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This is the proposal of the restaurant naming Food Inn that will be located in the coastline of Dubai. We, as business owners, have a vested stake and financial commitment in the success of this restaurant. Food Inn Restaurant is the project with innovative design of a restaurant building in the sea which will display a refreshment unique site for its potential customers. The project comprise of four important phases includes environmental evolution in which preconstruction test will be planned and the next phase is of resource management, then third phase of project design will be planned in which important operations of the project perceived and the last phase consist of building structure of the restaurant. The complete implementation plan defines the deliverables of the project and their estimated costs and timelines. The deliverables then divided in to further activities that need to be achieved with associated cost and expected time to complete the phases. The implementation plans further divide in different steps the required to be manage effectively these steps explains the Project management, Governance Proper planning, Effective resource management, Risk Management, Stake holders role and responsibilities and Review, monitoring and evaluation. All these steps will be study which also defines the procurement management plan and role and responsibilities of the stakeholders. In the end the paper is concluded with the establishment of successful termination of this construction project.


The project of Food Inn is the project of unique design and innovative idea of its own king it is the construction of restaurant along the coastal area of Dubai. The main focus of the project is to construct the restaurant building above the sea water that looks like a small flower in water. The basic idea delivers a unique implementation plan that is required in order to successful completion of the restaurant. The major deliverables are given in the table with estimated cost associated with it.

Table of Project deliverables, timelines, and estimated costs



Expected Cost ($)

Expected Time

1-Environment Evaluation

Research and development


3 Months

Hiring external and internal consultants


Research estimations of near population and marine life


Pre construction testing of humidity. Quality of Sand, wind pressure etc


2- Resources management

Manage bulk of sand, concrete and rocks


1 Months

Hire engineers and operational staff


Hire management and administrative staff and consultants


Boats, barges and dredgers freight


Construction machinery and equipment


3- Restaurant design

Preparation of Map for flower shape design


6 Months

Sea water break


Sand positioning at exact location and plant construction at sea


Under ground power lines


Pipe line system


Transportation network along sea


4- Restaurant Building structure

Entrance, dinning, kitchen, rest room Bar and other building sections


2 Months

12 Months


Parking Area




Implementation Plan:

The implementation planning carried out in order to ensure that the outcomes of the project must be delivered successfully. Some projects are risky enough that the proper implementation planning is necessary for it so get the successful result of the project. The project of Food Inn restaurant is a mega project and risky enough so the proper planning and implementation is important for the project successful outcomes. The basic purpose of implementation planning is the effective implementation of policies and procedures and uses the best approach, skills and effective management in all these given areas in order to achieve the expected outcomes. The effective implementation planning is required in following areas in order to get the expected outcomes of this project.

Project Management


Proper planning

Effective resource management

Risk Management

Stake holders role and responsibilities

Review, monitoring and evaluation

Project Management and Governance:

The first and foremost step for project planning is the selection of management for the project. It is the most controversial to choose the appropriate management for the project because the food Inn is the one of an innovative project of its own type and required the close consideration of policies, procedures and risk management from the management side. In this phase of planning the first step will be the selection of Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) for the project who will lead the project. The person will be selected who will be able to handle the responsibility for effective move of the project from initiation to completion. Implementation Planning Manager will be hired for the regular project planning of restaurant. Middle line and bottom line management will be planned and selected in order to make the project effective operations. Construction master minds will be selected in this stage. Corporate governance policies, rules and standard will be selected in order to carry out the plan of work with proper accountability and transparency (Globerson & Zwikael, 2002). The risk associated with the restaurant project construction will properly govern and transparent actions will be required as high cost is associated with this project.

Proper Planning:

It is the main theme if the project which includes restaurant proper planning that needs to adopt in order to ensures the clear future of the project. Food Inn restaurant based on an innovative idea if its construction on the coastal area of Dubai has its own basics requirement that need to be full fill with the effective planning of polices procedures, important deliverables, cost and timeline of the project in an effective manner.

The most important thing to be considered is the benefits that can be attain from the project completion. Food Inn project associated with a list of project benefits that is associated with it including unique design, construction quality, proper scheduling, resource management, different Idea (Posner, 1987). All these benefits make the restaurant able to create differentiation and benefits are measurable in the form of future expected return.


The important part of planning is the planning of deliverables produced in the project with set of activities produced with it. Food Inn is the restaurant project with its key deliverables includes the pre construction tests, resource utilization, restaurant unique design, and building structure. All these key factors are important for project completion. Total four phases of the planning will be implemented in which all the deliverables will be produced and implemented (Go, Milne, & Whittles, 1992). These deliverables will breakdown in further activities in order to make the deliverables able to achieve. The list of deliverables and the activities associated with it is given in the table.

Phase 1:

The first phases include environmental evaluation. Restaurant can not take its initial step if it will not check the environmental sustainability as the restaurant is planned to design in coastal area of Dubai premises and the critical factors that have major influence on restaurant were the humid atmosphere, sand miniaturization, and sea water sustainability for the creation of a big restaurant above the sea. It is the big issue of concern. The first and foremost step is the delivery of restaurant environmental evaluation report that will show the restaurant suitability and sustainability to construct above the sea level. The next deliverable can not be produced with out this delivery process.

Phase 2:

The second phase of restaurant includes the planning and delivery of important resources required in the project. For the implementation of the project the resource utilization in such a big amount is necessary. The important activities in this phase are to make sure about the availability of large amount of sand that can sustain with water of Dubai coast. The next activity is the availability of Concrete and rocks in large bulk. Large number of small and big boats and ships, draggers and other construction machinery is managed in this phase. Highly qualified staff and management will be hired to carry out the successful implementation. World class engineers is planned to hire because of the unique nature of project.

Phase 3:

Phase 3 is the phase of restaurant design. The design of plant with shape of flower with in water is the basic deliverable that will be produced in this phase. The activities for the delivery of an effective design of restaurant include (a) 5Km wide breakdown of water along sea. (b) Layer of concrete and rocks in sea depth (c) 54 million cubic meters of sand fixation in water (d) installation of power line system in plant (e) pipe line system installation in plant (e) Wide transportation network along the sea to connect with land.

Phase 4:

Building construction is the last phase where a grand building structure will be established. Deliverable in this phase includes activities related to construction of restaurant essentials areas including (a) building Basics (b) Entrance (c) Lobby (d) Dinning (e) Bar (f) Kitchen (g) Management and Staff offices (h) Food store (i) Restaurant Open air (j) parking area

Schedule Implementation:

On time delivery of project is the critical factor of the planning. Realistic approach is used to plan the time line with the actual capacity to produce with in expected time limit. First phase is the critical phase on basis of which the other phase will be accomplish. 3 month time period will be scheduled and second phase associated with the time limit of 1 month for the arrangement of resources. Third face is the long face as it required the basic operational activities of construction a base line of restaurant in the sea. 6 month time period is associated with it. Last phase is the building structure formulation which needs two month for completion with usage of large labor force under the supervisions of engineers.

Cost Implementation Plan:

Cost is planned to divide in sub activities of the deliverables the first phase required the cost expected to be &165,000 as it is the basic area where foreign experts will hire. The fee for these experts cost high. Research, surveys and testing all bear cost to check the land sustainability.

Second phase bear the highest cost among all other phases as all the resource will be managed in this phase.

Third phase is the main operational phase. Freight, rent, labor wages will be paid in this phase in the supervision of management.

Forth phase includes building structure the cost least as it comprised on the basis of resources created in phase 2.

Resource Management:

Implementation plan includes resource management plan depend on total resources available. Restaurant project includes financial as well as non financial resources in it. Some resources will be internalized weather other will be outsourced as well in order to complete the project successfully (Fleming, 2003). The procurement management plan is required in it.

Procurement Management Plan:

Procurement is required where there is the need for substantial expertise and capital items. Project of Food Inn required the procurement management planning in order to meet the large expertise and capital requirement in effective manner. The procurement management plan of Food Inn contains following steps.

Make list of raw material requirements

Develop bids from bidders for raw material,

Contrast bids

Give orders to suppliers

Transportation and logistic management.

Transport and receive the material

Maintain in ware houses

Release to construction

Risk Management:

The implementation plan will have an important contribution of risk management as the large pace of restaurant include big investment risk and the risk is associated with the operational procedures. Management and expert's ability will count in this phase.

Stakeholders' Role and Responsibilities:

Recognized stakeholders fro the project of Food Inn restaurant are all the consultants, experts, management, administrative staff, engineers, labor force, investors, potential customers of the restaurant and all the surrounding population effected from the project (Cervone, 2006). The shared responsibility of all the stake holders is required in the successful accomplishment of project. Communication about importance of the project is important to share project success.

Review Monitoring and Evaluation:

The last step for successful implementation is to make a review plan for all the steps to ensures the effective implementation of project within specified time period of one year and with in the planned budget of $1,000,000. The review plan van is made with duties assigned to the management for proper and timely review and implement control where lags will appear.

Distinguish among the Stakeholders' Key Roles and Responsibilities:

stakeholders fro the project of Food Inn restaurant are all the consultants, experts, management, administrative staff, engineers, labor force, investors, potential customers of the restaurant and all the surrounding population effected from the project. Key Responsibility of stakeholders is to understand the policies and standard of the project and cooperate and communicate with other in order to complete the project in successfully (Posner, 1987). The role of stakeholders is basically confined to the consultants, engineers and staff and management to provide services according to their job description. Stack holders should be accountable for their operations.

Project's Risks, Issues and Assumptions:

Project assumptions will be made at the first level regarding timeline of 1 year completion with 2000 expected number of employees work on the site and the cost of

$ 1,000,000 is assumed to be enough for the project completion.

Risk is associated with the cost and time management because the project is mega and unique design and proper management of project has to manage the risk effectively.

Issues can be faced regarding employee management, and meet the criteria of project completion with in the time period of one year.


The project termination with successful implementation of planning requirement and meet the cost and time management is the important. Extra ordinary management capabilities are required in the successful completion. Project termination plan should be implemented as well with the project successful completion results.