 'multi-modal' - bus and tram joint tickets. Significant usage by mobility impaired passengers is evident.

A recent independent customer satisfaction survey also showed that the vast majority (99%) of passengers are very positive about the system, with only 1% dissatisfied.

The establishment of NET and the coordination of services and ticket between bus, train and tram, has helped to increase public transport use in the corridor by around 20% at peak times. Survey results are indicating that traffic has reduced by about 8-9% in the inner area of the NET corridor although other factors, not just the tram, will have contributed to this.

There are also signs of regeneration and inward investment along the route, with shops, hotels, housing and bars and restaurants being developed close to tram stops. Developers of one mixed-use city centre development said: "If we hadn't got the tram I'm not sure we would have done the scheme."

NET Line One was developed by Arrow on behalf of Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council as part of their acclaimed joint Local Transport Plan and boasts many of the features the Government wants to see in tramways (e.g. Park & Ride, integration, segregation from/priority over traffic).

It's hoped the success of Line One bodes well for Phase Two plans, doubling the size of the system and spreading its benefits south and west of the city. On the day of its anniversary, NET representatives will be giving evidence at a Parliamentary Transport Committee investigating the development of UK tram systems, arguing that Nottingham points the way forward.

NET Development Board Chairman Councillor John Taylor said: "We are thrilled with how popular NET has so quickly become, how reliable and convenient the service is and with the evident knock-on benefits that can seen along the route with new developments and investment. It has renewed a sense of pride and ambition in the city and presents a positive image of Nottingham.

"It is very pleasing to be able to say one year on that we have exceeded our first year passenger targets and shown that NET Line One is a well planned and well run tramway which stands us in good stead for receiving the go-ahead for Phase Two, which similarly presses all the right buttons in terms of what the Government is looking for in tramways."

Colin Lea, marketing manager for NET said: "These first year results are fantastic. It is a testament to our hard-working staff and our track record for reliability that we have been able to achieve so much. Thank you also to all our loyal passengers, many of whom have swapped their cars to the tram."

Notes to Editors:

- NET Line One runs from Hucknall, through Bulwell, Basford and Hyson Green before reaching the city centre and terminating at Nottingham railway station. There is also a spur to a Park and Ride site just off the M1 (Junction 26) at Phoenix Park.

- NET was officially launched by Minister for Transport Alistair Darling MP on March 8th and opened to passengers on 9th March 2004.

- There are 23 stops, including 6 with Park and Ride Sites (Hucknall, Moor Bridge, Bulwell (small site), Wilkinson Street, The Forest and Phoenix Park) providing 3,000 parking spaces.

- The system is served by a fleet of 15 modern and stylish trams, with 100% low floor throughout, level access at platforms and providing a smooth and swift ride for up to 200 passengers each.

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