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Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre ( KLCC ) was the tallest skyscraper building in Malaysia. Soon, there will stand a new skyscraper building to beat the height of KLCC. Our company, Bina Megah Sdn. Bhd. has succeeded to win the tender from the government as a main contractor for the next Malaysia s skyscraper building construction project. The area of the construction will be at Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur as there was now cleared and reserved by government for future development. Constructions are referred to Government Center s law. In order to begin the construction, the most important things that we need to do first are preparing and investigate the site or Site Investigation ( SI ). Firstly we have to preparing the construction site which includes site clearing, earthwork, perimeter fencing, temporary access road and temporary buildings. After the site was completely prepared, we have to run the site investigation which is the most important part in construction.

Site preparations

1) Site clearing we removed any obstacles on the site like big rocks, roots, trees or wet surface features such as ponds and drains.

2) Earthwork after site was cleared, we do excavation to install foundations and also cut and fill process for proposed designs. Compaction was also done at this stage.

3) Perimeter fencing the construction site needs to be fencing all around to avoid unauthorized person passed it and also as a safety procedure to avoid any accidents.

4) Temporary access road we provided temporary access road as a route for transportation to bring materials and equipments to the construction site.

5) Temporary buildings firstly that we construct was the temporary offices for construction group such as engineers, architects and supervisor for their use in monitoring the constructions. We also provided temporary houses for workers to have their rest in there.

Site Investigation

Site Investigation is the report regarding some information and details about the proposed location or site where the building will be construct. For example, nearby populations, river crossing, historic buildings, rails, areas of outstanding natural beauty are some factors that we must be considered but we are concerned more about the ground conditions.

Purposes of Site Investigation

1. To determine whether the site and surroundings is suitable for the construction.

2. To determine the ground conditions of the proposed site concerning soil characteristics, rocks and groundwater table.

3. To provide specific data needed to evaluate cost and adjusting plan.

4. To obtain the design parameters necessary for the constructions

Site Reconnaissance

Site reconnaissance is about surveying the site to look some important evidences for hydrogeology, slope instability and access road probability that will give problems during construction or else, any obstacles on that site that we need to clear out. From our reconnaissance, we found some problems about the site.

1.The site lies over water surface features such as ponds, drainage, wells and rivers..

2.There are a few schools, houses, and shops around the site that needs to take some precautions during construction especially in term of safety and noise to prevent from disturbing them.

3.There is a beautiful reserved forest that can t be clear and needs to keep it.

4.We found that there are signs of slope instability occurred in the site.

Soil Investigation

Soil Investigation is a construction stages which important to gather the information about the soil characteristics of the site. Before construction can be begin, we need to determine geological and geotechnical parameters of the site soil. We had done the investigation by a few tests which are conducted in lab and in-situ. The tests are come out with the properties of the soil at that site such as soil types, density of the soil and moisture content. Techniques that we use for taking the sample for soil investigation are boring and coring because it was easier to conduct and low cost. From the results of the soil investigation, we found that the site has high ground water table. High groundwater may leads to unstable of soil. To overcome that, we drain out the water by vertical drainage. For the soil characteristics, the soil type is firm soil which mean it is medium dense. That s mean we only need medium degree of compaction. The site has weak shear strength and it results to have long piling for the foundations.

Site Layout

Site layout is the arrangement of materials, facilities and personal requirements so that the construction process was carried out efficiently. A good site layout produces minimum movements of materials and equipments to the site and also gives minimum processing time. A site layout is needed to plan well in avoiding any failure of construction, delay construction times or any accidents involving labours and publics. A good site layout should follow some aspects. For examples;

1. There is an access road for routes of workers, transportation of materials and equipments from storage to construction site. The access should free from any obstacles or something else that are dangerous to avoid accidents.

2. Storage areas to keeps materials and equipments and it is efficiently if it is placed near to construction site. Storage is important to keep raw and waste materials safely.

3. The site has to be secure for workers and for publics. Safety signboards have to be placed in the site to assist workers for a safety work and also the site perimeter should be fencing to avoid unauthorized public from passing the construction site especially children.

4. We also need to prepare facilities such as toilet, canteen, medical centre, temporary houses for workers and temporary offices.

Bad site layout

An example of a site layout above is one of the bad site lay out. It was categorized as bad because for some factors that did not followed a format of a good site lay out which are;

1.The layout is too simple as it is not fully showed all details of the construction plan. For example, the labels for the figures are named as simple as it could like storage. It was confusing us in identified the function of the storage whether it is for materials storage or equipments storage.

2.There are some figures were not be labeled and also some facilities were not be located in the layout such as medical centre, toilet and etc.

3.The access road was not plan well as it has only one exit that will become a problem in traffic.

4.The storage was located far away from construction site results to problems in time because it takes time for transport materials to the construction area.

5.The site layout also gives problems regarding safety in construction site because the temporary houses for the workers are quite near to the construction area. It will jeopardize the workers if something happens such as construction failure or the structures will collapse. Other than that, waste materials site was located near the access road will actually doubtful for the safety of the road user.

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