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The management plan provides a framework for the projects procurement Award. It will guide the management of the entire life cycle of the procurement project, the changes in the acquisition needs to be updated. The plan identifies and determines the items purchased will be used to support the projects of the type of contract, the contract approval process and decision criteria. Coordination of procurement activities, the establishment of the company's contracts, delivery and parameters to measure the importance of procurement activities.

Procurement Management

The project manager will provide oversight and management of all procurement activities of the project. The project manager and the project team can buy the project's successful completion of all projects. Project Management Office (PMO) will be reviewed before the contract to purchase and service on the shopping list. Procurement of contracts and purchasing department will review to determine whether it is favorable or purchase items, and begin procurement, purchasing and procurement.

Purchase list

The following articles procurement is the completion of the project and the key to success. Following is a list of programs and schedules, to be submitted with the purchase and service contract PMO:



Needed By


Needed for robot testing and performing the task.

1st September 2012

Robots fabrication

Needed for manufacturing the robots mechanism.

1st December 2012


Needed for multithreading applications

10th December 2012


Needed for programming robots

3rd January 2013


Needed for multiple quadrature's

3rdJanuary 2013


Needed for driving the robot's

15thJanuary 2013


Needed for Navigation purpose

3rdJanuary 2013

Sharp IR Sensors

Needed for obstacles detection

3rdJanuary 2013

In addition to the supply point list, the following persons have the right to approve the procurement project team:

Name Role

Mr.Mhequb Hayat Project Manager

M.Mudasar Ahmed Programmer

Zafeer-ul-Hasan Hardware Technician

Rameez Siddiqui Hardware Technician

Jehanzeb Gul Programmer/Team Leader

Type of contract

The project will seek all projects and services, must be provided at a fixed price contract and the company. The project team will work with procurement contracts and services to define the elements of the type, quantity, and delivery date. Once selected vendor contracts and purchase stores from different suppliers bidding to obtain timely project, based on a fixed-price contract is fixed at a reasonable cost.


In the process of approval of the contract, the first step is to determine what kind of products or services purchased from external suppliers. This will determine the products or services, cost analysis from the purchase price of the supplier can provide internal relations. Once the cost analysis is complete, the list of goods and services purchased from outside finalized procurement and contract donations sent to an external supplier. Once the request is complete and recommendations have been received for all sellers to start the approval process. The next step in this process is to be reviewed to determine which meet all the recommendations of the standards established by the project team and the department's procurement and contract suppliers. Purchase of less than Rs 2 Lac needs the approval of the project manager, at the same time, the purchase of more than Rs 2 Lac, must be approved by the Contract Review. The contract for the Procurement Review Committee will hold a meeting to decide on the contract will be accepted. Contract Review Committee, composed of representatives of the project team, procurement and contracts department, finance, CPM.

Selection Criteria

Select the procurement standards and incentives for the project will be determined according to the following standards:

- The ability of suppliers to provide all the elements of the expected delivery date

- Quality

- Cost

- The expected date of

- Subcontracting externalize the cost comparison

- Past performance

These standards will be assessed Review Committee of the contract and / or project manager. The final decision will be based on these standards, and available resources.

Supplier Management

The project manager is responsible for the management of suppliers. In order to ensure the timely delivery of quality products from the vendor's project manager or his / her representative contracts and purchasing department and each supplier will meet weekly to discuss the progress of each project to buy. The meeting can be in person or by phone. The purpose of these meetings is to review all records for each product specifications and quality testing results. The forum will examine the development of each project or services provided, in order to ensure compliance with the specifications set out in the project. It also can be used as an opportunity to ask questions, or modify the contract or request delivery and time in advance to avoid delays. The project manager will be responsible for planning the meeting once a week, until all the items have been delivered, is acceptable.

Performance indicators

Although the procurement and contract its own the internal parameters procurement, take the following measures to establish the performance of the suppliers for the procurement activities of the project. Each indicator is rated on a scale of 1-3 as shown below:


Product Quality

On Time Delivery

Documentation Quality

Development Costs

Development Time

Cost per Unit

Transactional Efficiency

Vendor #1

Vendor #2

1 - Not satisfied

2 - Acceptable

3 - Outstanding

In addition, each vendor's score, the actual value will be pointed out, in order to establish a database, past performance, future procurement vendor selection.

Completion and Acceptance

Approved by the Project Sponsor:


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