Enhance The Competence Of Maintenance Workers And Managers Construction Essay

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Building maintenance practice is important to ensure that the building is in good condition. Building maintenance practices is intended to produce a better plan where facilities and equipment may be treated with care and always check every time so there is no damage and defect to the building. Good efficiency in building maintenance practices can generate energy savings in use. There are several points to ensure the efficiency in building maintenance practices such as work schedule, good supervision, good communication, technology, and lastly enhance the competence of maintenance workers and managers.

Efficiency in term of time is work schedule. Work schedule is based on the work assigned to the employee to monitor the building so that damage and problems can be identified more quickly. Efficiency in good supervision is the monitoring of the machine and also for employees. Supervision is made to ensure that the machine is in good condition and monitoring of employees is to ensure that employees were doing their job. Workers must have good communication in order to maintain the image of the company. Communication not only through meetings but also communication is by telephone and email. Technology also is one way to ensure efficiency in the maintenance building. Increasingly sophisticated technology at the present time can ease the task of the workers to manage the building. To enhance the competence of maintenance workers and managers is to provide training to them. The training is to ensure the efficiency of workers in manage the building maintenance.


Maintenance process aims to ensure that the facilities in the building always work well so that building assets can be protected. Maintenance is a process that is carried out to prevent damage and repairing damage to buildings. Damage occurs when the original condition of a part of the building is no longer functioning properly.

According to British Standard Glossary of terms (3811:1993) defined maintenance as the combination of all technical and administrative actions, including supervision actions, intended to retain an item in, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform a required function(Wood, 2009).

In 1972, according to Department of the Environmental, the committee on building maintenance commended this definition of maintenance is work carried out in order to keep, restore or improve every facility. That is every part of the building, its services and surrounds to a currently acceptable standard and to sustain the utility and value of the facility(Wood, 2009).

The efficiency in building maintenance practice is very important to ensure building in good condition. There are five (5) points to ensure the efficiency in building maintenance practices. That are following:-

Work Schedule

Good Supervision

Good Maintenance


Enhance the competence of maintenance workers and managers

Firstly is work schedule. Scheduling plan is necessary in building maintenance. It is because to ensure that maintenance work can be carried out more regularly. Employees who are under the maintenance department should continuously monitor the building so that there is no damage or defect to the building.

For example, head of the maintenance department may direct an employee to work for 24 hours in accordance with the shift. Assignment to the shift will be distributed fairly to all employees. Each employee will work in a period of 8 hours in response to shift. So, in a day have 3 shifts to be implemented by employees. This way, building maintenance can be monitored at all time.

Besides that, to ensure the efficiency in building maintenance practice is good supervision. Good supervision is the important factor to ensuring efficiency in building maintenance. Supervision is a management activity undertaken to ensure that work intended is carried out correctly and properly.

For example, the supervision should be performed on the machines that are used for building maintenance. Purpose of monitoring is to make sure every machine that used to work properly function. If there are any detectable signs which will cause damage to the machine, the employee must repair the machine before damage is done to avoid the high costs to repair the machine. If damage is found on the machines, workers must repair or replace the machine quickly so that no work is delayed due to damage to the machines.

Other supervision on the machines, the supervisor also should monitor every work done by the workers so that they do a good job. Supervision is done to ensure that all employees carry out their responsibilities to ensure that the building in good condition.

Then, good communication also is one way to ensure the efficiency in building maintenance. Building maintenance workers need to communicate with the public like the building management, visitors, customers and others. So, communication is very important to building maintenance workers as they will represent the company they work for. If, they shown the good communication and customer satisfaction then it will contribute to the company’s image. Other than face to face communication, building maintenance workers should also communicate on the phone with the client to order supplies to help repair and additions to the building. Besides that, they also must respond promptly to memos and emails received. This means that communication is very important to building maintenance workers to keep the image of the company and also to ensure efficiency in building maintenance practice("The Duties of a Building Maintenance Worker," 2012).

Next is technology. Technology in building maintenance is very important. Before the technology is used in building maintenance, a lot of work has done employees manually. After the technology were introduced maintenance work easier and a lot of work done by the workers replaced by machines. So, building maintenance work can be done more quickly and effectively. Timelines could be improving after the technology used. In addition, with the advent of technology, the development of the present can reduce labor cost. Moreover, the errors in construction are inevitable.

For example, the gondola is used by large and tall building to speed up the process of cleaning the mirror. In addition, the use of the gondola can reduce the risk of injury faced by workers. Before the gondola was introduced, mirror cleaning process is done by using the ladder. So, this method will slow mirror cleaning process the building. Besides that, the risk will be borne by the employees is very high.

Lastly is enhancing the competence of maintenance workers and managers. Building maintenance workers should have the training to maintain the structure of the building. In addition, they also need to repair the damage caused to the building. Training in maintenance work should be made available to employees to enhance the skills of workers. Good training for maintenance work aims to enhance efficiency and productivity of workers to manage the building. Training should be continuously to ensure that all employees have better skills to manage and maintain the building. If employees are not trained, workers do not have much skill with the building automation system and this will cause a less efficient operation.

Proper planning is needed to ensure that the training program can be made better. Planning also determines the training needs of employees and to identify training objective was made. It aims to ensure that employees follow the scope of work. Good training can help the building continues to operate more smoothly and help workers improve their skills.

Maintenance department should require all employees to undergo maintenance training every year. Maintenance department need to set a time frame to be in complete training for workers. For example, the maintenance department set 7 days training must be attended by an employee in a year. So, building maintenance workers should successfully complete of 7 days of training yearly.

For example, if a worker is not skilled enough to handle new materials although the durability of materials used is very good, a building constructed still nit able to function at maximum efficiency. Therefore, efficient skills are important to their employees to operate the building.


Efficiency in building maintenance practice is very important to preserve and ensure permanent buildings constructed prior is quality and can work in good conditions, to take care of the quality of the building and also to take care of or protect the assets available in the building. In addition, the maintenance was done to ensure the comfort and safety of the public as users of a building. Besides that, maintenance activities play an important role to maintain the image of a building. So, maintenance activities should be carried out from time to time to ensure the quality of the building is always good.