Legoland And Kuala Lumpur International Airport Construction Essay

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Malaysia nowadays have developing many development in order to introduce Malaysia at the international level. Mega project like Legoland and Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the example of project that successfully improve Malaysia's name. Obsessed in developing big project, they prefer to develop unique and sophisticated design until ignoring about the maintenance of the building. Behind the success project, is the maintenance aspect had been considered before the project the construction proceeded. All building need to be maintained by a competence and efficient building maintenance team even thought for a small project. They need to know the important of being efficient in managing building. Building maintenance is not only for the appearance but also need to be concern about the safety and healthy of the occupants. This assignment will discussed about the needed for the building maintenance in being efficient. Some factors are to maintain internal and external appearance, protect occupants, ensure repairing cost is low, managing employee and important of planning in design stage.


Efficiency can be defined in a different ways. Each type of group like employer and employee have its own perspective in define efficiency. Martin Shubik (1978) conclude that efficiency can be viewed by four different groups which is administrators, engineers and scientist, economist and the public. According to Auditor General of Canada (2007), efficiency can be achieve when maximization in using resources and as a result it may generate a good product or services.

Maintenance is an action that need to be done in order to maintain or improve the quality of the product or services (Department of Environment, 1972). When its come to building maintenance, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (2006) agreed that every part of the building should be maintained by taking totally action including daily and routine work in order to keep the performance of the building.

Efficiency in building maintenance scope can be defined as making the right thing that may increase the performance of the building by maximize the resources and as a return, the quality is restore.


Efficiency is very important in managing a building. Building is not only to be occupied but it also can be an investment to the shareholders. Building can be a very sensitive thing that need to be cared in order to maintain the function of the building. Then, it is very important for the building maintenance team for being efficient in managing building. Scope of building maintenance practice is not only focused towards building itself but as well as the contents of the building. An efficient building maintenance should be able to manage and control all the maintenance activities and prepare for any untoward incidents.

Building also should be able to protect the occupants safety with a functional safety equipments from human or chemical attack. Efficient planning must be conducted by building maintenance team in order to prevent any unexpected harmful. A perfect building is not only for the shelter purpose but it also may prevent occupants and their assets from getting harm by natural disaster or human causes (The National Academies Press, 2007). Building maintenance team must think deeply about emergency route that can be easily implemented in any unexpected accidents in order to ensure occupants may have adequate time to save their life as well as any precious asset. Efficient building maintenance must hold on the principles of safety first. During the preliminary construction stage, the design team should apply an intergrated safety system in order to protect occupants from mental and physical harmful (Safe Committee, 2012). Occupants is not only focus on the tenants or owner but it also can refer to the employee and visitors of the building.

Efficient action can be measured when expenses for repairing cost is low because it shows that building maintenances team have prepared preventive maintenances. Regular inspection may avoid large repair bills. Every building consists of many accessories like lift, stairs, elevators, fire safety equipment and escalators. All this building items require high maintenances cost so, these items need to be include in routine inspection. Routine maintenances should be done in order to know the condition of all electronic items. Any big problems that incurred high cost can be prevented (SPAB, 2010). Jalal Khatam (2003), mention that building repairing and maintenance cost can be reduced by doing a continuous monitoring towards the building and have deeply knowledge about the consequences of the high maintenance cost. In case of that, building maintenance need to act efficiently in predict the expenses of the maintenance by making a comparison to the maintaining cost with a similar location, element as well as type of materials.

Home Affairs Department (2008) consider external parts like wall envelope and roof covering of building is very sensitive to the surrounding environment, which the building can look shabby when it exposed to weather since the weather now is unpredictable. Building Maintenance Team need to act efficiently in order to make sure the appearances of the building is well maintained. Routine inspection should be conducted and as a result, the maintenances of the building can be scheduled. Non-routine activities that must be done to the building is like repainting. External parts of the building also include gates and railing together with the landscape around the building compound. Efficient building maintenance need to develop a proactive strategy by review the whole building plan. By doing this, building maintenance can know every part of building that need more attentions. Any upgraded towards building must be updated from time to time in order to make the maintenance process become easier (David A. Deress, 2012).

Good physical appearances need to be collaborated with a good internal appearances, then it will be well functioning. Routine inspection towards all internal components like floor and wall finishes, doors and windows may ensure the condition of all the components is restore. Floor and wall finishes can be installed in varies type of tiles which have different kind of maintenances. Building maintenances team need to be efficient in identify the different kind of maintenances for a different kind of materials that need to be implement towards building accessories (Home Affairs Department-Building Management, 2008). According to David A. Deress (2012), viewing a building drawings also can improve and upkeep the performance of internal components. The example is through the building drawing, building maintenance can make a review of water flow. If there is any leakage, the building maintenance can predict the leakage port by review the piping system in the drawings.

According to SPAB (2010), building maintenances practices is not only managing the building but also managing the employees in the building. An efficient building maintainer should be able to conduct their employee by from like cleaning group, technical group, administrative group and engineering group to follow the maintenance schedule. For hygiene purpose, building maintenance team should act more efficient in tabulate the working schedule because in case of many visitors or occupants the cleaning level must be monitored in order to avoid any dirtiness during all working day. Nowadays, each company will have human resource department which is for the employee welfare. Government also concern about employee and as a result, EPF is introduced. Then as an efficient building maintenance, they also need to maintain the healthy and safety of the workers. Confidence with the employee's work may increase production and strengthen the relationship between employer and employee.

Building with a longest life time can be consider as the best building that ever built. In order to ensure efficiency in building maintenance, building maintenance practices should be introduced during design stage. Refer to research that had been done by Jalal Khatam (2003), he believe that involvement of building manager and maintenance during the design stage is very important because it may save a lot of cost. Building manager and maintenance may explained briefly about the important of having a proper design. Rozita Aris (2003) also agreed the important of building maintenance during design stage in order to ensure the lasting of building's life span. She mentioned that a perfect design is nothing if the building failed to perform well. Building maintenance should not be neglected during design stage. They need to collaborate with other professional team to ensure the building is functionate. A good material quality can reduced long-term maintenance. All these decisions from choosing of materials until the building design should be made during the first stage of construction project. If the project use low quality of material, demand for maintenance will be high and may increase the cost of maintenance and repair (Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2005).


As a conclusion, building maintenance practice have a wider scope. They need to pay attention on all scope of building maintenance. They need to know the different type of maintenance like preventive maintenance, planned maintenance and ad-hoc maintenance. An efficient building maintenance must know to identify the category of problem and they need to act efficient in solving the problems by implement the right maintenance's type towards the problems. Maintenances is the main thing that in any building. In should be implement in the private or government sectors.