Planning To Build An Access Road Construction Essay

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The aim of the report is to initiate with a project to build an access road for a new subdivision, which is to be managed with holding an approach of preliminary planning work for the project. For such a project, type, size and location of onsite facilities, provision of utility services, access to the site and around the site, health, safety, and environmental issues are encompassed in initial project planning.

Planning to Build an Access Road

The considered project aims to build an access road for a new subdivision, which has to be connected with an existing state highway, surrounding the speed limit of 100 km/hr. Throughout the project, the workforce is found varying between 6 and 20, who will be carrying out the earthwork by utilizing excavators, rollers and truck. On the other hand, it has been observed that the project has to dispose the excess of cut material, which is to be few kilometers down the highway. The site is found holding 100 thick topsoil layers; thus, removed topsoil requires to be stockpiled, which is later replaced, certain after the earthwork is completed. The project of access road for a new subdivision is to be carried between February and May 2013.

Type, Size and Location of Onsite Facilities

By holding an aim to present a suitable onsite facilitation service to the construction team, many of the components are found to be involved in the process. Plant shut downs management, waste and recycling, security services, fire services, roadway maintenance, industrial cleaning, drain maintenance, tradesman services, dust suppression, fencing and other service required to carry the project appropriately are to be covered in the project development. As location of site presents wetland, a vertically long fill area, stream and pump station; therefore, site area needs to cover the approach that may enhance the significance of the project team with ensuring quality of construction process (United States. Bureau of Land Management. Burley District Office 2010). As the workforce vary between 6 to 20; therefore, workforce management is to be continuously worked on with acquiring sustainable strategic approach. On the other hand, it has been observed that the project needs to relocate its practices with encompassing the services of civil engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers. A few kilometers down the highway is found near the site, where cut material can be disposed of. The toilets are also to be built; which are supposed to be temporary at the suitable end of the construction site (McFadden and Bennett 1991).

Provision of Utility Services

When comes to construct an access road, provision of utility services appear doing as fundamental to modern living. By utilizing a planning point of view, utility services are found as the components of basic infrastructure. Therefore, for the considered access road project, planning of the provision utility services includes electricity supply, broadcast communications, water supply and suitable drainage services. The provision of utility services of electricity supply is to be implemented by considering the nature of the project, where its size, location and type are those factors that must be dealt with in serious considerations (Davies and Jokiniemi 2012).

By considering the electricity supply, electric substations can be used for transmitting electricity along with distributing it by different types of electric substations. Thus, CLP Power network is found involving extra high voltage substations, bulk in feed substations, primary substations and consumer’s substations. Additionally, by considering the broadcast communication system for implementing the system, workers need to use effective communication technology, which may serve in communicating with better ways. The earthwork for the project is to be carried out by trucks, rollers and excavators. Thus, it can be said that every subtask within main task of access road construction has to realize the nature of this project (Davies and Jokiniemi 2012).

Access to the Site and Around the Site

Electrical contractors are to be reminded that their responsibility is to provide a safer access to the road construction site. Thus, they need to provide clearer details of those construction sites that are unsafe to be entered. According to a general approach, construction sites are kept clean, safe and orderly along with free of toxic materials and overhead debris. Additionally, platforms, floors, exists, stairs, floors, aisles, roadways and walkways are to be build for implementing strategic and sound construction of an access road for a new subdivision. Covering the site area, dangerous projections, obstructions, debris and free of oil, grease, water or other liquids are to be monitored from the first place of entrance. On the other hand, it has been observed that the considered project has to cover those essential and fundamental strategies throughout the project implementation process, which are considered as basics in road construction processes. Thus, access to the site and around the site is supposed to be in legal ways, where legal advisor will be serving the project before it starts to initiate (McFadden and Bennett 1991).

Health and Safety

Construction of an access road is potentially hazardous occupation, which must involve different phases and parties. The contractors are required to utilize health and safety systems in that place, where IEPs own management system is complied. By introducing a handy system for better resolving the health and construction issues, there is a need to provide a common safety framework for the parties that are involved in the considered road construction project. Moreover, there is also a need to establish the health and safety obligations and responsibilities of each party, so work can be carried out within authentic and approved ethical boundaries. An effective monitoring system is also required to be incorporated throughout the construction process.

There are certain arrangements required as worksite safety plans, in which plans need to show the general arrangement of each site, which seem showing the positions of escape routes, muster points, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, safety equipment and toilets. In order to ensure the safety providence with more efficient ways, details of emergency contract, response to a fire alarm and any other local information and every that information, which may serve in any emergency situation demand to be kept as priority. Coordination with the health and safety management activities throughout the road construction procedure is required to be done; thus, for this, role of health and safety department can work appropriately along with ensuring the proper implementation of healthy and safer worksite ethics (United States. Bureau of Land Management. Burley District Office 2010).

Environmental Issues

In order to minimize environmental impacts of road construction, several of the factors are very significant to be understood, among them the link between several construction activities and possession of the potential for these activities to influence the environment are to be considered on priority basis. The environmental issues held damage to vegetation, spread of weeds, soil erosion, soil compaction, fire risk, noise disturbance, habitat disturbance and air emission. The tools and vehicles for road construction are to be environment friendly; therefore, those suppliers will be contacted that offer ecologically friendly equipments for constructing an access road. Similarly, the discussed environmental issues are actually those issues, which appear threatening the project runner company in terms of being liable for disturbing the environment, encompassing human, plants and animals’ health.

Now, moving to implement the plan that may reduce the environmental effects of road construction, construction route is to be thoroughly researched by the site manager, where identification of the limitation of vegetation clearance, significant vegetation, location for stockpiles and plant compounds if any, is truly necessary to implement environmental friendly plan. As cleanliness is always an important factor to resolve environmental hazards; therefore, it will be ensured whether machinery and equipments are clean before making them reach to the construction site. The work vehicles need to be kept within the construction area, so that the waste material cannot be spread out of the site. Additionally, throughout the construction process, waste material is to be disposed of correctly, along with controlling waste during the whole process (United States. Bureau of Land Management. Burley District Office 2010).


The paper has accomplished its task of carrying a project for an access road for a new submission. Thus, paper has been observed working as a preliminary planning for the surrounded construction project. Therefore, the paper appeared defining a brief background of the project, which was later carried out by the subdivisions of type, size and location of onsite facilities. Provision of utility services, access to the site and around the site, health and safety and environmental issues has also been covered significantly in this paper. Therefore, by utilizing the discovery of the factors, significant amount of data related to the access road construction can be observed serving the road construction projects.