Improving Health And Safety In Airfreight Services Construction Essay

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Main aim of this research is to improve the health and safety in airfreight services by improving the Management system of health and safety and as I am working as a Ware House Operator in Scanwell Frieght Services Amberley Way, Hounslow TW4 6BH, so I choose this organisation for my research. This organisation is ready to help me in my research.

The Management system is based on nationally and internationally agreed principles, defined and developed to provide the necessary strength, flexibility and appropriate foundation for the development of a sustainable health and safety culture throughout the all air freight services.

The practical recommendations of the procedures and arrangements with in this research can be used by all those who have a responsibility for managing Health and Safety activities in Air Freight Services. The outcome of this research can be used by Air Freight services as a practical tool to achieving continual improvement of health and safety performance.

In this research all the principles will cover which are necessary for all the freight services, all the issues will cover and solutions will given to overcome these issues, but only taking example of Scanwell Frieght Services, principles are as follows:

Ensuring that proper planning and development take place within the organisation.

Ensuring that the proper system should be there and maintained regularly for the problems and issues of the health and safety.

For preventing accidents, illness, disease while working health and safety of all employees should be checked regularly.

Make sure that all the workers and their legislative body should be consulted regularly to take part in all events and elements of health safety management system within the organisation.

Make sure that the performance of communication channel between the Health and safety system work properly or not.

Ensuring that all the essential data, directions and guidance provide to all the workers and others which are attached with the organisation.

Ensuring that the proper resources assign to the workers which are may be in the form of funding, tools, personnel.

Make the proper network and communicate with all required workers to ensure health and safety, and also ensure the health and safety of the persons who visiting the organisation.

In air freight services health and safety information is must this research also cover the safety information like Fire, First Aid, Work equipments, Manual handling, Display screen equipments, Personal Protective equipments , Electricity, Hazardous substance, Violence and aggression, Alcohol and Drugs, Safety Signs and Signals, Road Vehicles, Dangerous substances and Compressed Gas etc. If the management do the research regularly on all these safety information's then the chances of accidents become less even organisations saves the name, wealth and main thing is life of employees, If just one thing goes wrong it will spoil name, wealth and trust of employees from the organisation. All this research is on Scanwell Frieght Services.

Motivation of Study 1.1

Topic of research or motivation of research always comes from authors desires. As I already mentioned that I am a ware house operator in Scanwell Freight Services, so while working I found lots of issues regarding Health and Safety then I discuss some issues with my managers and operational managers as well of organisation and ask them that I want to do research on health and safety information for this organisation and they motivate me by saying a very good words"We appreciate your idea and we are with you" and by finding the issues and solutions for the issues I can help my workmates too.

Hypothesis 1.2

Research Objectives 1.3

The main aims of this research are as follows:

To research the issues occurred in Health and Safety in Scanwell Frieght Services and other Air freight Services as well.

To identify and develop out the solutions for issues of Health and Safety comes while working in Air Freight Service.

To analyze and suggest the solutions for issues.

Suggest the ways of improving responsibilities of employees and management towards Health and Safety in Scanwell Frieght Services and other Air freight Services as well.

Literature Review Chapter 2

Management Responsibilities towards Health and Safety 2.1

The main responsibility regarding safety and health is always at the highest level of system which is the Director of the organisation, but still the duty is divided into all the levels according to the needs and control.

These Responsibilities also includes:

The legislative body of all the workers should ensure that the system for the health and safety must and also maintained regularly according to needs of the health and safety principles.

Table for the system should be prepared and always on the notice board which will help the workers to go for complaints and also helps new workers to maintains health and safety needs.

Principles should be developed and communicated all over the organisation.

If the system needs improvements or any changes take place it should be communicated all over the management.

All the resources which requires for the daily needs for workers always available in organisation, so management have to take care of that. These resources can be safety jackets, safety gloves, safety shoes and safety signs etc.

Duties of the workers should be clearly explained and make sure that no changes take place in duties unless it will discussed with the top level employees e.g. Fork lift drivers only drives fork lift no others have access to drive the fork lift without permissions from the floor managers.

Training and education will be given to new appointed staff before starts work; it will reduce the chances of accident.

Employee Responsibilities towards Health and Safety 2.2

Employees responsibilities towards health and safety should be must because the duties are given according to experience and qualifications. They have to do their job only because work in air freight services is very dangerous, only that's why everybody have their own duties e.g. one person whose duty is only off loading the PMC'S and BINS from the lorries one wrong step can take the life away. Forklift connects to the Lories and rollers are picked up PMC which is appx 3 to 4 ton heavy comes with a high speed towards fork lift. If inexperienced person sitting on forklift it may give birth to a huge accident which can easily take the life away of the person who picks the roller up and forklift driver too. All the duties should be under section 7 and 8 of the health and safety at work. In Scanwell freight services all the employees have different duties there are 5 drivers, 2 forklift drivers drives only inside building for handling pallets and raking the palletized vegetables, one off loader and 2 person for breaking the PMC'S and BIN'S and floor manager which makes the tickets and keep eye on every employee to make sure that all the health and safety precautions taken care or not. Others are office staff. One very good thing I like in this organisation is that the director physically comes every night to make sure that no body miss use their duties. He always says precaution and safety first.