Recycling Project Of Marks And Spencers Construction Essay

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In this assignment, there is a fine analysis of a Marks & Spencer's waste and recycling project. As I was required to choose a company's project to clear the vision of leadership and team building in that particular project so I decided to go for Marks & Spencer's waste and recycling project as this is a proper example of leadership skills and interconnected relation of team building. Within the large organization to successfully achieve the task and gets the best possible results from start till the process completion of recycling unit.

Firstly there is an introduction of the project then I tried to describe the project manager, leadership and team building process that how these steps influence the whole project of an organization.

Secondly, I described the project that how it is going through its life cycle and how it influence our daily routine lives. Thirdly, I defined the project management role in the project. I showed how Marks & Spencer collect the rubbish and do recycling. There are different steps I have shown that how this project is being tackle.

After analyzing the whole project I make some recommendations to the company and write the conclusion as I think is good for the project to go on.

According to the task given, I have to study and choose such type of organization, which consists of leadership skills force and have very strong team building approach. A project leader should clear in his mind in all aspect of the project before starting of the project till to its successful completion.

Without an effective team building none of the project can be run, implemented and not even create. It is the duty of the leader to analyze the subject, implement the guidelines and create a bond within the organization or outside organization for successful project completion.

I choose Marks & Spencer's waste and recycling project as it is a very big organization and one of the leading multinational companies. In this project I found very strong management in accordance to the leadership within the relationship of very strong team building.

In this project I can find and learn many more things like how to organize a team to manage different tasks of a project so a project go to its success point.

Project Manager

Project Manager is a professional in project management field who owns the major responsibilities such as initiation, planning, executing and closedown of any particular project. Approximately in every organisation project they have project manager who manage the whole project with every possible way.

Marks & Spencer is a project manager of waste and recycling project in UK. M & S had tried its best to improve the recycling procedures in all over the UK.


A project leader is the person who leads the project team; he/she is the person who negotiates with the members and also with the management. Project leader has the role of a documenter, communicator, and negotiator. A project leader finds the breakdowns and barriers, he/she has to manage the expectations of the management along with the team members, and he/she cannot surprise the management and has to handle the situations on his/her own. Not only the project leader has responsibilities towards his/ her team, but the team members also has to give respect to the project leader, listen to him/her. He/she is a very visible part of the team who has to be followed (Moulton 2006).

A project leader plays a very important role in the achievement of a project. People have the perception that when it comes to the project or project leader or manager, comes the budgets and other tools such as schedules and cost. But the success comes because of the people i.e. project leaders and the team members and not only other tools. Team members are very important for a project leader. If there are no good members in a team, there is no use of other good tools and procedures for the project. The leaders, who are successful in leading, understand that team members need to be leaded; they are very different from other tools (Petersen 2009).

Team Building

The success of a project depends on having the right centre team. The development of team circles around five stages. These stages include forming of a project team, storming, norming of a project team, and performing.

It helps a great deal to have some basic sense for the life of a team. Teams go through several major phases including the following:


In the initial stage of forming of a team, the members do not know about what they have to do, they do not know each other, they do not know the functions of other member or the project leader. The completion of the stage of forming is done when the team member accept and see each others as one group or team (Salas 2007).


In the second stage of storming, the team members sort out their places as members of the team, they are relaxed and comfortable enough to participate when the opinions are being given. They even can challenge the authority and recommendations of the project leader at this stage. At this stage conflicts start to rise in most of the cases because of the dissatisfaction of some of the members who may challenge the style and role of the project leader. These conflicts are called the intra group conflicts (Salas 2007).


The third stage is the stage of norming of the team. At this stage, the team members start to apply their experiences of past for the solutions of the problems in teams and for the project, this also helps them to maintain the cohesiveness of the team. The member at this stage are able to handle different conflicts, they can take better decisions, and they can understand the vision and are able to circulate among the methods of effective accomplishment of the project (Salas 2007).


At the stage of performing, the team is now synchronised, they have cleared about the project tasks and now they are ready to show the results. In fact, they have already started to produce the results at this stage. They have learned to work together and to manage intra group conflicts and to give their contribution for the purpose and objective if the project and the team (Salas 2007).

Company's Brief History

With more than 120 years of heritage, Marks & Spencer is one of the well recognized British retailers. The M & S has more than 500 stores within the UK and has more than 75,000 employers across the UK. M & S also operates in the International Market, where it has a developing business in some places as far as Hong Kong.

In recent years, the UK's retailing industry has been characterized by forceful competition. Consumers are more conscious of where and how they feel like to shop. They also know what kind of shopping understanding they require. This has made it much more complicated for retailers to carry on.

Project planning is very essential part of a project management, there are different steps in this planning that we have to make Gantt charts to plan and also subsequently reports progress within the project environment.

At first stage, project scope should be described and also the appropriate methods for the completion of project should be defined completely.

After this stage, are recorded at different times of the tasks necessary to complete the work and assembled in the work breakdown structure. At this stage it may be optimal for the project plan to achieve an appropriate balance between resource utilization and project duration to meet the project objectives. Once established and accepted, and the plan becomes what is called the baseline. And progress will be measured throughout the project.

The five year delivery strategy

M&S recognise the challenge in sending zero waste to landfill. For this reason, the approach will be to continually improve the waste performance on an annual basis. Continuous improvement will promote M&S as a UK leader in waste minimisation and an exemplar retailer in successfully reducing waste and their carbon footprint.

M&S will utilise the BRE's SMART Waste data application to collate fortnightly waste data collection, generate reports, reconcile waste data in Site Waste Management Plans and assist in formulating KPIs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover

M&S are committed to incorporating the waste hierarchy as a waste management and minimisation strategy. Applying the 4 R's is part of the functionality of the SWMP, offering designers and contractors real opportunities to challenge material selection, design and layout, and incorporate Life Cycle Analysis into material selection. It also gives onsite operations the practical know-how to store and segregate waste to achieve overall best practice waste management.