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Executive Summary


Today the world is very busy. People have to do their woks on time; otherwise they will loss in this competitive world. To achieve the targets and make success their lives they must have quality facilities. The facilities like bridges, roads, buildings play a big role to make Easy their lives.

To built these facilities people have to use quality constructions. to do a quality and effective construction .contractor has to give the hundred present his wok .also he has to manage the clients cost well and effectively.

In this assignment I have discussed about cost controlling, cost planning, estimate cost, actual cost, how manage the site, government intervention .i discussed about these things imaging under construction site in a matara city area.

Preferring this assignment prefer can get anal idea about the things.

Task 01

Determine the reasons for difference between actual cost and estimated cost

Actual cost

Estimated cost

A multi storied shopping complex was deigned in center of matara town. The project quantity surveyor finds the problem regarding actual cost and estimated cost. The project quantity surveyor finds the reasons for that.

The reasons for the difference between actual cost and estimated cost.

The price of some materials has increased after commence the project

Estimated cost is making before commence the works of the proect.estimated cost made by based on past material prices. In this project. At the start of this project, need cement for the structural part. At that time when looking for buy the cement price of cement had increased, because of that had top buy the cement for the present price. Some of materials like sand did not enough for the woks and also then looking for by more there suppliers did not have enough stock. As a result of that they had to buy those, materials for another supplier for higher cost.

Some changes of the plan

During of the wok in the site, civil engineer had found few problems regarding the design. This shopping complex was designed in center of matara city; matara city is normally a very busy place ad also this project land was surrounded by a lot of buildings. Because of that they have to design the site o a suitable for the place. Also regarding also regarding some rules of the government they have to redesign the site. And it's made large cost damage.

Some materials had wasted

During the project materials like sand had wasted due to rain. Because in the sand stored in the outdoor place and it was not covered. Also some sand had rejected by the civil engineer, because there quality not suitable for the work. Also some cement bags had stolen.

Transport and labor cost increased

When the suppliers supplying their materials like sand, cement they had increased their rates because increase of the petrol and diesel.

Labors also difficult t found for expected rates .because of that contractor has to use the labor for higher cost.

Some extra expenses for medical treatments

When the construction is going on some labors not obey the rules regarding safety and it cause a some accident to some workers. Because of that extra expenses happen to the medical treatment.

Applying cost planning, cost controlling and monitoring to this site

Cost controlling

Cost control is the total process which ensures that the contract sum is within the clients budget o cost limit

Aims of cost control

To limit the clients expenditure to within the amount agreed.

Ensure the cost is distributed across the elements to met the client and designers expenditure

To provide hundred present for clients money.

In this project to happen difference between actual cost and estimated cost project quantity surveyor reveal reason regarding changes of the design. To avoid these kind of situation to control the cost can take remedial actions regarding before stat ht construction .woks like change the plan, maximize the space, change the plumbing system etc… . Have to ensure that expenditure is contained within the amount agreed between client and the contractor.

In this multi storied shopping complex site they had a problem with the suppliers, quality and their high transport cost .to avoid these kind things when the estimate making they can make an agreement with those suppliers to get their services as the estimated prices

Also they had a problem with quality of the sand, and some of sand stocks had ejected by the civil engineer. To control the cost with this kind of problem before buy these materials have ti check the quality and can control the cost.

Cost planning

Cost planning is a method of providing cost data which will assist the architect in making design decisions. Cost planning must provide the information in a form which is easily understood by all the design team members.

Aims of cost planning

To ensure that the client limit is not exceeded.

To ensure the client obtains good value for money

Applying cost planning to this project

To apply cost planning to this shopping complex project has to make the realistic first estimate. This estimate must covered the all the areas of the project. Also it is better to include the percent prices of the materials and services. Also it is better to concentrate of future price changes. Also, by dividing this estimate to different part of the project like designing, civil engineering part, tiling, etc.. .we can find exact cost to each part.

In this project, to avoid the difference between actual cost and estimated cost , when cost planning have to identify the client's money availability and also has to give the hundred percent for the clients money.

When during the cost planning period, to avoid the cost damage, we can choose the supplier for the lowest rates. also when cost planning we have to design our materials we are going to se, also when cost planning we can look for redesigning parts of the site and then we can also apply cost planning for that redesigned parts.

Cash flow

Cash flow is a cash business active between client and contactor. The contractor always tries to complete his work according to agreement with the client. Any successful project also may be loss due to ad cash flow.


Task 02

Apply plan schedule and mange the supply of resources, materials, utilization of materials, plant and labor and sub contractor.

In the constriction project, project crew's most major responsibility is compete the project as soon as possible and effectively. This multi storied shopping complex also has to design quickly and effectively. Because client's idea is to stat the shopping complex as soon as possible. The contractor responsibility is give hundred percent to the client's, money.

To do this shopping complex project in a efficient way have to schedule and manage the supply , materials, utilization of materials, plant and labor and sub contractors. Because this every thing connect with each other.

First we have ti plan a efficient work schedule, then has to manage the schedule and supply, materials, utilization of materials, plant and labor and sub contractor.

Divide work targets for each time period.

Before commence the work of the site, poject manage or relevant person has to schedule the wok targets for each week. As a example, first week works, second week works can divide for the site, giving these kind of time targets the project can easily complete on time.

To do this we can apply gannt chart. Using a Gantt chart we can easily look the progress of the site.

Using a Gantt chart we can easily found these advantages

All tasks visible to the every workers

Can show progress easily to the officers and clients

Deadlines are shown

Every worker can easily identify his works

Mange the materials

In this shopping complex we have o use various kind of materials. There are cement, sand bricks, metal….

In this project firstly doing construction part of the building. Because of that we can store materials like cement, sand first. After materials like cement, sand based construction we can store other materials for next level construction. Like tile, plumbing equipments.becaus of that we can easily handle the store .because this site is placed on center of matara city .regarding that we can not look for large store for the construction regarding the space.

Mange the labor

The labor is the most active person of the site. It they adapana we cannot hope a quick and efficient project. When we are using the workers for the site we have to deicide the right number of labors for the relevant work. Using the gannt chart we van ideientify that. Then we can apply exact labors for the relevant work.

Then we have to inform the labors, about their working days. Otherwise they will be at any other work at that time. Also we have to choose most suitable person for the relevant work, it will be helpful to found an efficient project without cost damaging. Also w has to pay the payments and other benefits on time to the labors to make them happy about the works.

Manage the plants

This is a multi storied shopping complex because of that w have to use various kinds of plant and equipments for this site. as a example , we have to use large number of scaefolders .we have to decide right time t apply scarefloders to the site. Then we have to take all the sacrefldes need woks one time.

Also we can use reentered plants for the works; if we are going to buy a new plant it will make a large cost. Also when we are using a plant we have to get it before commence the relevant work. When we are using the plants we have to check their quality.

Manage sub contractors

In this project we can use various kind of sub contracts .there are wring, plumbing, tiling etc…. because they are very specialized for each work. Using sub contractors we can do our project effectively and efficiency. When we are choose subcontractors, first we have to compare the rates with of other sub contactors. Also when choosing subcontractor we have to consider about our estimated co0st.

After we choose a subcontractor we have to inform them about their working venue and their relevant time period and client's specials request with this sub contact part. Also when subcontractors doing their works on the site we have to apply a our officer to inspect their works.

Manage the supply

At the supply we have to get the materials and other equipments on time. because if it is not happening it will harm our working schedule. in this site project quantity surveyor said a difference between actual cost and estimated cost , in hat matter transport expenses also help to increased that difference. to avoid a situation like that we have to manage the supply effectively. First we have to come up with an agreement with suppliers about their rates regarding transport. Also these rates have to suitable for the estimate.

To manage the supply well, we have to inform them about our need quantity of stock, and relevant day to supply the materials and other equipments.

Task 03

Government intervention to this project regarding the approvals authorities.

In Sri Lanka some government intervention and approvals are wanting to the construction. In this multi storied complex also got some government intervention and authorities.

Needed to get the approval for the design

When architecture complete his design, before commence the work we have to get the approvals form the design from municipal council. This project is going to make e in center of matara city, because of that design has to suitable for the place. At the municipal council the relevant officer will inspect those things.

Some approvals regarding beach and historical places.

Matara city is placed on near beach and some historical places like fort, some times this shopping complex will near for those places. Because of that we have to get the approvals by the werala sanakshan adikariyen.in this situation most important thing is distance between beach and the building.

Historical place like fort some times can placed near to the building, because of that we have to get the approvals from the puravidyadeparthamentuwa.

Government intervention regarding workers payments and other benefits.

In this poject we have to pay our payments and other benefits like (etf , epf)on time.kamkaru departamentuwa is inspecting about this matter. If we ae not doing this well we wiil found some penalties. It will be extra cost and also I will cause to slow our project speed.

Government intervention regarding health and safety background.

In this shopping complex project we have to apply large number of workers. Also in the site always we can found a busy working environment. Because of this busy working environment sometime we can found any accident to a worker.

Because of that we have to provide a quality safety and health policy to the site to protect the workers and keep the site working speed.

Some times government can inspect our safety background and its quality. Because of that we have to maintain it correctly.

We can provide these things to avoid accidents.

Quality personal protection equipments

Medical facilities

Training to use new machines

Quality plants

Other communication and liaison activities

To get infustractions

To this shopping we need electricity. To get electricity we have to discuss with electricity board and have get the approval to get the electricity. Then we have to inform to electricity Board about our capacity and the date to connect their stem to our project.

To get the water to our shopping complex project we have to discuss wit the water board and has to pay their payments and then have to inform the date to connect their sys tem to our project.

To release our sewage

This shopping complex was designed in center of mataa city, also this building is surrounded by lot of buildings .also we do not have enough space to make our own sewage system. Because of that we have to use ha matara sewage system. To do this we have t get the approval from water board.

Police liaisons to transport materials.

This shopping complex was designed in center of matara city. Because of that we have to transport our materials t o inside the matara city. In that matte police make disturbances to that when we are transporting sand, Wood. Because of that we have to get the police liaison transport those materials.

We have to get the approval from the central environment authority. To cut some trees to our wood works.