He Construction Process Impacts Upon The Environment Construction Essay

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The Welsh Assembly Government has been helping to develop parts of Swansea, particularly the Waterfront to be restored into working and living parts of the city. It has been purchasing land and preparing it for development for the last 10 years. The Welsh Assembly Government is focusing on sustainability as its top objective. It expect projects they are involved with to achieve "excellent" status with the relative environmental assessment programmes.

Swansea Waterfront Leisure Complex is to be a multi-purpose venue for dining, relaxing and entertainment in the already popular Swansea waterfront area. As part of the Welsh Assembly Governments plans to continue developing this former industrial part of the city, the new development will be built on a Brownfield site. A Brownfield site is by definition land which had previously been used for industrial or commercial purposes. The site was previously used as an iron works and as such comes with a series of environmental issues to be overcome. These include but may not be restricted to the presence of contaminated land, flooding and a close proximity to watercourses. The fact that the iron works was on an area close to the waterfront that is known to flood in adverse weather conditions.

As is the case at the Wiggins Teape Mill Project in Cardiff (see Appendix A), the initial demolition and remediation phase will be managed by the Welsh Assembly's Technical Services Group. They have appointed the design consultants Atkins UK as engineering advisor for the planning and development of the site. The developers are the Redden Group from Northern Ireland, who has previously developed similar successful projects in Belfast and Londonderry.

In the case of this site the environment agency had constructed some "hard defence" preliminary sea defence walls about 10 years ago. The real problem for the site is on the river side where a smaller flood wall was installed some 30 years ago but it has been inadequate for controlling the rising river levels at high tide. It is a recommendation by this report to investigate the use of a further line of "soft defence" flood management in the form of a clay earth bund to provide a wetland area between the 2 defences (see Figure 2).

When waste is removed from the site the identity of the remover plus his vehicle registration number must be recorded as well as the type/ quantity of waste removed and its destination. This is an extremely important part of the chain of responsibility which, if by-passed, could mean illegal/harmful disposal. It is therefore imperative that the Waste Controller has researched all the reputable waste disposal companies so that illegal waste dumping is eliminated. The plan must be updated frequently to indicate how, and if, the scheme is working effectively and efficiently. The re-use or recycling of all wastes must be recorded so that estimates of value and weight are compared to predicted values.