Hextable Dance Centre Project Construction Essay

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Hextable School educates the people who have a wish to do something in the multimedia industry. It is giving the opportunity to create amazing things, and dramatic performances. Hextable Dance project has undergone a long development period of approximately 10 years because of architectural design and funding problems.

The construction work commenced in 2003 and construction was completed in 2005. The project was treated like a joint project because a number of parties were involved in the project, and interrelated and shared in it. These were Hextable School, the Hextable Dance Trust and Kent County Council. Therefore we can say that project was a multiparty project.

The total project cost is £3.2million with a partnership investment from the National Lottery Capital Programme, Arts Council England, Kent County Council, Swanley Town Council and several other contributions or investors involved in the project. Now the Hextable Dance Centre has been developed as a school. The project's total investments are listed in the table 5.3.



National Lottery Capital Programme


Kent County Council


Swanley Town Council


Hextable School


Table 5.3: Hextable Dance School Project Investment


The aim behind the project was to construct an innovative state of the art performance space where qualified and part-time performers can improve and develop their ability, skills and talent. The facilities of a project also take part and play an important role between young people. There is strong emphasis in the region on modern dance as well which is the main aim of Hextable Dance Centre project.


To minimize the operating cost using outstanding skilled experience.

To provide the basic needs for the community of professional dancers, who perform and present the regular programs.

For the Hextable Dance Centre management to provide a platform for the training and education for young people.

To support the management in promoting the professional work to individuals to maintain, utilize, manage and present their talents in front of the multimedia industry.

For the Hextable Dance Centre to exploit the potential of individuals using skilled, professional and expert resources.

For the Hextable Dance Centre to develop individuals with the support of local and provincial arts association.


The project has several design features which provides facilities to Hextable Dance Centre people.


The centre has drama studio with a central air-conditioned space, sound equipment and full varieties of lighting. The studio has the area for an audience of 50 as well.

Meeting room

The centre has a meeting room for 20 peoples which is based on a board room for 30 in theatre fashion.

Included is media design software with 21 stations and music technology.

Dance Studios

For the purpose of dance the centre has two air-conditioned studios with dance floor, blackout curtains, mirrors, and a 150 seat theatre with separated screen. Several facilities are available in centre which proves the project management success.


The Hextable Dance Project was initially too expensive and the cost was considered unreasonable but the project management construction team used several tools and techniques during period of development and moved this project to within a reasonable cost. The management team enhanced the value of a project without any risk through effective applications in integration of VM and RM techniques. The project was started 10 years ago but project experienced delays due to the architecture designs and funding problems. The management was predicting that if project could get back on track then they needed £2.1million. This was an increase and affected the obtainable development budget. After those circumstances the project management team implemented the VM and RM strategies and techniques to secure the increased amount and reduce the cost of project.

Also an objective was to ensure that all the facilities required by clients, customers and stakeholders were provided. These facilities included arts facilities, education facilities, dance studios, a media room, a recording studio, production facilities and many more things to promote entertainment and education in a good environment.


There are numerous major issues that the project management team had to review during the implementation of VM and RM studies:

The proposal increased the financial plan by 20%.

According to the circumstances of the funding schedules. The request for more funds was refused from investor and there was therefore a need to finish this project within amount.

The issue was that the project management team could not easily understand the requirements of the customer, clients and stakeholders.

A main risk in respect of the project which was local resident's traffic system. If traffic came from a school site which was based in small residential street then the project proposal could be rejected by Sevenoaks District Council and that is the main issue which risk management process was working to resolve it.


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The integration of VM and RM process played a most important role in successful projects. When a management team plans to use the application of VM and RM process in project then first of all they need to clearly understand the meaning of value and risk. In other words they need to understand how VM and RM can be implemented together into project, how the clients can interrelate with project, how can project objectives in terms of VM and RM be established and how can management identify, monitor and control the risk during project development. All these factors aspects were considered in the Hextable Dance Project in an efficient and professional way. That is the reason why the project saving of 20% of the construction cost resulted in realistic target.

According to the application of a VM study the client should always directly contribute in each and every discussion with the project management team. That is the reason why Hextable Dance Project discussions clarified and addressed many risks or uncertainties and requirements of clients. These requirements and risks were based on several functions.

Client first requirement was utilized a project on construction area and formulate the best region for construct the building.

Management need to raise the value of the Hextable School project.

The project delivery should deliver on time as commitment of the client requirement.

The project team enabled the option for discussion, requirements and analysis during the project development process with clients, customers and stakeholders.

The project management team implemented the VM and RM process together with professional techniques. Project management team based on several abilities. These abilities of project management team have appeared due to integration of VM and RM process. The project team has important characteristic included in:

5.13.1 Creativity

The project team highly concentrated on identifying the project opportunities and get some advantages in project for extend the project design. The project management team evaluated the limitation of a project and also understand the client requirements. The team created new designs for project and forward this design to speculation and analysis management to determine the project's design problems.

5.13.2 Development and Selection

During the ideas evaluation process, project management team concentrated on project client requirements. Therefore, the project team evaluated the ideas which related to main objective and collected together for investigation and development. Ideas and suggestions were evaluated in detail under qualities, advantages, reliability and disadvantages of the analyst suggestions. After analysis of suggestions project team organized all ideas and finally team developed innovative proposals for presentation in front of Hextable Dance Centre clients.

5.13.3 Structure Evaluation

The analyst's new ideas developed the design for Hextable Dance Project. The project has several qualities which show result integration of VM and RM study. The modern design has included in multi-level roof with double height ceiling in the main dance studio and it can be engage by moving upper level areas to the ground floor, eliminate the stairs and corridor space achieving a better the project structure efficiency. That was the main thing which promoted the integration of VM and RM study. The project team also constructed flexible studios which meant the two dance studios could be joined into one. All innovative development of a project is part of the integration of VM and RM exercise. The project management also concentrated on identifying, monitoring and controlling the risks and uncertainties at all the stages. The Architect Lee Evans understood VM and RM tools and techniques. That is the reason why project has achieved the extra success and enhanced the value of a project with controls risk and uncertainty. Due to application of VM and RM process the modern design met the financial plan of project without any loss and project shows the artistic and imaginative qualities.

5.13.4 Managing Risks

Where the VM was working in Hextable Dance project, then RM was working along with it for maximum probability of outcome in term of success. When management implement the VM process into project then management also face risks and uncertainties in projects. That is the reason why project team identified risks and tried to maintain and manage risks for maximum success. These risks included:

The project team faced difficulties in permit to allow the project from Sevenoaks District Council due to local resident traffic system.

The project has limited reserves for investment on the development and also Arts Council England refused the request for more funds.

Project team also faced the damages.

Project has become risky, when client required changes during project development design.

The most important issue was access to the site. That was difficult issue and risks which need to managed properly.

The management managed project risks and tried to monitor and control the project delivery to suit the timeline. The management identified, monitored and controlled the risks as well by qualitative process.


Due to integration of VM and RM application the management achieved all goals and objectives of a project which required from clients, customers and stakeholders. The integration of VM and RM process enhances and increases the value of a project and manages risks and uncertainties. Due to this professional implementation, the management has saved 20% project costs. They also increase the security of a project and provide access for disabled people.