Examining The Total Road Length In India Construction Essay

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In India, day by day the need for usage of highways is increasing because of the increase in the use of land transport. The total cost of works allocated to the National Highways from the year 2000 to 2005 was Rs. 48billions to 69.7billions which indicates the rising demand of the Highway projects. In Golden Quadrilateral project, during 1999-2007, about 14,846 km of 4/6 lane highways are to be built at an approximate rate of 1650 km per year. To meet this requirement, the projects have to be constructed faster. Simultaneously, there must not be any compromise done with the quality of the work. So, there is a need for innovative technologies to be developed or alternative methods to be implemented for the construction which reduces the time of the project.

The main objectives of this research were to gain insight into the utilization of flyover construction methods and decision procedure implemented as a tool that helps choose an appropriate technology method for a particular set of conditions. To achieve this objective and to implement the knowledge base for the tool, information was obtained from various sources including available test results and guidelines, specifications from precast technology, interviews with experts. The information obtained was compiled, and the decision procedure was set up by identifying method selection strategies with the help of kruskal wallis statistical analysis tool and comparison with time cycle.

The Sub structure is done in the conventional manner where any alternative or innovative methods cannot be applied. But for the Super structure work, many alternatives and innovative methods are applicable. The time consumed by each method for the deck slab construction varies. So, to achieve speed in the construction of the flyover, these methods are to be identified and studied properly.

This section discusses the architecture of the tool and its consultation procedure. Fig. 1.chart1 shows the main structure and data flow of the tool. As shown in Fig. 1., the consultation consists of three major processes: Data requirement, Feasibility study(method selection), and Time cycle comparison. The method selection process determines methodsâ€"Process or traditional cast in situ construction and pre-cast segmental construction comparison. The method selection section determines a particular type of method, which is subsequently used to determine the material and machines allowable to control selection methods. Also in methods selection process the important strategies are identified with kruskal wallis statistical analysis process and as per ranking main factors are identified which helps in selecting alternative method for construction.

To implement an alternative method, firstly one has to identify that for which structure an alternative method is applicable. In this case, piling is done for the foundation and the piers are constructed in the conventional manner. So there is no possibility of implementing any other method. For the super structure work, cast in situ box girder is constructed. In this case an alternative method can be adopted. So, the time cycle of the box girder is studied. The time taken for cast in situ box girder is 42 days for a span of 40m length.

A project selection is needed to help make the pieces fit, including a comprehensive evaluation methodology to assess the complex interactions that arise between projects within the strategic portfolio and ever-changing relevance or risk of the overall portfolio. The overall process should continue until a satisfactory result is achieved, actions for improvement are taken that may act to strengthen the competitive position of the company as a whole, or element to enhance the success factor of individual projects. It is very conceivable that projects may be reclassified and a new project portfolio structured.

Analysis of grades and magnitude has done according to ranks in statistical Kruskal Wallis test. Grading of respective question is compared with another question’s grading and also it is compared to other people’s grade for the same question. Hence, it gives more accurate answer than mean or median, which understands grading state of mind of individual.

A careful planning of erection technique for launching of segmental bridges can lead to desired speed and economics. Speed of construction is of paramount importance because the infrastructure facility is always a prerequisite for development of an area. Use of precast concrete makes the structure amenable to better aesthetic appeal, due to better finish and adaptability to innovative designs.

Construction companies like to get projects at their operational areas only. Similar type of Projects or Activities of Elements has got second rank in factors affecting project selection. Idle resources are main criteria for deciding project selection. Contractors should not overlook to duration, their milestones and reputation of the client, while project selection. Similarly while comparing the strategies for method selection, Availability of common and human Resource is the main factor and need for technical feasibility is succeeding factor.