External Envelope Structural Floors Roofing Construction Forms Construction Essay

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The foundation that will be suggested is a pad foundation. Pad foundations are used to support an individual point load such as that due to a structural column. These foundations may be circular, square or rectangular. They normally consist of a block/slab of uniform thickness, but they may be stepped if they are required to spread the load from a heavy column. Pad foundations are usually shallow, however deep pad foundations can also be used.

Erecting the steel frame for is straight forward and faster than traditional construction methods. The main upright steel columns will be fastened to anchor bolts that are embedded into the pad foundation. The overhead rafters will be lifted into place and bolted to the columns. After all the columns and rafters are bolted together the next step is to attach the roof purlins and wall girts. The roof purlins are fastened to the rafters and are spaced to allow them to be fastened to the metal roof sheeting. Wall girts are attached to the upright steel columns and are used for attaching the metal wall sheeting. During assembly of the wall girts all framed openings for doors and windows are also done. The final stage erecting is to attach the required cable bracing in the designated wall, and roof sections.

It is proposed to use glass as a curtain wall. The advantage of using glass is that it allows natural light to penetrate into the building. The curtain wall itself doesn't hold any dead load weight from the building other than it's own. The wall is designed to resist any air or water infiltration or sway brought on by the wind. The glass will be infill to an aluminium frame. Air conditioning systems will have to be fitted into the design of the building as the glass will cause the building to gain heat at a faster rate than alternative methods of cladding. The glass will be tinted to allow for visual comfort during bright sunlight.