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I graduated with a Diploma certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from local private college in year 1990 and started to gain my working experience in the Mechanical and Electrical building construction sector since then. My working training began with working as a mechanical draughtsperson and mechanical designer. After three (3) years, I switched my professionalism to electrical discipline till to-date. In December 2000, I continued my study through part-time in Electrical Engineering degree course with Open University Malaysia (METEOR). Due to in-sufficient engineering student, experience lecturers and study materials, university has decided to close down the engineering department. All engineering student were transferred to continue study at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The transferred period took about a year. I completed my degree course in December 2006. In March 2007, I obtained my degree qualification in Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours). I registered with BEM as a graduate engineer in 09 October 2007. I became graduate member of IEM in 21 January 2008.


January 2007 - April 2007 Passed UTM degree examination in Electrical

[After graduated] Engineering in December 2006 and worked with MEP Engineering Sdn Bhd as an electrical engineer

May 2007 - July 2010 Joined ISMAIL DAN RAKAN-RAKAN as a senior electrical engineer









MAY 2007 - JULY 2010 (38 Months)

Job title : Senior Electrical Engineer


Design/Office - 14 Months

Site/Field - 15 Months

Planning/Management - 20 Months

Other Engineering Works - 20 Months

ISMAIL DAN RAKAN-RAKAN is a Mechanical and Electrical consulting firm in mixed development projects and building services. It has been established since year 1984. Previously, this company also consists of Civil and Structural department. In present, there are twenty-five (25) nos. of staff, which listed as below:

Job Title No. of Person

Director (Mechanical Professional Engineer) 1

Director (Electrical Professional Engineer) 1

Mechanical Engineer 3

Electrical Engineer 2

Mechanical Resident Engineer 2

Electrical Resident Engineer 2

Mechanical Clerk of Work 3

Electrical Clerk of Work 3

Draughtperson 5

Administration Staff 3

I am hired at ISMAIL DAN RAKAN-RAKAN as a senior electrical engineer. Nature of projects which I involved in is as follow:

Multi-storey highrise government building

Housing project

Shopping complex

4 storey government foodcourt


Up-grading Earthing system for bank


UiTM hostel building

Auditing existing government building


My job functions at ISMAIL DAN RAKAN-RAKAN could generally be classified under the following categories:-

Planning of project.

Design main electrical installation system.

Project electrical load estimation.

Project cost estimation.

Design calculations, such as electrical load, lux level, voltage drop and etc.

Attend meeting.

To advise client on project electrical services matters.

Liaison with authorities, client, other discipline consultants, contractor, supplier, manufacturer and etc.

Prepare tender drawings and documents.

Evaluate and write tender reports.


Project coordination.

Site inspection for electrical installation works.

Factory testing, either at local and/or oversea.

To review contractor submitted drawings, materials, documents, sample boards, progress claim and etc.

To guide, teach and motivate young engineer and draughtperson.

To review the check/test result of the electrical works as submitted by the electrical contractor.

Ensure the electrical works carried out by the electrical contractor in accordance with the contract and compliance with the contemporary relevant design code of practices and By-Laws.


In order to have good and proper planning, I need to fully and carefully understand the client's requirements. Several meetings and discussion among client, building architect, civil and structural engineer, quantity surveyor, interior designer, ICT consultant, landscape architect and extra will be carried-out. Then, design brief will be detailed out for client review and confirm. This will reduce chances of having major changes to the proposed development which might create unforeseen problem during design and construction stage, such as increase cost and delay in completion of work, which may eventually lead to compromise on the quality of work.

Beside design requirements, cost estimations based on different type of design system will be worked-out and forwarded to client, I will present my design to client for review and also pro-con of different design for client understanding. Based on the input and pro-con comparison, client will be able to make a decision based on the budget allocated.


A good design is not only just emphasis safety, robustness and cost but it should include design for durability and efficiency in use and easy maintenance. Design should be practical and cost effective and compliance to standards and local's authorities' requirement.

Design electrical installation systems including:-

Electrical schematic design.

Electrical installation layout.

Electrical load calculations.

Electrical installation details.

Lightning protection layout.

Telecommunication schematic design.

Telecommunication layout.

Data system

Public address (PA) layout and schematic.

Satellite master antenna television (SMATV) layout and schematic.

All electrical designs are based on Malaysian Standards (MS), JKR, IEC, BS, IEEE Regulation, Electrical Supply Act, Uniform Building By-Laws, DOE, TNB, Telekom and etc.

Client's requirement is also taken into account.

Beside Telekom standard, Telecommunication designs are also based on the requirements of the Service Providers.


I am also involved in the preparation of tender documents, drawings and reports. A tender evaluation report would be prepared and submitted to the Employer for perusal after the tender had closed. This tender evaluation report would cover the arithmetical check on all the items listed bills of quantity, compliance of equipment offered, pricing of all major equipment, a comparison between tenderers and finally a recommendation. When tender evaluation is carried-out at the high security closed room, whereby nothing is allow to bring along, experience and knowledge of material proposed and material unit rate given by tenderers must be sufficient. I have experienced it during my tender evaluation for Putrajaya Holding project.

Prior to the tender award, a tender interview between the consultant, employer and short listed tenderers would be held. The purpose of this meeting would be to clarify and to ensure tenderers have fully understand to the contract requirements, such as compliance of specification. After the tender interview and confirmation from tenderers, a supplementary tender report that would include a final recommendation would be prepared and sent to the employer.

Contract documents would be compiled after confirmation from the employer and the issuance of letter of acceptance to the successful tenderer.


I am responsible for the administration of the projects which includes the following:-

Preparation and monitoring of submissions to local approving authorities, such as TNB, Telekom, Jabatan Kerja Awam (Street Lighting) and etc.

Before official drawings submission to various discipline authorities, discussion with authorities will be carried-out in order to understand better their requirements, other than the authorities' standard requirements.

Supervision of the entire electrical installation.

For project site, it will be managed and supervised by the resident engineer or site supervisor and clerk-of-work. But on-off, I will went to site for checking.

In the office, young engineer and senior designer will assist me in project supervision.

Attending various meeting as mentioned below:

Client-consultant meeting

Design and technical meeting

Site progress meeting

Meeting with authorities

Solving site problems that may arise.

Certification of contractors' progress claims.

Arrangement of TNB Substation handing over inspection by TNBD.

Arrangement of street lighting handing over inspection by JKA, Lampu Awam.

Jointing client, consultant and contractor site inspection.

Testing of the electrical and telephone installation.

All the projects that I handled and supervised were overseen by the director. Periodically I would brief the director of project progress and would propose solutions to the site problems that arose during the course of the project.


I also conduct in-house training for my staff. This will provide motivation for staff and improve their knowledge in engineering. From the training I have given to them, I encounter that for draughtpersons, they are very weak in technical knowledge because all the time they just follow instruction given by engineers, without asking question. Where else for young engineers, they are good in theoretical engineering knowledge. Therefore, I will encourage draughtpersons to question and to give engineer more engineering management and practical engineering knowledge. At the same time, I can refresh my theoretical engineering knowledge and learn more Autocad skill from engineers and draughtpersons, in case under certain consequences I have to do drawing by myself.


Problem No.1

The client had complaint that few floors distribution board in his rented office block tripped very frequent within a month, and his chargeman has reported that power supply voltage was too high, which was beyond the tolerance rating. These problems had affected their business operation and cause financial loses. The building is located at Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

Solution No.1

An investigation had been carried out by revealing and rectifying the entire building earthing system and collecting voltage data from major equipments, such as transformers, main switchboard, sub-switchboards, distribution boards, generator sets, UPS units, chillers and etc. After investigation, I notice that the existing earthing chamber for building earthing system has been removed. There was no replacement of the earthing chamber. Further, certain length of copper tape, which was part of the earthing system at Basement car park, also been stolen. Since there is no earth continuity, any leakage current which exit the permissible tripping current (mA) of RCCB will definitely causes DB tripping. And also through investigation and measurement data, high voltage rating was due to high voltage from TNB 11 kV incoming supply. I advise the client to engage qualify contractor to replace the missing and damage earthing conductor, earthing chamber and other faulty earthing component. I also advise client to get a competent person to do tap changing at two (2) nos transformer in order to reduce the high voltage. After all this replacement installation works and transformer tapping adjustment, there was no more distribution board tripping case happen and the client was very satisfied and happy.

Problem No.2

A technician carried out maintenance work on a malfunction fluorescent light fitting in a meeting room. He had detected that one of the lamp holder was faulty and needed to replace with a new one. While dismantling the faulty lamp holder, the office, corridor and the meeting room black out.

Solution No.2

The RCCB had tripped. I turned on the RCCB and the electricity resumed. The technician told that both the MCB and the lighting switch had been turned off prior to the maintenance work. After my investigation, I found that the black color of neutral wire was left tangling without any PVC tapping on the termination point. This could be the very high possibility of neutral wire "touching the casing" or "neutral short to earth" and the RCCB had captured it by tripping. I had advised all the engineering staffs to be aware of tapping the neutral wire during maintenance works to avoid RCCB tripping and power interruption to other departments.

Problem 3

The client had complaint that the electricity supply cannot be restored due to faulty RCCB whenever there was a thunderstorm with lightning strike within the residential area at Bangsar Height, Bandar Seri Kembangan.

Solution 3

An investigation had been carried out by revealing the internal components with the RCCB supplier and found that the imitation of RCCB has been installed. The supplier explained that all imitation RCCBs uses electronic type it comprises electronic PCB board and a low quality ZCT core, it can be easily damaged by higher surge voltage generated by lightning. For electromagnetic type of RCCB, it comprises a high quality ZCT and this ZCT will send a difference of current (mA) in the event of a leakage to trigger a micro relay to switch off the RCCB. Finally all imitation RCCBs had been replaced with RCCB comply with IEC 1008.


During the thirty-eight months of post-graduate working experience, and my total working experience is twenty (20) years, I have been exposed to all aspects of engineering and have the skills to achieve professional status by IEM and BEM. I believe that all these skills will help me further enhance my competency as a professional.