Many Types Of Air Condition System Construction Essay


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Nowadays, the increasing temperature of earth is one of the factors of increasing usage of air conditioning and every building had installed air conditioning system because it is a process that simultaneously condition air. In addition, air conditioning system also distributes it combined with the outdoor air to the conditioned space and at the same time controls. Furthermore, air conditioning system also maintains the required space temperature, humidity, air movement, air cleanliness, Sound level and pressure differential within predetermined limits for the health and comfort of the occupants in the building (Shan K. W & Zalman L.1999).

Air conditioning makes deep plan buildings feasible, for otherwise they would have to be built narrower or with light wells so that inner spaces received sufficient outdoor air via natural ventilation. In addition, air conditioning also allows buildings to be taller, since wind speed increases significantly with altitude making natural ventilation impractical for very tall buildings

There are many types of air condition system such as central air, hydroids water and air, split, and packages system. All the system is work based on basic vapour compression refrigeration cycle that contains compressor, condenser, metering device and evaporator. In addition, central type air condition usually use for a large cooled area while split and packages system is widely use for residential or for a small office operation. These two major types of air conditioning system have their own advantages and disadvantages based on its power, capacity install, performance factor and working system (Ernest Tricomi, 1894).

However, air conditioning system in the building must be suitable with the function of the building because it is very important to understand the function of air conditioning system in the building. For Agro-bio building or agricultural building the air conditioning system must suitable to the function of the building. Agro-bio building is forestry research centre and it focus on to support of the basic and applied research in the sector of genetics, genomics and biotechnology. In addition, it also focuses on implementation of research achievements and the exploitation of new technologies for the development of new products and services.

Human comfort which related to air conditioning, heating and ventilating has become one of the most serious issues in the past several decades. The main purposes of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system are to help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort. Every building has to ensure the building have a good indoor air quality to avoid disease like Sick Building Syndrome (Swenson & S. Don, 1995).

The maintenance is very important in order maintain the function of air conditioning system in the building. The benefit that performing maintenance inspections at air conditioning system are reduces risk of costly in-season downtime of air conditioning system and also reduced repair costs due to preventative maintenance. If the maintenance schedule is properly followed, it will ensure optimum performance of air conditioning system at all times.


Maintenance is the recurring day-to-day, periodic, or scheduled work required to preserve or restore facilities, systems, and equipment to a given condition. In the early stages of industrial development, maintenance practices were simple, primarily of the housekeeping and breakdown types. However, as the complexity of facilities, equipment and systems increased, so did the problems and expenses involved in maintenance are operations. It became increasingly obvious that improvement of maintenance management practices and procedures was essential to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of the maintenance operations (Norman C. Harris & David F. Conde, 1998).

The maintenance of air conditioning system is very important in order to optimum the performance of air conditioning system in the building. An air conditioning system includes more than just the air conditioning unit itself. A complete system also includes the air distribution system (ductwork, dampers, grilles and registers), and the temperature and schedule control system.

Furthermore, each of these components makes an important contribution to the performance and efficiency of the system as a whole. In order to operate efficiently, a system needs to be properly sized and installed. Oversized units cost more to operate and do a poor job of comfort control, and poor installation can dramatically reduce the as-installed efficiency of the system (Shan K. W & Zalman L.1999).

There are many type of air conditioning system can be apply in the building. So, the type of air conditioning system have to identify in order to understand the suitable and economic ecosystem in Malaysia while installation process. The HVAC designer will recommend different types of air conditioning systems for different applications. The most commonly used air conditioning units are window and split air conditioners.

There are various types of air conditioning systems. The application of a particular type of system depends upon a number of factors like how large the area is to be cooled, the total heat generated inside the enclosed area. For Agro-bio building, there are many facilities such as laboratory, workshop, resource centres and seminar room. So, the air conditioning system must be installing based on the applications of the room or building (David W. Bearg, 1999).

The maintenance is very important and for air conditioning system in Agro-bio building because it different from any commercial building because there are many facilities that needs the requirement that fulfil the indoor air quality to occupants or user in the building. So, a good maintenance management system does not have to be complex. In fact, the greatest and most successful system is one that is simple, practical and gives the preferred results.


Every maintenance work has thier own issue in order to optimum the performance of air conditioning system and it depend on the maintenance management itself to improve the the performance of air conditioning system. However, Agro-bio building has many fasilities like labotorary and reasearch centre that needs the requirement that fulfil the Indoor Air Quality related to air conditioning system in the building.

The design of Agro-bio building also related to type of air conditioning system which mean that the design of the building must suitable with air conditioning system to avoid energy waste and also the maintenance schedule of the building are different because it involve reaseach of argicultural development. The chemical from labotorary will effect to Indoor Air Quality and it can be dangerous to occupants in the building if the air conditioning system is no suitable with the function of the building (The National Biotechnology Division,2009).

The acticle by David P.Chynoweth, 2001 state that microbial contamination of indoor air by air conditioning systems represents a major public health concern. Biofilm formation around condensation coil and drip pans takes place due to the combination of collection of particulate organic matter and condensation of moisture in an air conditioning unit, which not only reduces the efficiency of heat transfer in these systems but also leads to high level of fungi and bacteria that become airborne and transported throughout the building via air circulation. This issue happen in Agrobio building because there are many labotory test in agricultural research or development.


The purpose of the study is:

To study the air conditioning system installed with respect to design of Agro-bio building

To identify issues and problems that always occurs due to air conditioning system at Agro-bio building.

To compared each air conditioning services available in agro-bio building such are at UiTM, MARDI, MAEPS and UPM


In order to achieve the objective of the study, the maintenance of air conditioning system has to know about the air conditioning system works in the Agro-bio building.

The study focus on the air conditioning system in the agro-bio building and its maintenance practice only. The study will be caried out at Uitm Shah Alam , MARDI, MAEPS and UPM.


1.6.1 First stage

In the first stage of this research is to identify the purpose of this study and try to find objective that want to be achieved by doing this research and the limitations that related on the study. Primary study of collecting data also has been done from available source to find the issue that exist on this study

1.6.2 Second stage

In this stage it will be for collecting all the information and data from the sources that related to the study. All the information and data also will be defined in this stage. In general, the source can be dividing in two categories:

Primary data

The primary data will be collect by doing interviews to the parties involved such as University Putra Malaysia, University Technology MARA, MAEPS and MARDI personnel about the maintenance work that has been done to the building. All the information and data will be collected and analyses as a primary source.

Secondary data

Information that related on this study will be collected from reading material such as article, newspaper, journal, references book and internet. All the collected information will be consider as secondary data.

1.6.3 Third stage

In the third stage, all the information and data that been collected from primary and secondary data will be analyses in systematic. All the data and information that has been collected will analyses in form of chart or other figure that can show the analysis.

1.6.4 Fourth stage

After all the information and data has been analyses, overall summary will be produced. The recommendation and suggestion also will be made to overcome those weakness and problem. Finally a conclusion will be determined on the objective for the study.

Determine research topic

Identify the research issues, research problem and objective of the studies

To identify issues and problems that always occurs due to air conditioning system at agro-bio building.

To study the air conditioning system installed with respect to design of agro-bio building.

To compared each air conditioning services available in agro-bio building such are at UiTM, MARDI and UPM

Literature review on journal, previous thesis and other publication.

Data Collection


Articles, journals, reference book

Data Processing

Analysis and Discussion

Conclusion and Recommendation

Discussion with supervisor

Figure 1.1: The study procedures

Source: (C.R Kothari, 2004)


To prepare the complete and arrangement of the dissertation, writer will be dividing the dissertation into six chapter. The chapter will follow the stage of the study. The short note about the chapter is now list

Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter will provide an overall view of the whole report. Chapter 1 also will includes introduction, background, problem statement, objective of study, scope of the report, research methodology and the chapter organization.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Literature review based on the findings from various different sources of information and data such as articles, journal, reference books, research paper and etc. Chapter 2 also includes definition of maintenance of air conditioning system, type and function of air conditioning system, design of Argo-bio building and facilities, maintenance work of air conditioning system at Argo-bio building, problem and solution of air conditioning system.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

This chapter is about detailing on the research methodology which will include literature review, data from the interviews, and all the method of the analysis. Furthermore, this chapter also briefly overall about the study process during searching information and site visit and the method that been use for this study.

Chapter 4: Case Study

Chapter 4 will describe the data and information that been collected from the site visit and observation with the entire professional that related to the study. The data will be in chart or other figure that shows the result of observation.

Chapter 5: Analysis and Finding

This chapter will analyze of the data and information that been collected from the interviews with the entire professional that related to the study. The data will be in chart or other figure that shows the analysis. . All the data also will be discussed and the findings were highlighted. Overall study on the study will be concluded and evaluate whether it is achieved all the objective of the research. After that, recommendations for further studies will also be included in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Conclusion and recommendation

The result of the case study analysis will be concluding to get the idea for the recommendation. The conclusion will be made in globalize from the dissertation. The recommendation than will be follow to give the good suggestion to improved the systems.

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