Masdar Institute Of Science And Technology Construction Essay

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The Masdar Institute features the world class insulation technologies. The institute developed with the support and corporation of MIT. The aim of the institute is to develop over period of time with the native research and technology in Abu Dhabi, deal with the issues of importance to the areas such as energy, water resources and sustainability environment (Academic opportunities).

Masdar City is the project of Abu Dhabi in UAE. The central part of the project is planned city built by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company with the majority of capital provided by the government of Abu Dhabi. The Masdar City rely in solar energy and renewable energy sources. The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is an integral part of the Masdar enterprises. Masdar is a research oriented university focused on the alternative energy, sustainability and environment.

Project details:

The project of Masdar institute and technology is undergoing construction project in the Abu Dhabi. The project involves the construction of a commercial and residential composite which includes phase 1B and 1C. Second phase comprising of the ground floor and additional floors. The project offers the t research labs, 200 apartments, a swimming pool, a conference room and gymnasium (Masdar Institute of Science & Technology).

There are some companies associated with this project are as follows:

7 Consultants

3 Owners

2 contractors

1 Supplier

1 Sub- Contractor.

Masdar institute phases-

Laboratories: 15,693(area m2)

Common facilities (including multi-use hall): 5,860

Offices: 710

Classrooms: 355

landscaping: 15,221

Residential: 17,199

Roof: 12,282

Retail: 366

Research Methodology:

The study emphasized on the development of project management plan and practices for the Masdar institute and technology in Abu Dhabi. The project outlines the objectives including the identification of the resource requirements, cost and human resource to expand the project, to assess the risk in the plan, to identifying the mechanism to ensure the quality and monitoring, develop the plan for expansion of Masdar city. The objective of the study is addressed through the quantitative approach by survey method. The primary and secondary data will be collected. Primary data will be collected through the interview method to every single contractor and invited various quotations and tenders from the contractor. This study undertaking as per the analysis of previous study based on the construction project development plan.

Project scope:

The Scope the project is the development of project plan for the expansion of the Masdar institute in Abu Dhabi. The project explored the expansion plan of the Masdar institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi. The aim of the project is to develop the project plan, estimates the resource requirement, assessing the risk related to the project plan and recognize the mechanism to ensure the project quality and monitoring of plans. The project covers the construction of student accommodation, laboratories, swimming pool, conference centre and gym for the students. The total build up area for the construction is 82000 squares meters (MASDAR INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - MASDAR CITY).

Project plan:

The current Masdar Institute building and infrastructure features, world class institution technology in the Abu Dhabi. The government owned the Abu Dhabi future company led by the London based foster to design the master plan for the development as the world’s first zero carbon city. The plan completion period estimated by 2016, plan included the housing, cultural institutions, research and educational facilities and space focused on the development of advanced energy technologies. Masdar is the compact and high density, mixed use development with the integrated public transport.

Project plan development, identifies the needs for the project, analyzing the requirements and decide whether to authorize the project for the implementation and planning for the project.

The planning principle for the first piece of development estimated- 680,000 square feet.

For the structures that construct the completed section of the institute estimated 925,000 square feet of labs space, housing and recreational facilities as per the project plan (Gannett Fleming, 2009).

Identification of task:

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is established with an aim to provide a world class graduate level institution to the students of Middle East in order to produce future leaders and critical thinkers with the advanced energy. This project of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is comprises of various tasks at the both internal and external level. In this development of project, several key members have significance role over the working and responsibilities (About Us). The identification of tasks and roles and responsibilities of various key members in the establishment of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology are as follows:




The boards of the project have responsibilities to manage all financial and non-financial activities in the execution of plan.

Financial and Audit Committee

The financial and audit committee of the project have responsibilities to timely review and control all financial issues and risk in the project.

Quality and Service Committee

The quality and service committee of the project are responsible for the quality checking of the construction material and services offered by the institution.

Business Development Officer

The key responsibility of a business development officer is to frame business development plan after thoroughly analysis of each market parameter.


The key responsibilities of constructor in the development of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology are to frame such a infrastructure which are user friendly and have positive influence over the students. Along with this also monitor and control raw material in the construction of the project.

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO of the project is responsible for the identification of key issues in the establishment of project and also for the financial and non-financial issues.


The responsibility of electrician in the development of project is to monitor and control the flow of electrical energy in the institute.

(Site Visit: Masdar Institute Phase 1B)

Development of project schedule:

The project of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has been scheduled in phases, with a total area of 343,740m2. The construction of phase 1A initiated in 2007 and was finished in September 2010. After the inauguration of phase 1A development, the Masdar has been planned for the expansion of existing campus under the phase of 1B and it was scheduled for the covering of 86,138m2. The phase 1B of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has been planned to continue the research and development benchmark which was before settled by phase 1A. The phase 1B of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology complemented existing facilities by adding more features in the form of residential accommodation, bedroom apartments with the separate block for female scholars.

The phase 1B of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology comprises of 355 classrooms, 5860m2 areas for common facilities, 15,693m2 areas for laboratories, 710m2 areas for offices, 17,199m2 for residential areas and 13,829m2 area has been allotted building services, external circulations, balconies and etc. The Masdar city has planned Phase 1B for the admirable model in front of whole world. It aimed to construct research and development hub incorporating in the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Hope, 2012).

Estimation of Resources:

Human resource and cost:

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has been evaluated its cost incurred in the expansion plan of phase 1A as the phase 2B. This development of institution comprises of various human resource and advanced usage of tools and techniques which obliviously very cost efficient. As per the market analysis, the Masdar officials have reevaluated its plan. In its view, the original budget $22 billion has been reduced by the 15% and competition pressed back to 2025. The Alan Frost, the director of Masdar City has been maintained the schedule.

The construction project of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has been involved various human resource with their good qualities. As per the analysis, around 3000 workers have been indulged in the construction process of the institution. These huge number of workers incurred lots of expenses in their training and development. Along with this, for the development of human resources such as architects, engineers, contractors and workers, the Masdar has originated first online portal This portal has been designed for the training and development of various key persons. These curriculums possess lots of cost and the Masdar Institution projects have efficiently managed all its cost expenses (Gonchar).

Risk Assessment:

The risk management is continuously analyzed and monitored throughout the construction of the Masdar Institute of science and technology. The monthly assessment process is included in the status report and opens for the modification and update by the Project Manager “Lloyd Fisk, AIA, LEED AP” (RFD). The project manager conveys all the relevant amendments and recommended contingencies to the steering committee within regular interval of time.

In the construction of Masdar Institute of Science and technology the major risk factor involved is to maintain the highest standard of health and safety. The other risk factor is to create safe working environment for contractor, workers, employees as well as suppliers. The company targets to zero lost time injuries and low waste carbon emerging urban development. While the other focused risk factor is to maintain the safety and health of the more than three thousand workers working on the construction site of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology because at the time of huge construction, lost time injuries always evidenced which consider as the biggest failure of the management of construction. The risk factors also include the mismanagement, unavailability and wastage of the resources as well as finance and economics stability of the project. It also includes that the aim of the construction of Masdar building should be accomplished (Site Visit: Masdar Institute Phase 1B).

Under the team coordination of architectural firm "Fosters + Partners”, ACC and project manager Turner Construction this project would successfully accomplished similar to the Phase of the Masdar Institute of Information and Technology (Masdar Institute Phase 1B hits major safety record, 2012)

Mechanism to ensure project quality and project monitoring:

Foster + Partners has strong commitment in order to maintain the standard of the project quality and ensure regular project monitoring (Gonchar). The process of regular monitoring is been implemented with the aim of continuously enhancement in the areas of improvement.

To ensure the project quality the project is undertaken in different phases as phase 1a and phase 1b and safety is used as a paramount to the project. The project is undertaken in the phases which allow the project manager to focus on individual part and individual area. This allows to focus on the major analyzed risk factors i.e. safety and health and hence, it brings Excellency in the project of construction of the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Site Visit: Masdar Institute Phase 1B).

The project quality is witnessed with the successful completion of construction of phase 1B as an achievement certificate is awarded to project director khaled Zhagloul, Fosters+ Partners, ACC and project manager. They strive to maintain the standard of security, safety and health and believe that they able to accomplish their target of zero LTI because of excellent working relationship between the partners.

The project is able to reduce the hazards by implementing accredited international standards which followed by several programs of information and technology that were implemented across all construction sites of the project (Site Visit: Masdar Institute Phase 1B).


After analyzing all the relevant aspects including internal and external environment of the project it has been concluded that the project management is very well planned and implemented into functional, technical and operational level. The company is focusing on the well planned strategy and successfully completed the development of first phase and achieving significant progress with its Phase 1B expansion. The development of remaining phase is expected to complete by the year 2016 (Gonchar). However, Masdar officials have revaluated their plan and pushed the completion of the project by 2025 in order to maintain to quality of the project and accomplish their objective.


The project manager is recommended with the following strategy:

The company should focus on the risk analysis factors and should adopt proper strategies to overcome with them.

The company needs to maintain the existing standard of health and safety and should follow in continuous development of the project.

The project manager should adopt proper precaution to maintain the safety during the project.

There should be improved working relationship between the partners and the officials and project managers.