Health And Safety At Baker Street Hotels Construction Essay

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It's the Baker Street Hotel Ltd's responsibility to provide, so far as reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy place to work for all employees and any other person who could be affected by its operations and activities. A safe environment is maintained with in the company through the promotion of good safety standards and the use of risk assessments and safe system of works. The Hotel treats health and safety issues seriously and breaches of law or company policies will not be tolerated.

Health and safety rules and procedures have been drawn up for the benefit of all employees and other persons working on our premises and can be found on the hotel's intranet. Employee must read and comply with rules and procedures. If employees have any questions regarding their responsibility for health and safety at work, please contact health and safety manager on the ground floor.

Baker Street Hotel ltd manages health and safety by have power over any sort of hazard at work, we involve our people in health and safety issues related to them and make sure where staff work and what equipment they use is out of harm's way.

Necessity for Health and Safety Regulations

Health and Safety is very important in any environment these days. The health and safety regulations are required to improve the health conditions of employees and customers. In Hotel businesses the policies for health and Safety are strictly followed and surely been practiced by Baker Street Hotel ltd.

Under performing health and safety standards would not only harm the business in short term but also in long term, forgotten or omitted health and safety procedures as been instructed by regulations could cost the business ill workers and repetitive accidents.

Effective health and safety policies and policies speaks for themselves, exceptional health and safety principles improve the hotels reputation with consumers, managers and own staff. Health and Safety regulations can avoid tensions that accidents and illness cause, preventing the devastated cost incurred by the business.

It makes the employees more motivated and active to work for the business as their health is being taken care of by their company. Health and safety ensures the employees that they will not be injured or hurt for the work they do, on the other hand health and safety regulations saves a lot of financial costs incurred by the company for accidents and ill health.

The significance of health and safety is in evitable, it is the employer's ethical and legal responsibility that the employees are been placed in a harmless and healthy surroundings.

Rules and procedures like The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, The Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1992, Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, Work Place( Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992 etc.(see Appendix) are simply formulated to be legally followed by every commercial settlements including hotels etc., make the phenomenon of Health and Safety a serious and important area of consideration at all times. These strict regulations managing health and safety at work and in case of any negligence it could either lead to prosecution or a penalty of large sum.

Knowledge Of Importance Of Health And Safety In The Baker Street Hotel Ltd's Environment:

In Baker Street Hotel Ltd. a significant amount of effort is been made in order to educate all the employees about health and safety to ensure safe working environment. It is evident from the fact that in case of mere negligence several reputed hotels have faced financial penalties and destroyed reputation.

The hotel has delegated Mr. John Daly (Manager) and Mr. Paul Philips (Assistant Manager) a responsibility to inform, engage and consult any health and safety conditions with the employees for better and safe working conditions and also to maintain health and safety standards effectively including that of plant, equipment , machinery and use of substances.

The company always try to make sure sufficient training is been provided to the staff to do their job safely which in long run not only helps the hotel to prevent accidents but also less staff turnover due to ideal health and safety environment provided to all the person in the premises.

Importance of information and management of health and safety is as important as managing any other aspect in hotel environment. Hotel carries out relevant risk assessments to find out a risk in workplace and has put sensible measures in place to control them, risk assessment is reviewed every year, or earlier if working habits or conditions change.

All the member of staff and subcontractors are given necessary health and safety induction and appropriate training which includes electrical and gas safety, working at height, loading and unloading which includes lifting heavy stuff and personal protective equipment. Baker Street Hotel makes sure that suitable arrangements are in place to cover employee engaged in work remote from main company site.

Staff is regularly consulted on health and safety matters as they arise and formally consulted at regular health and safety performance review meetings or sooner if required.

All fire exists or evacuation points are kept clear at all times and visible direction always available to the escape routes. Fire alarms are tested on regular bases and evacuation is practiced so everyone is aware of meeting point.

All the equipment in the building is tested on the regularly basis specially places like toilets, washing facilities (washing machines, dish washer etc.) and drinking water equipments. Company's administration carries out regular inspection of all the machineries conducted by technicians to ensure that there is no risk of any electrical shock. All the staff is trained appropriately to use all the equipment and machineries.

All staff is aware of hygiene system and there should be a complete check and balance.

Health and Safety Measures Taken By

The Baker Street Hotel Ltd:

Following are the measures taken by Baker Street Hotel Ltd in regards to health and safety precautions to ensure safe environment for customers, employees and other people in the premises:

> Portable Electrical Appliances

In hotel rooms, portable electrical appliances such as hairdryers, kettles, irons and televisions are assessed on periodic basis, regular inspection and testing is carried out properly as these items are subject to much wear and tear.

> Bathroom Safety

Slipping over is a common accident relating to bathroom safety.

Slip mats and grab rails are in place to help to prevent slipping accidents especially where showers are located over baths.

Floor surfaces are reasonably non-slip.

The water temperature is considered in regards to the risk of scalding and legionella.

> Bedroom Safety

Common problems been looked after extremely carefully by the health and safety management are:

Tripping - over bedding, carpets and furniture

The kettle - can the lead be pulled by a child? Will the steam affect any electrical appliances?

Protrude shelves or television brackets

Open able windows

Stability of furniture and fittings

Scalding bath water

> Window Safety

When considering window and glass safety, the main considerations in terms of Baker Street Hotel Ltd. are: -

windows are cleaned safely by staff and contractors

all the glass doors are safe.

there isn't any danger that a person could fall out of a window, (the bottom edge of windows is at least 800 mm above floor level unless there is a barrier present to prevent falls)

Where there is a danger of falling out of a window at height, devices are provided to prevent the window opening too far. Remember beds and other furniture may enable children to gain access to open windows.

> Manual Handling

Manual handling of deliveries can be a significant problem in hotels, as can the task of bed making, it is company's policy to make sure:

Where possible lifting should be avoided

A manual handling assessment should be made

Staff should be trained in manual handling procedures

The company gives an immense amount of importance to manual handling procedures including use of ladders and kick steps etc.

> Cellar Safety

Manual handling of deliveries can be a significant problem in cellars.

Staff is trained in manual handling procedures and where possible it should be avoided.

A manual handling assessment is made.

Any gas cylinders are appropriately stored and restrained.

Chemical cleaners, such as beer line cleaners, can be extremely corrosive. A COSHH assessment will need to be carried out and any necessary protective clothing should be provided and worn.

Adequate guarding or other equally effective measures should be in place to prevent fall from height via cellar drops, flaps or hatches.

Risk assessments should consider the risks posed by individuals working in confined space (e.g. subterranean cellars, overstocked cellars, asphyxiation and lone working).  Adequate control measures should be implemented to reduce such risks.

> Lifts

Passenger lifts and equipment or food lifts must be inspected regularly by a competent person, under the requirements of The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.

The law requires that all lifts when in use should be thoroughly examined: -

After substantial and significant changes are made.

After every 6 months if the lift is used at anytime to carry people and every 12 months if it only carries loads, or in accordance with an examination scheme; and

Following 'exceptional circumstances' such as damage to, or failure of, the lift, long periods out of use or a major change in operating conditions which are likely to affect the integrity of the equipment.

> Swimming Pool And Spa Safety

You should be considering the following points: -

Safe storage of chemicals (COSHH).

Adequate training of staff.

Adequate supervision of the pool by lifeguards.

Adequate water disinfection.

Regular daily testing of the water and recording such tests.

Adequate signage for warnings.

All facilities should be protected against unauthorised entry or use.

> Chemical Safety

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) (as amended) you must make sure the risks from hazardous substances are controlled. Safety information is normally provided on the label or on a separate Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  Check that staff are taking the necessary precautions in accordance with the product label or MSDS. 


> Health And Fitness Centers

It is important that users are supervised and receive adequate instruction on any equipment that they use. Equipment must be correctly installed, properly maintained and inspected regularly.

> Gas Safety

Remember all gas appliances must receive annual safety inspection by a CORGI registered installer.


> Asbestos

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, you have a 'duty to manage' asbestos on your premises.  You must identify and record the presence of any asbestos in the building. Care must be taken to avoid any drilling, sanding or sawing in the locations identified. Where its presence is likely to give rise to risk to people, it must be removed, but only by a licensed contractor.

> Accidents

Certain accidents must be reported to the Local authority under the requirements of the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR). This can be done via contacting the Incident Contact Centre:-

All injuries to employees must be recorded in your accident book.  You should also record any accident, incident or dangerous occurrence that involves customers, contractors or others whilst on your premises, as they may also be reportable under the above Regulations.

> Fire Safety

For information on means of escape in emergency, fire fighting appliances, and fire alarm and detection systems, contact the local Fire Prevention Officer at Dorset Fire and Rescue Service