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The report investigated how the automated parking solves the parking issue in Malaysia. The respondents that participated in this survey are students and lecturer. The survey was conducted in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, K.L Main Campus. Due to time and financial constraints, a thorough research could not be conducted. As a result, the number of students and lectures that were surveyed for the report is only 20. This report investigate automated parking as a long term solution to parking issue in Malaysia If the long term solution suggested was adopted, it can solve the problem in terms of spacing, time management and safety.


2.1 Findings from the survey or questionnaire.

Question 1: How do you travel to places such as work place, colleges, and etcetera?

From the survey conducted on 1st of October 2012 to 5th of October 2012, a total of 20 respondents have participated in the survey.9 out of the respondents (45%) drive to their destination, 7 out of the respondents (35%) uses public transport and 4 out of the respondents(20%) walk.

Figure 1: Percentage of respondents travel to their working place

Question 2: If you drive, how often do you do so?

In the survey, respondents were asked to answer how many days they drive in one week. 9 (45%) out of the 20 respondents drive more than four days in a week while 7 respondents (35%) does not drive in a week. 3 respondents (15%) of the 20 respondents drive two days in a week. The other 2 respondents (10%) drive three days in a week. This shows that 13 (65%) of the respondents drive two to more than four days in a week.

Question 3: Do you face any parking issues?

The twenty respondents were required to choose whether they face any parking issues when they drive. 11 people (55%) out of the 20 respondents face parking issues while the other 9 people (45%) do not face any parking issues.

Lack of provided parking spaces is one the parking issues that drivers face in Malaysia. Besides that, some inconsiderate drivers which double park can also cause problem to other drivers as they uses two parking spaces instead of one parking space. Some provided parking spaces may also be too small for some bigger cars to be parked.

Question 4: Do you car-pool?

Based on the survey conducted, 12 (60%) out of the 20 respondents answered that they car-pool while the other 8 people (40%) of the respondents does not car-pool.

Question 5: Does car-pooling save your budget?

19 (95%) respondents answered that car-pooling does save budget while one of the respondents answered that car-pooling does not save budget. Car-pooling saves budget in a sense of everyone shares the fuel money, car parking ticket money, and it also helps the environment by reducing the carbon monoxide created by exhaust of the car and a greener environment for the future.

While for the respondent who answered 'No' that car-pooling does not saves the user budget maybe is because the passenger did not share car expenses with the car owner.

Question 6: Where do you park when you drive to some places?

This question requires the respondents to choose places that they park when they drive to some places. The four choices provided in this question are street parking, provided parking spaces, and illegal car park operated by people. Respondents are required to specify their choices if they do not choose any choices provided. 12 (60%) of the respondents chose provided parking spaces, 3 (15%) of the respondents chose street parking and 1 (5%) chose illegal car park operate by people. Respondents may choose more than one answer in this question. 2 (10%) of the respondents chose both provided parking spaces and street parking and 1 (5%) of the respondents chose both provided parking spaces and illegal car park operated by people.

From the survey, some drivers choose to park at illegal car park because it is more convenient as they do not need to find the parking by themselves even though the parking fees are higher.

Question 7: What do you think about the parking system in Malaysia?

In this question, respondents were asked to rate the parking system in Malaysia from very bad to excellent. The five choices are very bad, bad, good, very good and excellent. 15 (75%) of the people ticked "Bad", 3 (15%) respondents are think the parking system is "Very Bad" and the other ten percent people ticked "Good".

Based on the observation and internet search, most of the drivers are irresponsible by double parking or provide parking on the road. This will cause insufficient space to park as the driver does not fully utilize the spaces provided. Besides that, the shop owner normally blocks the parking spaces in front of their shops by putting barriers.

Figure 2: Rating about parking system in Malaysia.

Question 8: Do you aware of other types of parking system such as automated parking, multi-storey parking, basement parking and others.

Respondents may choose more than one answer in this question. 2 (10%) of the respondents aware about multi-storey parking and automated parking, 5 (25%) of the respondents chose multi-storey parking and basement parking, 1 (5%) respondent chose automated parking and basement parking and 6 (30%) of the respondents chose all the answers.

Multi-storey parking is a parking building which consists of several floors of parking spaces. Basement parking is a parking system which requires the drivers to park underground. This saves space as it uses underground space while the space above can be used for better purpose. Automated parking is similar to multi-storey parking system. The only difference between these two parking system is that automated parking uses computerized system to help drivers to find parking while multi-storey parking system require the drivers to find the parking spaces by themselves.

Question 9: Does automated parking saves your time?

16 (80%) respondents agree that automated parking saves their time while the other 4 (20%) respondents do not agree that automated parking saves their time.

The 4 respondents that do not agree that automated parking saves their time may believe that automated parking require the drivers to input their information in order to park their car inside the parking which may cost the inconvenience and the usage of the driver's time. The reason that the other 16 respondents agree that automated parking saves their time is because automated parking only require the drivers to park their car inside the space provided and the computerized system will transport the car to the parking spaces. Some drivers may find this will greatly save their time as they do not need to find the parking spaces by themselves.

Question 10: If automated parking built in Malaysia, will you willing to pay for parking?

Figure 3 shows the results of the respondents when ask if the automated parking is built in Malaysia, were they willing to pay for the parking. 3 (15%) of the respondents ticked "Yes, Certainly", 14 (70%) respondents ticked "Yes, if the fee is reasonable", 2 (10%) respondents were not willing to pay and only 1 (5%) respondents had no opinion on this automated parking system.

From the survey, those respondents are certainly willing to pay for the parking is because they agree our country should have a high technology of automated parking system and knows that the benefits of the parking system. Most of the respondents are willing to pay the automated parking if the fee is reasonable because they think if such a high technology of parking system builds in our country, the fees payment sure cost highly, besides that some of the family are poor and could not afford the highly cost payment.

However, the respondents that are not willing pay for the parking system because they think that there is wasting their money if Malaysia builds this automated system. While the respondents had no opinion, is because they do not hear this parking system before.

Figure 3: Users' willing to pay the automated parking if the fee is reasonable

Question 11: If the population in Malaysia increases, does automated parking helps?

18 (90%) of the respondents chose yes while the other 2 (10%) of the respondents chose no. The reasons given to the respondents choosing yes are save spaces, save time and improve security. 6 (30%) of the respondents chose all three reasons, 2 (10%) chose save time and improve security, 3 (15%) chose save space and save time while the remaining 1 (5%) chose save space and improve security.

Question 12: About you:

The twenty respondents that participated in this survey consist of ten percent (10%) of females and ninety percent (90%) are males. The age range of the respondents is from


We would like to thank you a thousand times and word cannot be described how grateful we are to all the people who have assisted us throughout the research, surveying, and writing of this long report. We would like to thank you to all the lecturers for taking out some of their precious time just to assist us in our research and guiding us all the way and giving us their professional advice, insights, experience and so on.

We would also like to thanks all the respondents who did not mind the trouble of doing our survey question and giving us their honest answer in our questionnaire. Last but not least, we would also like to say 'Thank You' to our dedicated English for Engineering lecturer, Miss Yahmini for her guidance throughout this research without giving up.


This report investigated whether automated parking can solve the parking issues in Malaysia. Twenty respondents participated in this survey conducted by us.Observation was also carried out at some areas in Kuala Lumpur to observe common problems faced by drivers. The observation and results of the survey showed that parking issues is one of the main problems in Malaysia. From the result obtained, eleven people (55%) faces parking issues in Malaysia.

Since most of the people are aware of automated parking, eighteen respondents (90%) agree that automated parking can be used as a long term solution to solve the parking issues in Malaysia. Respondents also expressed their willingness to pay for using the facility.


The issue of parking problems faced by citizens in Malaysia is highly faced and the need for better parking system is urgent. We investigated how the citizens of Malaysia think about automated parking in terms of saving budget, space, convenience, time management and security or safety. From the results that we obtained from the survey, most of the respondents agreed that automated parking saves budget and space. Automated parking also improved the car's safety and reduced the time management of the drivers. The results also showed that most of the citizens in Malaysia prefer automated parking instead of normal car parking.

Eighteen respondents (90%) surveyed agreed that automated parking helps if the population in Malaysia increases. Seventeen respondents (85%) are willing to pay for the parking if the automated parking is built in Malaysia if the fee is reasonable. Our reports not only will the automated parking solve the parking issues but also will reduce the traffic congestion.


Based on the findings from the internet information, we recommend that Malaysia adopt the following solutions.

Short-term Solutions:

Government may encourage workers or students to take public transport by reducing the public transport fees.

Government should launch a campaign to encourage car-pooling among citizens.

Government should set a limit that every family can only own not more than 2 cars.

Companies and schools should provide shuttle buses to fetch their workers or students.

Government can increase the fuel taxes and parking charge, to reduce the number of unnecessary journey.

Government should set a rule that state worker's incomes are more than RM2500, only can buy a car.

Long-term Strategy:

Automated parking system such as multi-storied car parks have helps the citizens to save the parking spaces because it provides more parking spaces compared to traditional parking system. Besides that, automated parking systems are more safety compared to traditional parking system. Automated parking system also helps drivers saving fuel, money, time and save the environment to minimise pollution. Therefore, we recommend that automated parking systems should build in our country.

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