Examining The Development Of Different Projects Construction Essay


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Communications and control systems are intangible since information flows throughout the layers of the organisation constantly being checked and rechecked. Effective communication relies on the opposite of the Chinese whisper effect. Where, the message received needs to be exactly the same as the message sent.

Control is a vital aspect of all projects, especially projects with strict deadlines such as this project. When you start to lose control of the project, cost increase and the deadline becomes harder to meet. A brief summary of the relevant project controls are included in Figure 3.1

Requests for project information when you are employed as part of the operation should be handled through the document controller. A document controller handles all schematics, building layouts and plans, wiring diagrams, etc. of the entire project. All sensitive information needs to be escalated to the relevant departmental manager and sometimes escalated further to the project manager and general manager. This information is not made public and if the general public requires the information they have to wait until reports are released.

The meetings of this committee are to be very formal and follow a strict agenda. All items up for discussion must be submitted to the relevant chairperson no later than one week prior to the meeting. These meetings are to be broader and more big picture issues rather than containing intimate details and so should be conducted monthly or as big issues arise. The format shall follow:

The Project Control Group shall be formed to drive the staff that is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the Project Contract. The group shall consist of key senior management that are involved in the day to day operations. This will be the project manager, design manager, OH&S manager, administration manager, contract manager, construction manager and the procurement manager. With the chair of the meetings rotating between each party.

The managers involved within this committee are required to have a knowledge of any problems that occur on a day-to-day level however they are not required to be involved in a full capacity the day-to-day running of the project. These meetings will facilitate and develop strong inter departmental communication in a functional environment that allows the cooperation of managers resulting in resolutions to any ongoing problems. Other responsibilities include:

These meetings will be held weekly with the heads of each department only require attending. These meetings are to deal with issue that are not critical enough to be included on the Control Group Meetings but still need to be actioned against. They are to be used as a forum for inter-departmental discussions and resolutions. The main issues discussed will be the review of the project progress.

These meetings will be held weekly like the inter-departmental meetings. A representative of every company, contractor and sub-contractor, union official and senior managers are required to attend or a suitable replacement is required. These meetings are designed to resolve safety concerns as well as forward thinking to potential safety concerns. The chair of these meetings will be the OH&S Manager who will keep notes on all topics discussed. The review of any incidents, breaches of safety policies and previous action items is required. The OH&S shall delegate responsibilities for the action items if possible.

These meetings will be held daily and in the morning before works commences. All the construction managers are required to attend with the chief construction manager chairing the meeting. Suitable replacements are able to attend the meeting if required to by their superior. They have to be completed in the morning so that a review of the previous day’s work and on the upcoming days’ work and be compiled. Any issues that might cause a delay in construction can be raised and if a high priority can be escalated to the Control Group if unable to de dealt with in the daily meetings.

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