Examining The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Code Of Conduct Construction Essay

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To facilitate inculcation of desirable service ethos and qualities which are visible as militariness, the IAF code of the Air Warrior was issued to one and all vide AirHQ/46652/Policy/Org (Adm) dated 27 Jul 01. With a similar aim, the topic of this paper has been tailored to the aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs), in particular.

Recognise the increased risks associated with maintenance performed under time pressure, in distracting environments, in inclement weather, at night, in congested areas and other adverse environments. Plan for and manage such risks using accepted risk management principles. Never subject others to risks you would not prudently take.

THIRD-PARTY SAFETY. AMTs are responsible for the safety of the aircraft, work area, fellow air warriors, and aircrew, all of whom place their lives in AMTs’ hands. AMTs should exercise sufficient care on their behalf. Such care includes, but is not limited to, disclosing unusual risks and exercising prudent risk management. AMT responsibilities also extend to people on the ground and in other aircraft.