Referring The Site Visit Conducted Inside University Construction Essay

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Site mobilization is the process of allocate staff, install equipment and materials at the construction site and it's about how to manage it. Construction process planning is the most important manner to be considered in any processes. The construction processes can be efficiently work and done punctually by an effective planning. Site mobilisation must get the permission from Dewan Bandaraya before the construction can be carry on. The 2 aspects that compose site mobilization are closely related and must be work properly together. They are field site support and personnel factors.

Field site support:


It is necessary nowadays to have communication devices that make information are building up and transmitting intelligence that will meet the requirements of the site. Communication should occur especially between project managers to the suppliers. So that the raw materials are truly or systematically arrange to the site. This communication can be done in various ways such as by voice, information reports by utilizing data such as by telephone or by faxed. The condition nowadays in Malaysia, it is not the issues about the communication problems occur although in the inner area because of technology ware extended widely.


Transportation is the main idea that should be considered. It is necessary to have good planning to make sure every movement inside and outside the construction area managed properly and not cause jammed. Every elements and raw materials need to be transfer from the supplier to the construction site. Also, the vehicles such as builder plants and equipments should be run properly and efficiently at the site.


Its purpose is to supply electricity to the site so that works on site can be done easily due to most equipments require electric. Power supply that is convenient for site should be gasoline/diesel operated generators. The electric will not only help the site equipments to be functional, but also lights for darkness, for office uses such as computers, air conditions, etc.

Heavy equipment

It is necessary to have planning before any heavy material going to use for the construction. The cost, size of the equipment, importance, work scopes and whatever necessary should be think first. It is not easy to bring and install any heavy equipment and it is involved big amount of money and also big value of money.


Workshop is the place where the labour or the construction workers done their works such as woodworking shop and metal shop. This workspace can be combined and maybe separated each other based on the space at the construction site.

Water system

Water must be provided to the site either from brought in truck or pumped from rivers/lake nearby the site location. The water system must be properly install and maintain. The water should also be analyze and treated from bacteria/germs and be free from any chemical substance or poisoning stuff. There are many purposes the water is used in construction process such as watering the floor to avoid the flyaway dust, for the concrete mixture, and also for the usage of the workers or labours.

Fire protection and first aid facilities

Fire fighting equipment must be prepared and sufficient at the site. This could be use for any emergency at the site. For examples, fire extinguisher, water resource and carbon dioxide tanks. First aid kit also must to be prepared at the site for any injuries that might occur at the site. For 5 to 50 workmen on the site, a first aid boxes must provided on the site. As for more than 50 workmen, a first aid room and a person trained in first aid must be provided on site.

Personnel factors:


Food is the most importance elements for the workers for their energy. As the contractor, they should take the responsibility to make sure their workers are in best conditions and healthy situation. The food should be supplied anytime applicable also with the drinking water for them. If the site is near to the food stall or restaurants, that is not become the big problem. But when the construction site is far from any human activities, the contractor should think about it.


Housing for labour is also to be build if the labours are instructed to stay at site. Enough room for accommodation is important. Maximum and minimum labour and site staff numbers must be assessed so that the optimum facilities can be provided to satisfy the safety, health and welfare Acts and Regulations, and to conform to the agreements incorporated in the appropriate Working Rule Agreements. For labours, canteen and rest room, drying room, first-aid room, and toilets and washing facilities should best be provided.

Medical facilities

The construction site itself is the dangerous area. Many accidents occur and there are involving many labours. So, it is necessary to have medical facilities and maybe the experiences doctor can comes to treat the workers. First aid should be bought to the site to prepare the unnecessary and emergency things that going to be occurring.

2.) Discuss the project site layout plan in relation to site efficiency (material, labour and machineries)

By referring to the plan in the appendix, the site efficiency for new faculty construction site is not at its best performance and efficient. There are some reasons for this statement:

Large turning circle for heavy vehicles are not provided at the site. This will make delivery of materials with heavy large vehicles a bit difficult to make a turning and exit.

Hoardings are built, this means no admittance. But the hoardings at the site are not properly covering the construction site. There are holes and gaps between the hoardings which can be entered by trespassers.

Security guards are not assigned to secure the perimeter of the site. Security measures are a bit low on the site.

The temporary site office is located near to the construction area, this will cause disturbance to the staffs working in the office.

The toilets on the site are not separated by gender. It is not convenient for the female staffs.

However, there are some advantages of this site:

The accommodation is far from the storage facilities, which means far from flammable items.

Accommodation and resting area are near to the construction area.

Storage facilities should be near to the entrance so that transfers of materials from delivery vehicles are easier. In the site, the storage rooms are near to the entrance and the construction area.

The machinery parking area is near to the entrance. So, the machines can easily enter to the construction site and exit. Besides that, the parking area is near to the construction area and it is very convenient to move the machines to there.

The site has proper footpath and road surfaces.

The site has an open sump which uses to wash the tyres of the vehicles entered before exit.

3.) Describe any improvement methods in improving the said site.

Due to the site inefficiency stated in answer 2, we can carry out some improvements to bring out a better construction site. Based on the surface area of the site, we cannot make a large turning circle but there is another way. The width of the road can be increase so that the heavy large vehicles can make a turning more easily and exit.

The problem of holes and gaps between the hoardings can be solved easily. It can be solved by re-establish the hoardings. The hoardings need to be arrange packed and uniformly so that no holes and gaps between the hoardings.

The low security measures of construction site may become a serious problem. The security booth only set up at the entrance. It may be dangerous due to the loose guard such as suffer loss by theft. However, the surface area of this site not allows a second set up of the security booth. But this problem can be solved by frequently and effectively patrol of security guards.

Next, the disturbance to the staffs working in the office due to the sound pollution of the construction area is quite trouble. The staffs cannot carry out their work properly and peace in the condition of sound pollution. If the temporary site office is build in addition of sound insulation, this problem can be reduce to minimum.

The toilets on the construction site should be separated by gender. This will be more convenient to female staffs because the structure of toilet is different due to the dissimilar demand of female and male. Lastly, a good site mobilization needs to plan by professional site managers. So, in order to carry out a good site mobilization, the client can straight hires a professional site manager or offers some training to the present manager. Besides that, labour skill is very important. Although the skilled labour will demand a higher salary, but it's worth because skilled labour can ensure a good construction site and done the work sharp on time. So, it will prevent unnecessary loss.